40K: Gathering Storm Part II Teaser

Gathering Storm pt II

Games Workshop is teasing The Gathering Storm Part II – “something new is on the way.”

via Warhammer Community

“War has engulfed Cadia following the largest Chaos invasion in Imperial history. Against a tide of heretics, traitors and Daemons, the mightiest fortress world of the Cadian Gate has… (spoilers removed) …which was totally awesome.

Now, the storm rages on, and even the ancient races of the galaxy will not escape the rising power of Chaos.

We don’t recognise that rune… looks like something new is on the way.”

Eldar Rune 1

In this short video they also had these words to share:

“For the ancient Aeldari, life was a cycle of birth,

the fulfilment of desire and a comfortable death,

safe in the knowledge the soul would live again.

-Ahriman, Arch-Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons”

Based on what was teased so far and what we know from Fall of Cadia – it’s a pretty safe bet that the Eldar are involved in the next chapter of the Gathering Storm series.

Will this be some new Eldar Alliance? Perhaps a new unit of some type? Who knows! That rune is the biggest clue and it appears to be a combination of a few different runes.

The top part is similar to the symbol for the infinity circuit. However, it’s closed which could possibly mean it’s another rune. There are a few Eldar Titan Clans that use that a “closed infinity circuit” rune in their markings.

The middle part is very similar to the Striking Scorpion‘s rune, which shares a few similarities to the rune for the Hemlock Wraithfighter. The part that is really confusing however is the “Tail” that is swooping at the bottom. There a few other Eldar symbols that use that one (and a few craftworld runes).

And for one last bit of mystery check this rune out:

EldarWaithseer01 rune

This is the Eldar Wraithseer from Forge World. It certainly shares a few similarities with the rune above. Now, unfortunately sense Xeno alphabetical studies is considered Heresy in the Imperium, I’m not an expert on what these runes mean. But if you think you can decipher the runes, more power to you. Here’s a handy reference guide for the rest of us who aren’t experts at it.


What do YOU think the rune means?

  • Charon

    The upper half of the symbol might be refering to Wraithguard, the lower half might be a reference to DE as most DE related runes are serpentine.

    • Christie Bryden

      probably combined eldar stuff.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      I’ve been thinking Castigators for a while too. Would certainly make DE more competitive!

      The bottom of the rune definitely brings the rune for Khaine to mind.

    • Blackfel

      It definitely isn’t Dark Eldar. They use corrupted runes that look a lot cooler. This is modeled on the Aspect Warrior/Farseer shrine symbols, and most closely resembles the Eldar Avatar symbol. The Infinity Circuit rune at the top definitely indicates a Wraith construct, however.

      • Charon

        I never said it was a dark eldar rune.
        The serpentine ending refers to some “dark”, “aggressive” or “negative” aspect.
        There was some runes explained in the 3rd edition books and the runes with this ending either refered to “dark Kin” or “Soul leeches”.
        Also Khaine having that ending doesnt contradict it as the good of bloody murder is “dark”, “aggressive” and “negative”.

    • Riot

      probably Ynnead avatar rune

      • Charon

        Good point.

      • Sersis

        I agree. Eldrad was trying to wake Ynnead
        up in the events of Masque of Death. In the end it it said that a part of it, a splinter – awoken.

        Considering the fact that developers previously said that the events of Masque of Death will have an effect
        in the future story – I think this can be it. Maybe the new character in a mixed Craftworld/Dark Eldar armour is an incarna/a small avatar of Ynnead.

        • DaveTycho

          Maybe the red guy is a new type of aspect warrior- but an aspect warrior of Ynnead, not of Khaine.

      • That’s what i think. It’s the most similar to the Avatar of Khaine rune with the upper horns replaced with the curved “Horns of the Hunter of Fates”. The Infinity symbol up top is long associated with anything powrered by Eldar spirits / Infinity Circuit, seen on Wraithguard, Wraithlords & Eldar titans.

        Putting all of this together, it feels like a new god alongside Khaine who is powered by the dead/spirits and is associated with changing fate.

        Sounds like a good fit for Ynnead.

        • Possible. I wonder why in this case they didn’t add the same “arms” as on the Khaine-rune though.
          (you know that eldar-runes pretty often mimic the shape of the object they describe? Thus this fancy ‘crown’ on Khaine’s rune, looks like an Avatar helmet :P)

      • Given there’s an Infinity-Circuit rune on top, I’d rather say it’s a Wraith-construct. That rune is reminiscent for wraiths.

        • Talandar

          I have trouble believing that it’s simply a wraith construct because they mention the Eldar perception of death, and then they show us this new rune, implying something BIG is going to happen. I can’t imagine a wraithbone construct so powerful it could change how the Eldar perceive death; even the Infinity Circuits just sort of delay the inevitable, and the mightiest of Eldar weapons haven’t stopped the forces of Chaos from slowly destroying their race.

          • I’m actually amused how similar this rune is to that of the Striking Scorpions. It would make sense to use it as rune for Kharandras or Arha. (you know, basic shape of Striking Scorpions, give it a tail to emphasize importance and add the infinity rune to symbolise the never-dying-aspect of a phoenix lord). I doubt this will be the case though.
            You’re right though, the infinity-rune could just point out a “new”/different kind of circle of death and getting reborn. No longer used for the infinity matrx, but something else. I’m still not fully convinced this rune will represent ynnead though.

  • Brian Brodeur

    It’s Prince. Purple Rain …. from orbit.

    • grenstauf

      The math checks out good.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      Fun story: I was once going to paint two purple Imperial Knights as a tribute to Prince; one called Diamond, one called Pearl.

      I chickened out, sadly 🙁

    • Sonic tooth

      Party like its 40,999! (i know my maths is wrong)

  • SilentPony

    Oh hey, its probably a fancy WraithLord. If only someone pointed that out earlier.

    • More like a knight I’d say. It’s a very imposing rune.

      • SilentPony

        The shadowy blurry pictures were too small for a Knight. Whatever it is, its only slightly bigger than a Space Marine. So WraithLord.
        Probably a named one, or a Dark Eldar WraithLord or something.

        • Umn, what are you talking about? Not ‘the red guy’, are you? Because I’m not 😉 I’m talking about whatever this rune is referring to.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Can someone enlighten me about something? The first book that started advancing the storyline was Angel’s Blade, and it had the prefix “Black Crusade.”

    The White Dwarf for that month (or possibly a GW Facebook post, I can’t quite recall) seemed to imply that “Black Crusade” was the big event that would advance the storyline and it seemed to imply that future supplements would fall under this umbrella.

    Now we’re seeing two supplements with the “Gathering Storm” prefix instead. And before that, we had “Warzone Fenris.” Have they just changed the naming conventions for these “advancing the story” books, or are we going to see more “Black Crusade” books?

    I know it’s a minor thing, but it bugs me when GW keep changing the naming conventions for stuff on the fly. Makes it hard to keep track of the overall arc.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      The Black Crusade campaign book is a supplement to the 13th Black Crusade, which discusses what the Blood Angels are doing when the Crusade happens. The main thrust and story of the 13th Black Crusade – and its aftermath – is going to be covered in the Gathering Storm series.

      The Fenris Campaign Books focus on the war between the T-Sons and the Space Wolves, which also happens around the same time.

      • Thomas Gardiner

        So basically, they’re all roughly self-contained arcs that just happen to feed into the larger story?

        • silashand

          That is exactly how I read it. I expect like the HH books we will see ones that deal with all the major participants before we get to the ultimate endgame. JMO though…

          • With the HH books they just milk the cow… although it is pretty much dry already when it comes to the novels at least.

  • Farseerer

    Here’s hoping that this will include some new sweet plastic kits for Eldar ( Aspect warriors, Phoenix Lords, Rangers and the Avatar have been crying out for new kits ) as well as new characters for DE such as Vect, Drahzar, (maybe an Ahra model?)) Mixed faction formations like in the first volume of gathering storm would be interesting too.

    Plastic Corsairs and/or Exodites are too good to be true so I’ll only believe it when I see them.

    • You’re hoping for too many things at once… sadly.

      • Farseerer

        I know, i know… Even one or two of the above would be great! I’m also hoping that one day you’ll post a few pics of that completed Phantom Titan on your Instagram 🙂

        • Ha! I didn’t know there were still people waiting for me to do the base and the final assembly. Nice 😀

  • Latro_the_Zombie

    Goode site to base and predictions on:

    I’m gonna go with Arhra the fallen pheonix because, why not

    • Farseerer

      This is my Favourite 40k blog. The man is so talented and really understands the Eldar aesthetic. An Ahra model and rules would be an amazing addition to the 40k universe.

      • Thanks for the kind comments, I hope to have some more updates on the site soon. The runes guide needs an overhaul as well, still a lot more stuff to add to it!

    • adamharry

      That’s also linked in the article. And yes, it’s great!

  • Horus84cmd

    Take note on the “spelling” for Eldar changing to “Aeldari”….I reckon at the next re-do they get rebranded this way. Perhaps we’ll see a combining of Dark Eldar and Eldar, which I won’t overly mind, but I hope it is not the case

    • orionburn

      Like what they did in changing the name to Aelfs for AoS.

      • ragelion

        Which in actuality is the more accurate term for elf.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Well, Eldar was stolen directly from Tolkien…

      • Horus84cmd

        And your point is….anyway Eldar is also old norse word for “warrior that fights with fire”. Tolkien drew from all kinds of languages and ancient stories from for LoTR

        • Blackmane

          The Old Norse don’t have copyright lawyers, for one thing…

          • Horus84cmd

            Nor does Tolkien in regards to the word Eldar….yet evidently, it seems, GW are wishing to create a word that is copy-writable for themselves.

    • Farseerer

      I think its the price we’re going to have to pay for a slimming down of the rules. I just hope that there is enough with Eldar/DE/Harlequins/Exodites/Corsairs that nothing else gets folded in with them.

      • Horus84cmd

        It less to do with the slimming of the rule and more to do with a tighter model range. It cost a lot of pennies to keep slower moving around. Reducing product ranges also frees up space for other “new” items

    • Yea… Eldar rebrand incoming I guess 🙁 Aeldari… meh.

    • 6Cobra

      Well it wont be any worse than the Imperial Guard changing to faux-Latin “space military”

  • Defenestratus

    Eh if you’re gonna copy my comment from another site, might as well give me credit 😛

  • Asier Berruezo Orobengoa

    the down curvy thing looks like the mymeara craftworld, so what i interpretate is a mymeara striking scorpion wraith character. or a khaine~wraith~voidweaver lol.

  • Svenone

    That rune looks like a mashup of Craftworld/Dark Eldar and Harlequins. I imagine we’re seeing a convergence of the three soon. Maybe in the next book Vect will come back like Celestine did (after he was left out of the DE book to much an Archon’s chagrin). His model is well overdue for a facelift.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      looks entirely craft world to me, the infinity circuit, then the horns of the hunter and the tail is similar to the serpent

  • Thomas Gardiner

    I really, really hope they don’t destroy the unique identities of the different Eldar factions by turning them into this mish-mash faction.

    They already did that with my Wood Elves during End Times and I still haven’t forgiven them.

  • Arhra is returning.

  • Golden Yak

    Ynnead rises!

  • Ty Hayden

    Infinity Circuit, Wraith, Striking Scorpion [variant], Mymeara.

    So yeah, I can see Arhra returning. The hybridization of the Eldar and D. Eldar armor could represent the Lost Scorpion.

  • Damistar

    Perhaps it’s the rune for Ynnead, Eldar god of the dead? The Infinity symbol is common to all the wraith constructs. It would tie into Death Masque too.

  • piglette

    I hope Orks are the final boss of all of this.

  • Adrien Fowl

    There’s a Spanish rumour website talking about the return of Asdrubal Vaect on his personal ride. Some others talk about a new model for Abaddon tagging along with Typhus and Lucius…

    I do not know what to think, I need to know more tho!

  • Noah Jerge

    “Aeldari,” because GW can apparently no longer trademark Eldar anymore…

  • loveone789

    i need some ork or necron stuff pronto or a plastic abaddon. I gave up on the plastic sisters

  • Jonay

    I read somewhere that the infinite circuit is also a symbol of Exarcs. If the middel part is a symbol of Striking Scorpions then i have a theory.
    There was a Exarc of Striking Scorpions called Maugan Ra who in the eye of terror campaing (2003) found his lost craftword Altansar and find all the eldars alive. They returned to the real world and they where renamed as Ghost of Altansar. Maybe is the symbol of them?