40K Deep Thought: Who Should Die In Gathering Storm


GW is aiming to shake up the Grimdark all this year. Who should make the ultimate sacrifice for the plot to advance?

Now let’s get something out of the way.  Very few folks stay dead in the 40th millennia.  That said 30K is extremely popular and technically they are all dead over on that side of things.  In a universe where people can be summoned back from the dead, lost in the warp for thousands of years, or miraculously heal in an stasis field – there’s a lot of artistic leeway for what GW can do for characters.

Here’s our list of who should not make it out of 2017 and why:

Lucius_Eternal2 Lucius the Eternal.  The smugger they are, the better their fall and Lucius is up there in the total jerk department.  Remember, as long as he gets it from someone or thing that takes no pleasure in the act – he’s not coming back.  I hope he slips on a banana peel and gets stepped on by a titan without the crew even knowing… Plus, there are already too many Emperor’s Children characters.

dante Commander Dante. He’s been with us for decades and GW keeps going out of it’s way to mention he’s the oldest living chapter master with a dark destiny to save the Master of Mankind only he can see.  In a latter-day version of Horus vs Sanguinus – it would be great for him to go down swinging to stick it to Abaddon at the foot of the Golden Throne.

prince-yriel Prince Yriel. There’s a new Eldar god of death being born, he’s got a finecast mini, and still holding onto that cursed spear he was told NOT TO PICK UP – OR ELSE.  I think he’s on the short list…

Lord_Castellan_Creed Ursarkar Creed – I know, that’s cheating, but he’s already out….


Farsight OR Shadowsun – This grudgematch has been building up for a decade now.  I don’t know or really care who makes it out alive, but it would be extra dramatic and give a reason for a major advancement of the Tau race’s fluff one way or the other.


Grey_Knight Justicar Thawn – Come one folks, this one is too easy. An immortal Grey Knight who won’t stay dead with a destiny to die surrounded by warriors at the foot of the Golden Throne.


Tyranids – Any and all – they will just breed better ones in the next codex.


Inquisitor Karamazov – He’s got an old unweildy mini, and is one of the less interesting Inqusitors. Hopefully he can die heroically and fall on some important villain – SPLAT!

Remember clearing out some of the existing characters opens up room for cool new ones.

~ Who do you think should bite the bucket and why?


  • grim_dork

    Kill them off in any order you want, in the end there will just be Marbo.

    • Spacefrisian

      He will return 2 Astra Militarum dexes from now…out of nowhere.

      • LeroyJenkinss

        He will be the only page in the book.

        • LeroyJenkinss

          (The rule book not the guard codex)

          • grim_dork

            He is the book.

        • Stealthbadger

          Except the page will be blank, whilst you’re looking incredulously at it and cursing GW a hint of a shadow will move behind you…

      • ZeeLobby

        Correction, he will return to an “Imperial Guard” codex several years from now XD.

    • euansmith

      “Where..? He’s behind me, isn’t he..?”

      • Jeramy Bailey

        So much so, that he’s actually in front of you.

        • euansmith

          Man, this is a bad as when I was hunting the Alpha Legion only for it to turn out that I was Alpharius all along!

      • Spacefrisian

        No thats a functioning Deathleaper…or was that thing there…gulp

  • Ross Allan

    Abaddon. This is his ‘all or nothing’. When Horus tried to take Terra, Mars was in rebellion. Abaddon so far doesn’t have that luxury. I expect the Sol System will take a good kicking, if not a pasting, but I just don’t see Abaddon succeeding.

    • ZeeLobby

      Definitely a last chance for Failbaddon. If he doesn’t win, the gods NEED to find someone else. 😀

      • Joka

        Time for some youngblood in chaos department.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          But then the torch will pass on to Huron…. Do we really want that?

    • amaximus167

      Unless they plan on a Dark Mech release!

    • DJ860

      I can see it, but where I’m struggling is who could be a compelling enough character to replace him? Abaddon just carries so much weight and purpose behind him in the fluff. I can’t think of any other characters that would make such a great antagonist, unless of course, you know, primarchs.

  • in the last tau campaign book shadowsun and farsight did not part as mortal enemies btw.

    • Koen Diepen Van

      They seem to be buddy buddy actually

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Almost .. Friends with benedicts… you know, for breakfast.. the following morning.

  • SisyphusIsHappy

    Uggh, Karamazov sucks so much. I hate the character and a hate the mini. I would be fine with Abbadon dying as he sucks up all of Chaos’ glory.

    • Muninwing

      Karamazov is a great one for the list. but i want to see a ton of the SCs disappear.

      at least one DE (even if they don’t have a mini right now), at least one SM chapter’s Chapter Master (Calgar would be a good one…). Pask (overused) would be good too. plenty of opportunities.

  • rtheom

    Lucius, Fabius and the entire Emperor’s Children and they can finally be rid of that nasty ol’ Slaanesh!

    • Malisteen

      Fabius isn’t Slaanesh marked, so they don’t have to ditch him. Fulgrim, on the other hand, would have to go.

      • rtheom

        Yeah, I guess they could just say “Fabius was part of a chapter that worshiped a vile god.” and never need to reference Slaanesh.

        • Malisteen

          Even if they kill of Slaanesh, I don’t see them retconning it out of the history. It’s too central to too much of the setting – Its birth sparked the fall of the Eldar Empire, the creation of the Eye of Terror, and the start of the Great Crusade.

          Maybe they’ll kill off Slaanesh & its characters and model line, I doubt it, but it’s possible. But that’s too much history to excise from the lore.

          • rtheom

            We said the same about The Old World. ;p

          • deris87

            Heresy! GW totes said this isn’t the 40K End Times and so that means it’s definitely not! It’s just following a near identical plot progression! /s

          • Malisteen

            Except there were multiple inside sources saying the old world was going away over a year before it happened, and absolutely nothing of that nature when it comes to slaanesh.

  • Emprah

    “There are so many Emperor’s Children characters.”

    Yeah, like 3, and Doomrider already got KHAAAN-ed by the White Scars.

    • Ak318

      Also fabius is technically no longer EC you cant even take him with that legion in the new supplement.

  • Malisteen

    I don’t know about the *gathering* storm, but once the storm is broken and everything is done, the number one casualty I want to see is *The Emperor*.

    • Aezeal

      No he has been using his insane psycker powers to reconstruct his body. He’ll reappear in an Emperor Titan. (Or he stays in his throne.. but in an Emperor Titan)

      • Aezeal

        And ofcourse a titan that CAN shoot troops right in front of him.. because – the emprah.

      • deris87

        Well the Haemonculi are working to fix the golden throne or otherwise save ol’ Emps, so we’ll see how that turns out. Would be crazy to see Haemonculi and Imperial forces together in the same Detachment.

        • Bayne MacGregor

          Hmm a deal is struck with someone under commoragh regarding the broken throne…. Haemonculi is a natural assumption, but we can’t be sure that’s actually who it is.

          • deris87

            There’s no one better suited in the setting to revive a near-dead being and maintaining it’s soul, and rumors are Haemonculi are one of the holdouts who reject the Ynnead cult. So if they’re not in Fracture of Biel it would make a lot of sense that they’d show up in a later book regarding Terra.

          • Bayne MacGregor

            As i said, natural assumption. But the timeline entry doesn’t say it’s them so we don’t know for sure it’s them, though it’s the most likely, but we don’t know how the Harlequins and others may factor in, or how this quest to fix the throne relates to Cawl et al.

    • David Leimbach

      I hope they go to move the Emperor slightly and OOOPS he crumbles to dust. The astronomicon goes out. The tyranid hive mind queen arrives (with an awesome model), the brainboys return to give orks intelligence, Tau invent full FTL travel (warp speed?), Horus light I mean Abaddon dies, Slanesh goes missing and gets replaced by a Hrud (?!), rise of the Hrud (ratmen), the Dragon on mars awakens and eats all the mechanicus, the Necrons get their flesh back – and promptly all catch antibiotic resistant ebola, craftworlds all implode because – times up space elves, oh look Exodites!

      • Spacefrisian

        Well if the Emperor dies and the Astronomicon gets turned off there is one bright beaken of warp powers that the Nids will divert to instead…Eye of Terror. So i guess Abbadoodon will get to Terra but in his moment of victory he has to return cause the Nids are cutting him off….

        Obviously there will be some Ultramarine and friends on the way led by mr Guilliman so he cannot waste time and stay while potentially being cut off from fresh new troops and supplies…so he hastely makes his retreat to the Eye.

        And the big E gets reborn as a God and kills of any unwanted bits of the Empire (bye bye highlords of Terra and radical Inquisitors).

  • Aezeal

    Abaddon, time for a new warmaster.

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Replace him with t rump!

      • Aezeal

        Well I think the next warmaster will be undivided.. not Nurgle.

        • ZeeLobby


        • Lord Elpus

          Insult to nurgle!! Besides he’s orange not green.

          • grim_dork

            And he’s shiny. Not the oozy rotting-chicken-nurgle shiny, but like a scrubbed shiny.

          • Aezeal

            He’s greed incarnate, fits with Nurgle for me.

          • Lord Elpus

            That would be excess: slaanesh territory😊

            Nurgle is decay and rebirth.. besides Nurgle is kind!

        • deris87

          I don’t know, have you seen his penthouse? Pretty excessive, never mind the stories about Russian hookers. He lashes out at everyone who’s mean to him, which is awfully Khorney. Plus he keeps changing his mind and backing out of campaign promises. Frankly I see more of the other 3 gods than Nurgle, other than him being generally disgusting.

      • Lord Elpus

        Nah, he’d just ban everyone from the Eye of Terror, including the chaos gods…

        • jeff white

          Yep. The evil empire USA and especially D.C. is the eye of terror … Truth that.

      • Lewismauler

        Too soon.

        • mike

          I think he’s got more chance running for the Emperor.
          “We’re going to rebuild the pylons, keep the eye of terror out. I make the best pylons, even better than cadia’s. They’re going to be bigger, more powerful…. and im going to make chaos pay for it!”

    • Spacefrisian

      Out of nowhere…Alpharius.

  • Badtucker

    Too many emperors children characters….. so um one.
    Cause it’s OK loyalists to have 3 or more per chapter.
    Oh yes bile is not strictly emp children btw. He’s on his own.

    • Rudboy TheRed

      Like Iron Hands?

    • Spacefrisian

      Undivided has more…Abbadoodon, Huron and because you can field him with CSM…Be’Lakor…3 characters…of sorts.

  • Arcwhiteflame

    I think Calgar and Grimnar should die as well as Dante have all the big three go.

    • William Jameson

      Grimnar got a new model within the last couple of years so I think he’s fairly safe. Azrael on the other hand…

    • Spacefrisian

      Die in story but still in codex if you want to field him, GW did this before with Eldrad….In the Eye of Terror campaign timeline he died and exploded into shards denying Slaanesh his soul.

  • Matt Craufurd

    “Deep thought” literally never applied more than in this context.

  • ZeeLobby

    Eh. All of em. I want bubble wars in space! (Actually i’d love if AoS and 40K merged)

    • jeff white

      Why? Tired of waiting for GW management to finally destroy the internet?

      • ZeeLobby

        At this point there’s little bits from the old editions and old world that I see through the new glossy veneer of Orruks and Aeldari. I’d rather just have them but it all and build something unique.

        • jeff white

          But unique as in IP protected bubble-bs was not wut got them where they are today… Y would u think that is the way toward?

          • ZeeLobby

            Because they’ve already lost a lot of players that got them where they are today. Hardly anyone back from my youth that played 40k/fantasy still does now. They play a lot of other systems though. The ones I do see playing now love the bubble-bs.

          • jeff white

            Maybe people quit cuz it got silly and there are lots of silly games out there… Ao$ is just another one of those exception being it is more expensive. 40k especially was social satire… Now Ao$ is too but in this case the satire is unintended and live action reality…

  • Simon Chatterley

    “There are too many Emperors Children characters”

    2 is too many? Plus technically Fabius Bile isn’t an Emperors Child (? errmm, error on plural of that…would it stay as Emperors Children??)..

    RIght, where was I?

    Ah yes, you are wrong.

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      In the fluff, they’re addressed with the Patronymic “Child of the Emperor,” so close enough? And I agree with your point.

  • Nathaniel Wright

    Larry Vela’s classy fecalposting.

  • JTD7445

    For a hot second I thought you were either suggesting Old One Eye to die permanantly ( 🙁 ) or the Nids to get squatted.

    But them actually getting involved in the current story (And therefor, some dying) is something I can get behind.

  • Xodis

    All of them.

    Its time for Herohammer to go with the dodo. Let generic heroes step up and allow players to create the heroes they want instead of creating an overpriced yet significantly weaker version of a named character that already exists and everyone plays with.

    • jeff white

      Back to the RPG inspired deep fantasy sci fi battle sim roots

    • Muninwing

      i wish i could upvote this a hundred times…

  • Sparti67

    If Star Wars can kill Han Solo some of these guys have to go. The emperor should be public enemy number one!

    • jeff white

      Disney made an inverted SW4 into SW7 cuz they have zero original ideas. Basically the AoS of the SW universe… Bubbleverse united under the banner of designers and writers who never read anything.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Seems like the person with the tombstone at the top of the article is trying to “bye” his way into heaven . . .

    wow, that was bad. My apologies

  • Victor Hartmann

    Fateweaver should die. He’s so annoying, can’t get a straight answer out of him about anything

  • jeff white

    Anyone who happily ran or worked for GW legal, marketing and design teams from fourth to seventh editions, and especially Ao$ all the way up to the top with Ward getting the lost in space to fend demons forever Draigo treatment.

  • Nazdreg


  • xombygod

    they could kill off the ratlings.. Or the the Ogryn or the squats or the Slann or the… Well I cant think of anything. .

  • Dusty

    Whoever rides in Ghostkeels. Kill that guy.

  • Guillermo Cordido

    i think that both o’shaserra and o’shova needs plastic miniatures not to be killed off, there aren’t enough characters in the Tau empire and we got aun’va killed…. so we only have:
    Aun’ shi

    they have to kill every single first foundation space marine chapter master.
    (except the salamanders that didn’t have any.)

  • Ryan

    Abaddon should die.

    • Defenestratus

      I think he’s the best candidate.

  • DaveTycho

    Kill Draigo; and make Eldrad actually die this time, like he was supposed to in the original Eye of Terror campaign of 2003.

  • Lumiya

    I thought Thawn got retconned into being dead with the 7th ed. Grey Knights Codex…

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Paste all of the Space Marine named ICs and throw darts at them. If you hit their name, they get killed in a duel. Statline, crushed by a Titan. Wargear, shot by something dramatic. Special rules, dragged down by Daemons. Points cost, sucked into the void.

    • Adam Wright

      I would take all the darts and try for Tigurius. The Ultramarines are just a little too smug in game because of his cheese.

  • ILikeToColourRed

    stopped reading at “there are too many emperors children characters”

  • piglette

    Too many EC characters…whut?

    Kill off Karamazov!? I don’t believe there’s a miniature more representative of the setting than him.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      He’s highly underrepresented to boot.

  • Grand_Master_Raziel

    Marneus Calgar. It’d add a touch of tragedy to the Ultramarines fluff, maybe make them a little more sympathetic.

  • amaximus167

    “Plus, there are already too many Emperor’s Children characters.”

    Really? Who else. Fabius Bile doen’t count since he’s an exile.

  • Inquisitor Valeria

    Except Creed’s not dead, tho.