GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Fasten your seatbelts – The all new Eldar are coming this week!

We are heading into early February and GW is heading back to the Grimdark with all things Eldar (and a smidge of Horus Heresy).

yvraine-1 yncarne-1 visarch-1 

Warhammer 40,000

Gathering Storm – Fracturing of Biel-Tan: $50

Triumverate of Ynnead: $75


Black Library


Garro $30

From out of the shadows of the Silent War, a hero emerges. Clad all in grey, an errant warrior of the Legiones Astartes kneels before the Regent of Terra, and accepts a solemn new duty – Battle-Captain Garro, once commander of the Eisenstein, now Agentia Primus of Malcador the Sigillite. From the desolation of Isstvan to the halls of the Imperial Palace itself, he stands as a paragon of loyalty and protector of the innocent, ever ready to strike back at the traitorous allies of the Warmaster. But Garro is walking a path of his own, one that may lead him to question his own place in the Imperium… and what if he, too, should falter?

This book contains James Swallow’s complete saga of Nathaniel Garro in the Horus Heresy – the audio drama series is embellished and expanded in prose, with additional scenes to represent the author’s original vision. This all serves as prelude to the events of the novella Vow of Faith, bringing Garro closer to his inescapable destiny as the first true martyr of the Lectitio Divinitatus.

‘Garro is not a collection of short stories – it’s James Swallow’s full novelisation of Nathaniel Garro’s story arc, something we’ve previously only seen (in part) in the audio dramas and novella. There are new and extended scenes, whole new chapters in fact, making this just about the most definitive exploration of the founding of the Knights Errant, and everything that comes after…’– Laurie Goulding, The Horus Heresy series editor

Written by James Swallow

~Who’s picking up what?

  • Randy Randalman

    $75 for those three models is fantastic.

    • Loki Nahat

      are you clinically insane?

      • Sleeplessknight

        Yeah, you’d rather buy them when they available separately later for $30, $30 and $60 (my assumption under GWs pricing trends). You’d save -$45 because you’re such a math wiz.

        • DJ860

          I don’t know what’s going on with the conversion rates at the moment, the pricing in GBP doesn’t seem too bad for the existing Triumvirate but the USD is a high.

          • Massawyrm

            GW isn’t adjusting for the pound’s weakness. Ever since Brexit, FW has been a better deal than standard GW.

          • DJ860

            Makes sense pretty standard, I was just surprised by the cost of buying in the US.

        • Zethnar

          That’s false value.

        • Karru

          I mean, I’d save $45 with that pricing, because the only model I’d be interested in would be the Visarch from that set. Same thing with the Imperial one where I only want the Inquisitor as I don’t play Ad Mech nor Sisters so both of the models are useless to me.

          • Sleeplessknight

            So split the set with someone? I’m not saying the price of the set is fantastic but regardless of what the actual pricing for the individual characters will be, the prices for the individual characters WILL be higher than buying the set. Why not get it cheaper and split it with two other people who want the other characters. You would all benefit.

          • Karru

            Well, for me its not possible as no one in my group plays either Sisters nor Ad Mech. As for the Eldar, none of my friends like the look of the Avatar and the Yvraine is mostly “useless” for everyone at this time. Basically my entire group is either interested solely one the Inquisitor as well as the Visarch.

            That’s why I’m hoping that they will split these sets at some point. I wouldn’t mind paying 5-10€ more if it meant that I got just the one model I wanted, instead of paying for the whole set.

          • Stealthbadger

            Ebay is a fairly risk free option, I see a lot of people with your issue but fairly evenly distributed across the three models. You could buy the whole set and sell the other four models (someone may buy the geminae separately I guess) .

            Alternatively, I don’t collect sisters but keep Celestine because she can be used in place of any imperial HQ so…

          • Emperor’s Champion

            tbh, the visarch is probably my least favourite of the 3 just like greyfax from the previous box was meh but that’s just my opinion on the set.

        • Keith Wilson

          i highly doubt any of the triumvirate sets will see the individual models sold separately

          • deris87

            It’s always possible, but I think I’m inclined to agree. The boxed sets seem to be part of a general strategy by GW–give better value by offering a boxed set which also maintains a higher average transaction for GW and ensures product doesn’t just sit on the shelves. They’re doing it with all the SC! sets and even stuff like the Deathwatch bikes which are 5 to a box instead of 3 for the regular SM bikes.

          • Sleeplessknight

            Oh it will happen. I’m willing to bet money on that. When in recent history has GW packed an “exclusive” model only to release it separately or at least make it available in a different way later? Answer; Every time since they’ve done plastic characters.

        • dave long island

          It was my understanding that there would be no math on this site.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          My bet is that it will be 25 for the Visarch (he’ small), 35 for the lady (she’s big) and 50-60 for the Avatar.

    • Mike X (Official)

      It’s technically four models, because of the cat/lynx thing. But still… $75 is a bit much.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        they are nice, but not $25 each nice.

      • wibbling

        I think you’d complain if they were $50 or even 5.

        • Karru

          And you’d praise GW if it was $500.

        • Mike X (Official)

          …Dude, do you seriously make fun of kids with autism and Down syndrome on Breitbart? GTFO. You should be banned from social gaming.

          • ZeeLobby

            Dunno if he’s for or against the content there, but just his involvement explains a lot of the bitterness he brings here.

      • deris87

        If they were sold indidvually Yvraine and the Visarch would each be $25-30 and the Yncarne would be $50-60 on it’s own. I was thinking I’d split a set before, but at that price (and especially after the 20% from my FLGS) I don’t mind buying the box just for myself.

  • Nwttp

    I don’t understand this having to buy all three together…. er, well I understand it, it’s for the same reason they give you bonuses in game for buying three packs of something no one really wants 1 of. I understand it, but these tactics have just abut lost me

    • Aezeal

      Well they might be single later.. or you share, enough people looking for that. Other than that they are all from a single faction and for a single campaign where they all feature… so while it’s obviously to push sales it’s not illogical. Not to mention that they ARE a cheaper deal than buying 3 separate characters, it’s not cheap but for GW this includes a discount. I don’t think they could do it if they put them in separate boxes next to this box.

    • BaronSnakPak


    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      I bought the Imperial Box and gave Bellesarius too another Player for 25 Euro 🙂 Just ake a deal with some other player and jsut pick the one thing you want.

      I needed the Inquisitor and Celestine x)

    • deris87

      Because it allows them to offer a value compared to individual kits while guaranteeing they maintain a certain price per unit and also that they move a consistent number of each model.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      GW is offering you a limited time deal. Buy three for a discount. In the future, we will likely pay more.

  • Crevab

    If they ever redo the Avatar of Khaine it’ll probably be more “fire effect” than body

    • Shinnentai

      And it will be glorious!

      I’d much rather have a modern avatar sculpt than this trio of misfits T___T

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah. Was kinda hoping it’d be a new Khaine Avatar. I mean I know there’s the FW one, but the current GW one is so old.

      • Defenestratus

        Yes, with a new court of the young King too.

        • Shinnentai

          And plastic aspect warriors? And new guardians?

  • Quentin Keller

    I believe the stormcast tome is going up for preorder as well

  • John Traupman

    instant buy!

  • PrehistoricUF0

    Garro looks a lot better in that artwork than other depictions. Can’t wait to read this one!

    The models are pretty average in terms of sculpts. I tend to buy what looks really good for either conversion purposes or just to paint but these ones I’ll pass on.

  • frankelee

    $75? Well that’s not a bad price when you factor in the discount you get when ordering from a Chinese recas—I mean, that price is so good, how can any one afford not to play this game!

  • ☕ Rich Brimson ☕

    Flight of the Eisenstein was one of my favourite HH books. I’ve never forgiven myself for not buying the Garro mini or any other literature related to his story.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    So… If Slaanesh dies… What will happen to Fulgrim and the Emperor’s Children?

    • David Leimbach

      They worship the Great Hrud King that takes his/her throne.