Fall of Cadia Mystery Eldar & Next Minis?


There’s a very odd looking Eldar who has a part to play in 40K new narrative arc – but who or what is it?


Skip down to the rumors picture if you want to avoid them.




The Mystery Eldar

At the end of Fall of Cadia at the climax to the Heroes tale we get this passage and the above image:

“Beside her was a warrior in Crimson, his raiment echoing both Craftworld Aspect armour and the crueller plate of the Commorrite pirates. Cawl found no record of its design, even in the deepest archives.”

Then we get that piece of artwork above and the this photo of a very similar mini shrouded by fog from one of the book’s giant dioramas of the identical event:

mystery eldar-mini

What do you see?




The Next Triumverate?

We have some rumors, but before we get to those – let’s talk about the Triumverate of the Imperium boxed set.  This thing is FANCY! It’s got the GW full color “double box within a box” format, with silvered lettering on BOTH boxes.  Inside of those is a perfectly sized plastic container to hold the character sprues in a space too small to fit the oversized sprues you normally see in boxes this large. The plastic holder not only contains the sprues, but has a place cut out for the full color oversized instructions and a thick card piece of artwork of the Triumverate.

In short – GW went all out for the boxing of this kit. TOO far out for this to be a one off.  To us this seems like a template for more of these “sets of characters” boxes to be put out in the future.  It makes sense in a way. Why keep cranking out clampack character after character, when you can make a narrative book based around a set of them, then release them as a single SKU with a attractive price.

Onto the rumors…


via B&C’s Sete 1-12-2016

“Rumours abound that the next “Triumviate” style release contains:

Vect, Yriel and a Harlequin called the veilwalker. Looks like Eldar might be uniting for a common cause.


Via Adeptus Astartes FB “


~I’ll let you try to piece together what it all means, but the scent of Eldar is in the air…


  • Ghaniman

    The original Striking Scorpions Phoenix Lord, Arhra.
    The image does have the Incubi vane thingies.

    • Darth Bumbles

      That’s my thinking as well.

      • Perversor

        For me the Artowork armor style reminds me of some kind of jousting Knight, so a pet peeve of mine is Drastanta the Shinning spears Phoenix Lords, but whoever it is i’m surely excited!

    • Emprah

      Yeah I agree too.

    • bfmusashi

      First stop on my Eldar fandom train every time is Arhra but I need him to be the vanguard of a chaos eldar expansion.

      • deris87

        Well, and supposedly having fallen to Chaos he would be an odd choice to be ushering Imperial refugees away from a Chaos incursion.

  • Sanguinius

    As I stated on Reddit, I have been told it is Vect. As for the Eldar member of the Triumvirate, it was also hinted to me that it would be a ‘female Eldar whose name starts with a Y’

    I had bets on Yriel as well, so who knows.

    • Hmm, Yriel is a dude. Iyanna Arienal, Spiritseer of Iyanden – perhaps?

      • BT

        The Spirit Seer that is as powerful as Eldrad that they based their first Supplement book off of that they /never/ gave rules for? Fricking GW….

        • Jared van Kell

          She used to have rules back in the 3rd edition Eldar codex where her invulnerable save was a Ld test on Ld9 as opposed to a straight up 4+ save. She also had the Spear of Tuethlas which, at the time, was quite powerful.

    • Primarch Vulkan

      Vect is in the Kabal of the Black Heart whose color is black with green highlights. There are other Kabals which use red though such as Flayed Skull.

  • LunaWolf

    That Eldar came from Trayzn’s vaults did it not? Could it be from before the fall? Some sort of ancient warrior?

    • calmsword

      that would be amazing… Ever read Archon? Pre-fall Eldar are insane.

  • Jim Morr

    Well, he does not ride a dino probably…

  • Matt Craufurd

    If Veilwalker is an HQ choice for Harlequins that would be awesome. They badly need one.

  • CoolCrib


  • Shawn

    Can you at least tell everyone there may be spoilers ahead?

    • Oops, fixed. 1000 apologies.

      • Shawn

        Thank you!

  • Belannaer

    There seems to be one image of a new miniature looking just like this illustration in the book. http://i37.servimg.com/u/f37/16/18/60/73/img_0617.jpg

    Eldanesh of the Red Moon ?

    • I did a little detail enhancing of that pic and added it to the post. Thanks so much Belannaer!

      • NikosanPrime

        My bet, considering the Eldar riding jet bikes next to this mysterious Eldar is that they the Shining Spear Exarch and the finally got released from the vault so GW can use that as a plot device for adding the new character.

        But I had been hoping it would be expedites. Just don’t think they’re going to do it yet.

        • Exodites*

          • Hedwerx

            Expedites are really really fast Eldar.

    • deris87

      That’s a bit of a deep cut, but it would be absolutely fascinating.

  • Jim Morr

    He/She is wearing fur. Isn’t it strange both for Eldar and DE? Wearing hairy parts of dead animals is such savage habit…

  • Latro_the_Zombie

    Whatever it is i’m sure it has T10 and shoots D-Beams from its crotch.

    • BT

      With no invuln save and two wounds… because GW.

      • Latro_the_Zombie

        its eldar mate, that’ll be a 2++ and FNP 4+, it will not die

        • Reven

          It can only be hit and wounded on 6s. Blast and templates cannot target it unless using the wall of death special rule. Each phase it can move 12″

  • Ak318

    For craftworld eldar member of triumvirate would eldrad not make more sense as ulthwe played a huge part in the origional campaign and they have not rereleased the new model since they pulled death masque off the webstore

    • Darth Bumbles

      Assuming Ulthwe hasn’t been swallowed by the expanded Eye.

    • deris87

      Just because it was the case in the original EoT doesn’t mean much now. Eldrad would make business/logistical sense though since they clearly have a plastic sprue for him that isn’t available anywhere else yet.

      • Eldrad’s scheming has been a sideplot in The Beast Arises recently, trying to prepare mankind to be a shield against the true enemy. It’d be odd for him not to make a move here after all the setup he has gotten throughout the franchise.

  • Emperor’s Champion

    The thing I believe GW missed the boat with on the Eldar corasirs a few years back was, they look too craft world like.

    I always imagined a grey area hybrid of Kabalites and craftworlders.
    Yeah the mesh armour of guardians is fun to paint but it doesn’t exactly scream out space pirate.

    So new eldar corsairs would definitely be a welcoming thing to 40k, maybe even a reworking of Dark eldar.

    • ZeeLobby

      Aww. But the dark Eldar models are perfect as is. If they got rid of or reworked that line it’d be a real shame. I still think it’s one of the strongest aesthetic lines GW has.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        oh no, I meant the codex. Model wise it’d be nice to some actual eldar corsairs that aren’t just fancy guardians or kit bashed dark eldar.
        I still love the DE range and can’t believe it was 6 years ago, they revamped them.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Literally all that range needs is Vect, plastic Grotesques and a new Drazhar.

    • deris87

      It got better in the update last year, there’s a lot more DE wargear options available on different units which allows for a greater degree of kitbashing. My Corsair Reavers are all built with one shuriken pistol arm and one splinter pistol arm, and my bikes have splinter cannons and dark lances.

  • Emperor’s Champion

    Also, even though he is mostly red, it’s not really clear but he could be vol xoelanth, archon of the dying sun.
    GW did a tutorial on them just this week.
    And an Eldar Kabal who claim to be able to destroy stars, seems very fitting for such a dramatic event as Cadia.

    • ZeeLobby

      Is that the Kabal that had ancient technology, half of which they weren’t really sure of how to work? That would make sense as the Imperium has been reaching out to the De for help with the golden throne.

      • Emperor’s Champion

        I’m not sure, but if the imperium are desperate enough to fight with any Eldar it’s gotta relate back to the golden throne, otherwise GW missed a good plot opportunity.

      • nurglitch

        A deal was struck in the dungeons of Commorragh, meaning with a Haemonculi Coven of some sort.

        • ZeeLobby

          Eh. It’s not like Vect can’t walk into a dungeon. That’s more like a turn of phrase than concrete evidence imo.

          • deris87

            But Haemonculi, the guys all about reviving the dead and crafting and molding flesh, would make the most sense for the Imperium to talk to about dealing with a corpse emperor.

          • Shawn

            Interesting. I wonder if their technology can be used to bring back primarchs.

          • ZeeLobby

            Er. Vect is the leader of all DE, haemonculi included. If you think some haemonculi leader is talking to the Imperium without Vects involvement, you’re crazy!

          • deris87

            Nominally. He’s the most powerful Archon but half the point of DE is they’re avaricious and self-serving. The Covens in particular are fairly apart from the politics and feigned proprieties of the kabals, and someone like Urien Rakarth (cause who else would they go to?) only pays lip service to Vect because it’s expedient.

          • ZeeLobby

            True, Vect also has the most extensive spy network and allies (and enemies) at every level of the dark city. The only reason he’s lasted this long is because of how meticulous he is. I just find it hard to believe he wouldn’t know.

          • deris87

            I didn’t say he wouldn’t know, but I suspect the use of “dungeons” was deliberately used to invoke the Haemonculi, to subtly imply to the reader with the idea the pact was made in regards to saving the emperor which is about the only possible way Imperials would be willing to work with DE.

          • nurglitch

            It’s a reference from the Haemonuclus Covens book.

  • RedDrone

    Hm, the Eldar triumvirate should be a Craftworlder (Yriel?), Dark Eldar (Vect?) and a Harlequin (Veilwalker); problem is the red guy doesn’t fit in this case, since the description suggest him being none of the above, being a pre-fall eldar that seemingly remained hidden and has no affiliations with current factions. So maybe it’ll be the Eldar quartet to compensate for the fact that eldar hero minis are unlikely to be as large as Belisarius or Celestine (though I suppose they could stick Vect in some sort of skimmer-chariot thingy to offset that).

    • ZeeLobby

      Heck, they better!

  • Coltcabunny
  • ZeeLobby

    Based on the Imperials which includes one old character and two new, I wouldn’t be shocked if the new triumvirate is Vect + 2 new.

    • BT

      Well, if it is Vect all the DE players can finally stop complaining about GW removing him. Course, if it is Vect, one has to wonder if that means GW is admitting to making a mistake by removing him in the first place.

      • ZeeLobby

        Eh. The rumor was that Vect would eventually reappear at some point. He’s kind of like Celestine. He’s one of the core figures in the fluff, they wouldn’t just remove his model with no plans on reinstating him and then still include his character in all the stories. I doubt GW did it without this in mind. My guess is that his model along with Celestine and others have been designed for a while, they just needed a reason to splash release models without a new codex to join them. This 40K end times is the perfect reason.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          I will say these end times formats do allow like Privateer press to just constantly churn out new stuff whenever they feel like it, and not make us wait 4-8 years to maybe get a new range, maybe. I am all for that.

          • ZeeLobby

            Me too. I think it’s the smartest thing they can do. I have Ork friends who are bored out of their minds at this point.

      • deris87

        It wasn’t a “mistake”, it was a legal action to protect their IP. They didn’t just drop him on a lark thinking no one would care or notice.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      My money is also on vect. It’s been too long since he had a proper model. I still have my black ark on sprue sitting around here.

  • Nogle

    It’s the shredder!!!!

  • petrow84

    Sexism aside, the inner Latin rebels in me that they call Trimuvirate (the alliance of three men) something, that comprises 5 models, out of which 4 are female.
    :cue “Romanes eunt domus” scene:

    • nurglitch

      Ave Dominus Nox!

    • Hedwerx

      If it helps (it won’t), 2 of those 5 are just bodyguards.

  • Zyekian

    The Man in Red is Prince Yriel.

    Yriel is not a Craftworld Eldar, his father was Dark Eldar and his mother was an Iyanden Princess. He’s the unifying Eldar character here.

    Vect? I don’t see it. Vect doesn’t show up in battles except in clone form.

    Will there be an Exodite character? Meh. Exodite worlds are on the other side of the Galaxy. So…. Maybe?

    Yriel and Sylandri will be two of the characters. Might just get that. Or the third one will be a surprise.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      Nah, I don’t think it’s Yriel. too much of a jump style wise.

      • Zyekian

        In the recent Valedor novel Yriel has a jump at the end of the book, guided by Sylandri Veilwalker.

        • Same thing is true for the Iyanden supplement. Veilwalker has huge influence on him.
          Wasn’t there some rumour some while ago that Yriel would switch to some kind of Harlequin leader himself?

  • OldHat

    Is it behind a Wraithguard… and somewhat similarly sized?

    • deris87

      Right? Everyone keeps talking about it like it’s a regular Eldar-sized figure but he’s in the background yet still looks as big or bigger than the wraithguard in the foreground.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Makes me think it’s one of those “Dark Wraithguard” from the DE novels.

        Castigators, I think they were called.

      • OldHat

        I hope it is. Would be awesome to see a Wraithseer/lord character from GW! Wouldn’t that be something!?

  • Zyekian

    Also in the orangeish picture you can see the Spear of Twilight in Yriel’s left hand.

  • knightsanguis

    Hopefully it’s something that all Eldar factions can use.

    • euansmith

      A balancing of the codices? 😉

      • Donald Lindsey

        So you mean a 20% point increase across the board?

        • deris87

          Most Eldar units are perfectly fine, it’s that the imbalanced stuff is *really* imbalanced.

      • deris87

        I’d gladly shave the power level off the Wraiths/Scatbikes and use it to bolster up the poor DE codex.

  • Dominic Pirrello

    If the choices were between Vect and Yriel, my vote is Yriel. The only thing I see wrong is that he doesn’t have his spear which if I remember my Eldar lore right, he should still have it. I don’t see them fielding Vect with a closed face helm but it is possible. They like to have villainous character with their faces exposed.

    • Zyekian

      He has the spear in his left hand in one photo.

  • Paul Sinanan

    gonna say exodite… seems to be in line with the factions that GW has been releasing lately

    • generalchaos34

      plus he’s got some nice fur on him! Gives us a little of their primal feel

  • Deathwing

    A custodian of the black library would be VERY interesting.

  • Roman Himmelhan

    that blurry pic does look to me like a protoss, can’t help myself…

  • Defenestratus

    Hopefully its Ahra – the fallen Phoenix.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      So… Drazhar?

      • deris87

        To be fair, it’s always been vague enough that they could be separate beings.

        • Jup, Drazhar could be just a different Phoenix Lord of Incubi. Actually, I don’t think there can be only one Phoenix Lord for an Aspect anyway.

          • deris87

            >I don’t think there can be only one Phoenix Lord for an Aspect anyway.

            That’s how it is for 5 out of 6 of the Aspects that do have Phoenix Lords, there’s one and only one. In any event, Arhra is also a weird case because not only did he fall from the Asurya but he “burns with the dark light of Chaos,” though I suppose that could always be retconned since it was a single line in an old codex. Also while Drazhar has a Phoenix Lord stat line he doesn’t lead the Incubi at all, he serves the Hierarchs as their executioner. So who knows? I do hope some light gets shed on the situatio though.

          • Actually there’s at least 7-9 Aspects having Phoenix Lords: Shadow Spectres, Shining Spears, Warp Spiders. The last ones being questionably canon.

          • deris87

            The Warp Spider one isn’t ever referred to as a Phoenix Lord even in the Goto *spit* book. I know there’s a name associated with the Shining Spears one but I don’t know if it’s from a canon source or not. The Spectres, while I realize are technically canon, are kind of weird because up until FW decided they were making their own PL there had never been mention of any additional Phoenix Lords. A lot of the lore centers specifically around the primary 6 lords and there’s official artwork showing shrines that only have the 6.

            It’s mostly just a CF, but being as there’s only GW official rules and fluff for the 6 I think it’s fair to only refer to that. Regardless, even if we accept those as definitively canon, those are still all only one PL per Aspect.

          • The ‘6’ are special due to being Asuryata (counting Arha here instead of Kharandras). But there are more, that’s canon.
            And yet, Arha founded the Scorpions, but Kharandras is the Scorpions Phoenix Lord. That does show that there’s more than one possible for each Aspect. Not highly likely, sure. But it does exist and from what I’ve read so far, it’s not limited to one either.

          • deris87

            >But there are more, that’s canon.

            Quasi-canon, but still, none of that supports the assertion that:

            >I don’t think there can be only one Phoenix Lord for an Aspect anyway.

            I don’t think Arhra can’t rightly said to still be a Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions. He used to be, and then he was replaced. So at best we know you can have different PLs at different times, or even being generous about it that in ONE instance there are two PLs for a single Aspect. That hardly makes it a necessary condition for the other Aspects/PLs. As far as we know Asurmen, Jain Zar, et. al are the only Phoenix Lords of their respective Aspects.

          • I didn’t meant to say there *are* multiple PLs for any Aspect out there. I’ve just been talking about the possibility in general. But whatever. Not in the mood of having an internet-disagreement.

  • georgelabour

    From the size in the picture it would seem to be somewhere around wraithguard size.

    Perhaps this is some pre fall equivalent that’s being inhabited by the partially empowered being that was formed during the events in Death Masque?

  • silashand

    Forces of Order, Forces of Destruction, Forces of whatever. Seems very much like we will see AoS style combined force lists in 40Kv8 IYAM…

    • Solaq

      Or you know, we’ll just see an end times Eldar detachment.

  • grim
  • Defenestratus

    in that second pic, are we looking at that “transparent” looking smudge that appears to be in front of the phantom titan in the background?

    • Zyekian

      That’s because you youre looking at the perspective wrong. It’s the man in red, mos def Yriel.

      Remember that Yriel is CWE, De, and a Corsair.

      • deris87

        It’s not red, it’s some dark color put through an orange filter (just like the rest of the picture). Plus, Yriel must have been hitting the whey hard as hell to get as big as a wraithguard.

        • The silhouette is the same as the red Dark Eldar dude in the other picture though. So most likely the same – and then also red.

          • deris87

            Eh, it is similar, but the model in the picture has to be huge to seem that large that far in the background, which doesn’t match the eldar-sized figure in red. And the model definitely doesn’t look like it’s painted red (at least not that bright red, I suppose it could be a really dark red).

    • deris87

      It’s definitely not a Phantom, the details are all wrong, but it does look much more Wraith-like than a regular infantry sized Eldar. Looks like a Wraith construct of some type with a fur cloak slung over it’s left shoulder, holding a sword.


  • SIA

    Maybe its the warp spider phoenix lord :p

  • DeadlyYellow

    I’d consider the box if it were sans Greyfax. Guess I’ll have to wait for the individual kits.

  • Peter de Florio

    Why wouldn’t it be Feugan? He is fated to be at the final battle and the last of the exodites to live.

    • They all will be there. He’s just the one dying last.

  • wavelover42

    Weren’t There 3 Triumvirate boxes rumored? Could Chaos be the final third? Perhaps a new Abaddon with his chosen or a demon prince? Perhaps Necrons?

  • Sparti67

    With all that fur on his coat that can only be Rick James back from the dead.

    • Derek Lee

      How did you return your body and soul from the warp?

      R.J.: Warp dust is a hell of a drug.

    • wavelover42

      Cold Blooded….! It’s Friday Enjoy Yourself! I’m Rick James 8@#*%!

  • SilentPony

    Dude, its just a fancy Wraithlord.

  • Dennis J. Pechavar

    Kill the Xenos!

  • Farseerer

    I am so hyped for this. It doesn’t matter who the characters are really because you know the models will be awesome.

  • Chris Hateley

    Immediate thought: Arhra. And I hope I’m right because that would be awesome.

    As for it being Vect; I’m not saying it can’t be, but wouldn’t he be mounted on his big floaty yacht thingy that I can’t remember the name of? Also he’s not exactly an enigmatic character. I reckon they’d know who he is, or at least find record of his armour in the archives that it says Cawl checked.

    • Slaanesh Devotee

      Not to mention Vect doesn’t normally do red armour.

    • HeraldOfInsanity

      1)Arha is Drahzar: Drahzar has Phoenix lord stats.
      2)It`s called the Dias of Destruction.

  • AnomanderRake

    I’m guessing Vect. The backpack-vanes look like they could be the DE shoulder-grenade launcher apparatus.