40K: Shaking Things Up In 8th


Warhammer 40,000 Narrative is advancing for the first time in years and I’m excited to see what happens next!

With the Fall of Cadia on the horizon and the rumors about 8th Edition around the corner I’m really looking forward to seeing what Games Workshop has planned for the future of 40k. I’m not even talking about possible rules changes and tweaks – I’m talking exclusively about the narrative arc for Warhammer 40,000.

Now, Big Red already talked about what Games Workshop’s options were for the Emperor, I’m not going to rehash that. I want to press forward to see what else is available to do with a setting that pushes past that “5 minutes to midnight” vibe we’ve had for years. I think there are some big advantages to shaking things up and that’s what I wanted to focus on today.

Shaking Up The Universe of Warhammer 40,000

How many times have we seen Games Workshop push the envelope ever close to midnight only to smash the brakes and stop. Then they pull the old “Just kidding, here’s a new edition that resets the clock!” Well I don’t know about you but I’m ready to lay on the gas and barrel right past the old setting and see what else is out there.


I’m hoping that Games Workshop gets away from seeing Warhammer 40,000 as a hard time limit on their game system and they start seeing Warhammer 40,000 as a GAME SYSTEM. Other game systems have been able to push past those artificial time limits before. By actually moving the narrative clock past the 41st millennium they are opening up their game to actual change – and that should get everyone excited!


Think of all the narrative shifts that could happen. What if the Imperium does get fractured? What if the Tau do rise up on the Eastern fringe of the Galaxy and create a new empire? What if the Necrons do all wake-up and start attacking? What if the Orks learn to love? …Okay, maybe that last one is a bad example, but you get the idea. It’s new territory that’s been hinted at and now we actually get to see those things play out!

Shaking Up The Factions

One of the big rumors surrounding 8th is that the Primarchs are coming back. We’ve seen it happen with Daemon Magnus, and while that was awesome, it’s still not the return of one of the Loyalist Primarchs. Think about it. I mean REALLY think about the implications if an actual Loyalist Primarch comes back. These are the first sons of the Emperor – his blood flows in their veins (genetically modified of course). They knew their father and walked beside him – they knew him as a MAN. How does that line up with the rest of the Imperium viewing him as a GOD?


This could lead to a giant schism in the Imperium. The entire Ecclesiarchy would have to reconcile their views with the fact that Primarchs are walking around telling them how the Emperor actually was and not how they made him out to be. Faiths would tested and when that happens…well, you get the picture.


This also allows for the other races to advance as well. Maybe the Tau will actually get to learn the secrets of Warp Travel. Maybe the Eldar will find a way to defeat Slaanesh and they will have their big battle. Maybe the Tyranid Hive Fleet that we’ve seen thus far are just the scouts and the REAL fleet is about to arrive. The possibilities are only limited by the fact that currently the clock stops at 40,999…but that could all change with 8th!

New Ground To Explore

My biggest hope for 8th is that the writers will take this time to really push the story forward into new and unexplored themes. I think we’ve seen the tip of the iceberg this past year. We got several events that planted seeds (in some cases literally) of change to the universe. We’ve gotten some new factions and sub-factions as well – armies that I personally we’d never see again! And they are hitting the mark as far as their rules matching their lore and making them fun to play.


But think of all the other races and sub-factions that could appear and what else Games Workshop could do to shake those up. For example, what if a “Traitor Legion” flips it’s loyalties and becomes loyal again? Can you imagine a legion corrupted by their time in the warp and they return to defend the Imperium? It’s not like there is a shadowy legion of Chaos Space Marines that have secret goals or anything…


Have you ever wondered why the Imperium uses Servitors and not AI Robots more? I have… and I bet it has to do with the concept of Rogue AI. What if there was some forbidden tech that Ad Mech has been sitting on – this Rogue AI – and it some how gets loose and starts to infect portions of the Ad Mech? I’m not talking about Dark Mechanicus, and I’m not talking about Necrons 2.0,  I’m talking about a new faction of AI controlled robots! And their only goals are self preservation and self replication. That’s pretty scary when you think about the implications as well.


What if these new changes to the fabric of the 40k Universe also extended out to the Warp as well? What if it changes the chaos gods in the process? In Age of Sigmar, currently, Slaanesh is missing in action. We haven’t seen any new Slaaneshi rumors or stuff in 40k for a long time either. Perhaps Games Workshop is trying to time the return of Slaanesh in both systems with a proper revamp of the model line AND story line. If they do it right they could preserve the past incarnation while changing it for the future. This is a pretty wild theory but who knows what Games Workshop actually has planned?!

Brave New World

I know it’s a lot of wild speculation but that’s the point – the possibilities are out there. I think Games Workshop learned a lot from Age of Sigmar’s reset – they aren’t going to blow-up the Universe for 8th. But I do think they are going to make some fundamental changes to the status quo.

GW needs to push past that artificial time limit they imposed on themselves because the name is 40,000. It’s still going to be the Grim-Dark, but with 8th edition, they can actually have things in the lore matter again. They can end the cycle of “just kidding, here’s the reset button” and we can all move on to a cool new universe to explore.


So what do you think? Are you excited at the possibilities of 8th? What are you looking forward to with a new edition?

  • Karru

    The only real “shake up” that might not ruin the entire lore would be the splitting of the Imperium. Imperium that worships Emperor as a god under the rule of Ecclesiarchy, focusing on fanaticism and zeal. Other side would be those that follow Guilliman, more efficient Imperium who starts to develop more technologically. This will open up the most freedom for GW in terms of new models and plot developments.

    This would also allow all Imperial armies to still remain alive realistically. Imperium will lose some worlds and sectors to riots and other threats. If the Emperor dies, Astronomican will shut down. All Warp Travel becomes too risky to use thus effectively shutting down the entire Imperial Space Travel. Entire Segmentums will fall prey to starvation, lack of protection, xeno threats and uprisings. Imperium won’t survive without Emperor and the Astronomican without GW doing some massive rewriting that will ruin a good portion of the lore.

    Eldar/Dark Eldar helping Imperium, Imperium doing business with Necrons, these are not exactly shake ups to me, but things like the death of the Emperor and the concept of “fragmented Imperium” will not work without ruining the world.

    • Carl Tuttle

      Karru knows whats up.

    • Garrison Gold

      Imagine if Guilliman then dicided to try to finish his father’s work and finish/restart building the human webway. That’d be a cool route to take it.

      • Karru

        Only problem with that is that Guilliman doesn’t know about it. Only the Emperor knows the original purpose of the Golden Throne as far as I know. They might try to do some diplomacy with Eldar since Guilliman isn’t exactly the manifestation of Xenophopia like the current Imperium.

      • NNextremNN

        I doubt he has the power and knowledge to do so maybe with the help from Magnus but that’s unlikely…

    • Aaron

      chaos are badly beaten, but the imperium splits into two factions

      • Karru

        Exactly. Chaos is pushed back once again, of course they do massive amount of damage before they do, but Imperium is split in two. This makes them weaker for new assaults as the Cadian Gate is now wide open. Abaddon can sent his raiding parties across the divided Imperium, gathering new relics, weapons and followers.

    • Muninwing

      i feel like anything bringing back Primarchs loses somewhat the vibe of the game… that “ancient lore lost in time” thing is kinda significant.

      and as much as having the ability to hook an influential and contentious figure from history into the modern world to ask them questions and get their perspective on things would be useful, it doesn’t really make for good stories. “never meet your heroes” and all that.

      seriously. imagine how many of the devout religious would utterly reject anything said by the founder of their church if they were pulled forward in time to clarify things.

      what they could have done with WHF is what they maybe would need to do in order to sate this endless braying to “advance the plotline” here. not advance, but reimagine.

      they have a completely different creative team than they used to, who don;t have the same vision for the lore as the old ones did. sticking with trying to make someone else’s material work for them is flawed at best.

  • Deathwing

    We already have multiple plot lines to explore with the ground work laid for other factions.
    As the Tyranids press in from the galactic rim and from below the galactic plain the Silent King of the necrons, whos seen what they are and the threat they represent, works to awaken more of the necrons to fight the threat.
    We have no idea what ghazghkull has been up to since he ditched Armageddon and we have an entire ork domain locked in a death match with a nid hive fleet for several years now.
    Who knows what the eldar and harlequins will be up to during the 13th black crusade and what tricks they and their dark kin will concoct.
    As the tau expand their technology its only a matter of time before they start working on better space travel, Necrons do it without needing the warp or webway, that means tau could do it too.
    And of course, the biggest movers and shakers – the primarchs and possibly the emperor himself all potentially back in the mix.
    So many possible rabbit holes post 999M41, Plenty of future to explore them all.

    • Golden Yak

      Actually, Ghazghkull went to that very ork domain help the orks against the tyranids! Could be that Ghazghkull breaks the deadlock and unleashes the orks against everyone else. I hope we get some Orkanids out of that conflict…

    • adamharry

      Yep – we’ve had those plot lines for a long and with 8th edition we might actually get to see how those work out. That’s what I’m excited to see…finally.

      I’m just tired of the previous editions pushing the story out and then stopping just shy of actually changing anything. 8th could be the edition that actually steps off the ledge and we all get to see where it lands.

      • Derek Lee

        Maybe with the return of the Primarchs we will also have a return of the Prime-orks? The beast arises again from Armageddon?

    • David Leimbach

      The Tau are the ancient Necrons, taken from the past and moved to the present to reseed the original Necron race.

      • NNextremNN

        Unlikely if you look at Tau and Necron physiology.

        • Drew_Da_Destroya

          When have you seen a non-metal Necrontyr? They’ve been gone for a while.

          • NNextremNN

            Well Tau have hooves and Necron have feet that’s a huge difference.

          • Derek Lee

            Maybe the necrons wanted to fight a psychological war with the old ones and their races by modelling their bodies to metal skeletal terminators of the races of the old ones, which have nose holes below eye holes?

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            What Necrontyr have you seen? Sure, the weird Necrodermis Robot forms have feet, but this doesn’t mean anything, unless you’re also going to tell me that the ancient Necrontyr looked like spooky human skeletons for some reason, and that some of them flew around on some kind of fleshy anti-grav sled.

          • NNextremNN

            http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/deb2bd90da6f36a63e97ae5a5a134f64338f1339e28a8455132690178bd6cd41.jpg http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f4417c6c90fca6e398784bd841e69d6e8da529dc9f814c94a71097d15ffb44b2.jpg

            Not a very reliable source but it fits their descriptions and their Necron look … and was all I could find. Their own sun was killing them and they had a very short lifespan. I doubt that much else lived on that planet so surviving and looking healthy would be even harder. These floating devices are obviously a later adoption.

            I also like to believe the most likely scenarios. And there is much more evidence that Necrontyr are not the genetically ancestors of the Tau. The Necrons are closer to humans than they are to Tau …

            If the warpstorm protecting the early tau from humans was not a lucky coincidence I doubt it was the work of Necrons. They don’t have such warp powers. You know what skin color Tau have? Blue! And there is a chaos god that likes blue, knowledge (technology), change (5 castes) and plans (Kauyon). They posses little but not no presence in the warp maybe to hide them from other chaos entities.

            So I’d rather believe there to be a connection.

            But these two theories don’t necessarily cancel each other out. It’s just that necrontyr stuff seems implausible to me.

        • Derek Lee

          I’d like to see an original Necron to make that call. That would be a cool plot device though.

          • NNextremNN

            Time travel is no Necron specialty especially without powers over the warp. Which also raises the question where the warpstorm protecting the stone-age tau came from.

  • Benjamin E

    The shake-up I want for the Eldar isn’t the Defeat/destruction of Slaanesh, but for them to gain Two more Deities to their pantheon.

    I want them to finally have enough dead Eldar souls to raise/birth Ynnead, the Death God, and then literally storm hell to rescue Isha from the clutches of Nurgle. Getting a new god Plus one of their classic old goddesses back would be a huge leap forward for the Eldar, and it’d be the perfect time for a resurgence of one of the most ancient races in the galaxy.

    • Deathwing

      Could it be feasable/possible to close the eye of terror? The birth of slannesh created it. could the coalescing of ynnead seal it?
      That would give the eldar a galactic geographical region to rebuild and center on, which is needed for them to become a viable force in the galaxy and not just a bunch of vagabonds on giant galactic RVs.

      • Gilissen Kim

        For mere vagabonds on RV’s they’re goddamn OP. The Wraithknight was already very tough in 6th, then GW smoked some pot and made it cheaper with even more deadly weapons than before for the 7th E… If their god and goddess return, what the F*** will we see rulewise? Instead of 6 Eldar lists in the Tournament’s top 10, we’ll see 10 out of 10 Eldar lists?

        • Benjamin E

          Oh there’s no denying the Eldar are pretty broken. Any faction that can take that much D-weaponry even before superheavies is in serious need of a re-write, I won’t deny it. That doesn’t mean this wouldn’t be awesome from a fluff POV.

          If the end-times heralds a resurgence of primarchs, I think it’d be fitting for some of the Eldar deities to return/be reborn. Not without cost, since Ynnead needs a Ton of eldar soulstones or whatever to power it. And who’s to say the Eldar gods would get along?

          Besides, it sounds like the C’tan are supposed to be popping up again. In fact, I bet the End Times for 40k would center on the Necrons either freeing the void dragon outright, or it’s influence growing enough to force a major schism between the AdMech and the Imperium as a whole.

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            Well, Eldrad and his Harlequin friends just botched the early wake-up call for Ynead, but he did at least move… but at the cost of a lot of Eldar, and I think messing up their Infinity Circuits

    • Jake

      those thievin’ magpies got one of youz kaine pieces!

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I think the Imperium is going to be broken in half, maybe more, by the return of the Primarchs. My guess is that the main pivot point will be between Guilliman and the Ecclesiarchy, with some Primachs sidiing with their brother, some with “the Imperium we have” and others doing their own thing.

    I could see Tau circumventing the warp issue by gaining limited access to the webway.

    Slaanesh is likely doomed to go away for a while, then come back as more “rock and roll” and less “drugs and sex”. I don’t think Slaanesh will totally die. Just taken off the bard for a time to let the Eldar grow and change a bit before returning and giving the Eldar hell for it.

  • BaronSnakPak

    Chaos will invade Terra, the Emperor will die. When it looks like Chaos will crush humanity, thats when the Alpha Legion will reveal their endgame, theyll turn loyalist and sacrifice themselves to save the last sliver of humanity. The Emperor will be reborn (although diminished in strength), the Primarchs will return, and a new “Golden Crusade” will begin.

    • Considering all that “Da Imperium is da best” hype GW has going on, that might very well happen. Although this of course would destroy all the grimdark of 40k and instead add fluffy unicorns and rainbows.

      • Randy Randalman

        Except for the fact that half of the Imperium would defect, the Tyranids are still a massively looming threat, and the Tau have taken a chunk of the empire away.

        If Guilliman indeed returns, there’s going to be a fractured Imperium. No two ways about it. He already tried to establish a second empire once, and would probably consider the Ecclesiarchy a blasphemous organization. That would be an instantly divided Imperium that would create a potentially nasty civil war.

        There’s no rainbows and unicorns about it. Plus, the Emperor and his Primarchs never had to deal with Tau, or an Ork threat as numerous as they are now, or the Necrons, or the Tyranids…

        • Death Company Andro

          The Tau are nothing special. It is quite clear in the lore they only survive because of far bigger threats to the Imperium

          • NNextremNN

            And that’s were you are wrong. The biggest threat are not their guns but their ideology! They already convinced a lot of humans with a shattered, fractured maybe leader less imperium it will be far easier.

            Also they are cool and sell well GW will do nothing really bad to them.

      • BaronSnakPak

        Humanity almost being made extinct is unicorns and rainbows? Sounds pretty damn grim and dark to me.

        • Maybe I understand the last sentence differently than you do. /shrug

          • BaronSnakPak

            I coined it as the “golden crusade” because the Emperor has a fondness for gold, as opposed to Abaddon’s “black crusade”. It wouldn’t be happy, and it most certainly wouldn’t be easy. The Emperor and the Primarchs would be the only silver lining, as humanity would literally be near extinction, but their return isn’t an auto-win.

            This is all just my speculation, bare in mind, as I think it would be a cool, and grim dark, way to move the story forward, while introducing plastic Primarchs and Emperor to the game.

  • Deacon Ix

    I recall reading somewhere that the Imperium didn’t use AI for a similar reason as in the Dune universe. I’ll have a dig around and see if I can find it.

    Edit: that was fairly easy… http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Abominable_Intelligence

    • StingrayP226

      Its due to AI completely screwing humanity over. Way before Space Marines Humanity conquerored the stars with Men of Iron IE AI robots… who turned on their masters and humanity barely wins. Basically humanity was almost wiped out by their AI servants gone rogue so AI is rightly feared.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Humanity conquered the galaxy. Made robots to serve them. Then made smarter robots to serve them. The smart ones rebelled. Huge war. Humanity won but it shattered their empire. Since then it is a law that AI is not cool, which is why they use bio-computers (i.e. servitors) and simple computers.

  • StingrayP226

    I think a Split Imperium would be interesting plus good for game play so the Imperials no longer have access to 20 different allies while everyone else only has 2 or 3 (or even less).

    • Red_Five_Standing_By


      Although it will not be a simple split. We will likely see the mechanicum and Astra Militarum split in half, so they go both ways.

      The old Legions split in half, roughly equally.

      • Matt Razincka

        I could see the chapters with Primarch’s uniting against the deification of the Emperor. Which would be very weird in the case of Guilleman and Russ, but it could work.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    I just do not get how people do not see the story as a setting, which makes it a game. There is fluff, there is background. However your game takes place in the setting of “5 minutes to midnight” and you, you dear players decide what the battles mean, the why, the when, and what happens next…. I mean who cares if it advances? I mean 75% games (more or less) are played as just “You, me, tonight” with little to no explanation for the confrontation.
    That being said, sure new story lines bring in new factions and alliances and global campaigns which I am all eager for. It just boggles me that people need the setting to advance.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Settings advance because people are invested in the overall narrative. it is not just a setting but a story.

      • Randy Randalman

        And yet those same invested people clamoring for a progression of the narrative will be pissed when any details change.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        True you can have story. but the story as is, is a setting. Things were intended for you to forge your own narrative. After a point too much world building and people get shepherded in, and meta too much, well at least in RPGS anyway. It was one of the problems with VtM for an example. I just think the whole “5 minutes to midnight” was great for a setting and lets your imagination run wild. It just needn’t ever need advancing. Technically it still hasn’t yet, they just filled in more gaps between events. Until they change the outcome of the 13th crusade and all that transpired in 4th ed the story just went from minutes, to seconds on the doomsday clock.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          You just forge the narrative in the new dynamic of what happens in the overall story.

          So the Imperium collapses into 5 or 6 smaller empires. Well that leads to more stories and avenues for you to forge the narrative.

          • Death Company Andro

            No thanks. Would ruin 40k completely

          • Loki Nahat

            That sounds like perfect crap shoot, are you new to 40k?

  • Golden Yak

    I can see the Imperium fragmenting with the loss of the Emperor and the return of the Primarchs, with each Primarch ruling over a portion of it and molding it in their image. These Imperium Fragments with a Primarch at their head would be better able to survive against a galaxy full of threats than those without Primarch rule. That would also give us a load of different factions – each Primarch’s empire, the Mechanicum, and maybe a huge faction run by the Ecclesiarchy that refuses to accept the Emperor’s loss. The different factions could be allies just as easily as enemies, given the situation.

    If Abaddon dies that would set Chaos back, giving the Primarchs room to establish their dominions. Chaos could use the time to bring out some new arch-champion – personally, I’d elevate Lorgar to the role.

    As far as Slaanesh, there was some eldar prophecy that she would be tricked into helping the eldar in the end – I think we could see Slaanesh tangle with Ynnead and somehow become greatly changed, maybe transforming from a Chaos God into a more benevolent eldar deity. That would result in a huge resurgence of the eldar’s power. Whatever changes Slaanesh undergoes in one setting will, I think, be mirrored in the other – however Slaanesh changes in 40k, she will change the same way in AoS, or vice versa.

    All the other factions are in good positions to change on their own – tau continue to innovate, the necrons wake up more diverse troops and the c’tan awaken, orks are already perfect, tyranids evolve, etc. Actually, I want to see the aftermath of the huge ork/tyranid war – gimme some Orkanids!

    • I think that Guilliman and Johnson will get along (they have already ruled together). It’s likely that all the Unforgiven chapters will follow Johnson. If half of Gulliman’s gene seed follows him, that makes for a very impressive force. Since Dark Angels and Ultramarines are both very well respected by the Guard, they could take a disproportionate chunk of that as well. After that it depends on how many Primarchs we get, but I don’t think it will be too fragmented unless one of them takes the emperors throne (so to speak).

      • Golden Yak

        Maybe, but those two only worked together because they were operating under Sanguinius, since neither one wanted the other to be in charge – Lion felt Guilliman was acting too usurp-y, and Guilliman didn’t like how secretive Lion acts. They might be able to work together if they each have independent forces. Guess it also depends on how Lion feels about keeping secrets when he comes back.

  • bobrunnicles

    There is absolutely no reason that the name Warhammer 40,000 should mean there is a hard limit of the year 40,000 to the setting – after all the comic book 2000AD is still going and didn’t change it’s name when we got to 2001. It’s just a name for the system. Go ahead and advance the timeline past ’40K’ and just leave the name of the ruleset the same.

    • adamharry

      Bingo. The design team and writers have been hamstrung by title for too long. It’s time to move past 40,999 as the “hard time limit” cap.

  • Vepr

    The rumor I heard was something about Michael Bay and “free rein”. 😉

  • Xodis

    A split Imperium has already happened, so its kind of boring.

    A split Chaos would be interesting however, all 4 factions working together to destroy Humanity only to realize their greatest puppets turn on them once their end is served. The gods let their pawns fight amung each other since Khorne cares not where the blood flows, all is a part of Tzeentchs grand plan, and Slaanesh embraces its followers embracing their own selfish desires….Nurgle might stay stronger together though seeing an opportunity to test on its own brothers.

    The Imperium limps away into the shadows rebuilding and learning how to survive in this new galaxy as all the other races watch as their own worlds burn under the fires of chaos turning on each other. Do they intervene or let it play out? Can they live with what is left and deal with whoever survives? Is it the opportune time to strike and try to destroy all of Chaos?

    The Galaxy begins to burn brighter than ever, and the only thing that exists in the 41th millennium is war.

    • Randy Randalman

      That would also be kind of boring, because that’s pretty much the fluff for Chaos in AoS. They reigned over the realms for a time, until Khorne starting attacking the other Chaos factions out of a need to kill (because, as you said, it doesn’t matter where the blood comes from). Tzeentch had a plan, Nurgle polluted the living spaces, etc, and then Chaos became largely fractured. They are now competing with each other instead of unifying for a cause (unless Archaon comes along; who the deities themselves fear). This unified all of the other factions for a time in an effort to retake realms that were lost to Chaos.

      • Xodis

        Not really, Chaos still battles itself but not to the extent I mentioned in my post, plus it makes more sense than all of these “pick a few guys from each god” BS armies. In AoS they are keeping themselves busy but now that a new threat has risen (Stormcast) they will once again rally behind Archaon and go to war. The battles between the gods are just seen as “playtime” really.

  • Nick Vaughn

    I’ve never really been into Slaanesh but would love if they remade the aesthetic to be more along the lines of a faction of incredible sinister beauty that is irresistible to most factions. Kind of like one of homers sirens.

    They already kind of hint at this in the lore but it really isn’t depicted in the models. Sigvald the Magnificant in fantasy was one of my favorite models because I feel like her perfectly represented this aesthetic of vanity and beauty but also something sinister beneath the surface.

  • Randy Randalman

    The fans want the timeline to move forward…or so they say.
    No matter what GW does with the lore – even if it’s a great new direction – those same people who clamored for progression will then be caps-lock mad that something changed.

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    The only way I’ll be happy with a split Imperium is if one of the factions is Borealum. The mighty Blood Ravens stole a whole sector and now govern it with an iron fist. The Blood Ravens and the subjects of Borealum have forsaken the Emperor in favour of their new god… God Emperor Boreale.

  • Chris Hateley

    I’ve wanted a 40k End Times since long before it happened to Warhammer Fantasy. Current events are actually strikingly similar to what I always envisioned, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it that I’ve been holding these ideas for years, but here’s how I’ve always pictured it:

    Cadia falls, allowing Chaos to become even more widespread. Abaddon ascends to daemonhood and leads a final Black Crusade, while Ahriman finally gains access to the Black Library, bolstering his power and opening new Warp portals all over the galaxy. The surviving primarchs return and the Eldar and Imperium are forced to join forces, with Eldrad Ulthran and the Phoenix Lords playing a major part in events and at least one major craftworld falling. One of the loyalist space marine legions would split in half, with one half remaining loyal and the other turning to Chaos, and Cypher would reach the Golden Throne. I also wouldn’t be averse to Kharn reaching daemonhood. I think he deserves it.

    I’m not sure how any of the other xenos races would tie into all this, but with the recent re-emergence of Genestealer cults, it would be cool if a sudden massive uprising in cults all across the galaxy heralded the arrival of a gargantuan new hive fleet, or maybe even something else… As a life long Tyranid player I’ve always wondered what happened to the ORIGINAL Tyranids, i.e; the beings that evolved naturally and one day started tinkering with biotechnology. Did they bio-engineer themselves into the current Tyranids? Did their creations wipe them out along with all other life in their galaxy before coming to ours looking for trouble? Or are they still in the background somewhere pulling the strings? That is very intriguing.

    • Davor Mackovic

      Some great ideas there.

      • Chris Hateley

        Thank you ^___^

    • Loki Nahat

      some terrible ideas there

      • Death Company Andro

        Terrible indeed

        • Benjamin E

          Only the parts that sound like they were ripped straight from Starcraft.

  • Harthelion

    The problem with AI in the imperium is already cover in the fluff. The dark age of technology when the imperium fought against AI robots that went rogue. From that point is that the imperium created the concept of the machine spirit, research of new technology became heresy and a lot of the great tech of the imperium became lost. That’s why the Emperor wanted to establish science again and destroy all of that fear.

    • KingThrogg

      I’m glad someone remembered. A ‘AL Skynet’ war has already nearly destroyed humanity well before 30k.

  • Bergh

    Would be cool if one of the traitor legions, suddenly saw there mistake and decided to be loyal again, did something really good, like saving the emperors palace and earned themselves back in the Imperium of man

    • William Jameson

      Thing about time in the Warp is that it is incredibly fluid. While a ton of Chaos Marines have spent the entirety of the Long War in the gods’ embrace, gaining gifts and favours to the point there is no way that they’d be let back in, I guess it’s possible for some who believe the storming of the gates of Terra only happened last Thursday to seek redemption when they find out what their brothers have become.

    • Harthelion

      Well Alpha Legion is not attached to chaos specifically, there are also lots of warbands that are renegade but still hate chaos, maybe some of them could have chance of redemption. That already happens within the Deathwatch, many Black Shields are former renegade marines looking for redemption.

  • Emprah

    I just hope they do not touch the lore. They can do with the rules whatever they wish, but if they go Age of Sigmar on the lore, they will loose a lot of customers, no matter what.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    it could be really really bad. Its a setting guys, not an evolving story. Big difference.

    • BaronSnakPak

      If the setting is what’s important, than a story in it isn’t as important, and thus isn’t a detriment to the setting. Look at Star Wars, for example. There is a defined story, yet the setting has spawned countless games/entertainment.

      Vader is dead, but you don’t see people complaining about playing as him in videogames and x-wing.

      • Harthelion

        Exactly, there are a lot of important established characters, battles, etc that’s why there are novels and a story line on them. When you fight a battle with someone in the game you forge the narrative of it, for example the year of the battle, how close to 999 it is. If GW advances the story of 40k there are going to be battles using that new fluff but there are going to be battles “happening” before that new fluff. Remember that Warhammer 40k is a narrative game also.

        Just as Baron said, in Star Wars there is an already established story line but that’s actually what makes it cool and no one is complaining of someone who died because the point is to play videogames and read novels of events that happened in the Rise of the Empire era, in the Rebellion era or in the The New Jedi Order (not cannon anymore </3) haha

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        spoilers man!

  • Alvin Adorno

    What. If the emperor dies and cuts off all warp travel then ships would have to use actual speed. That would change everything

  • wavelover42

    Since this was the 40k 30th anniversary, and the 13th black crusade has started. it is entirely possible that the black crusade might not reach its conclusion until the 40 year anniversary. GW can stretch out the narrative. Without completely destroying the setting as is. As with the heresy GW has taken there time finishing it for several reasons, heresy being a cash cow right now probably main reason. With all the other specialist games being rereleased, Aos, heresy, and boxed games It could be awhile until Abadon reaches terra. The actual midnight moment could coincide With their 40 year anniversary. This would be a big deal symbolically.

  • CF

    Lots of theorycrafting … here’s a theory: If some of the loyal Primarchs return, what if no one believes it’s actually them? Do you really think the Ecclesiarchy is going to willingly relinquish power?

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Luckily, Primarchs aren’t likely to take the possibility of getting curb-stomped by Sororitas seriously, unlike Guardsmen.

      • CF

        Edited … I meant the High Lords of Terra.

    • Harthelion

      Actually that is all of the interesting part of the primarchs returning. It is said that a civil war would happen not only because of the High Lords’ attached to power but also because the primarchs are the opposite to the Emperor’s religion of the Ecclessiarchy (there are already a little o tension between astartes and the ecclessiarch imagine if a primarch returns :3 ).

  • Aaron

    I am more worried they will kill the golden goose by sigmarizing the ruleset

  • Nwttp

    I would absolutely love if Russ came back warped and loyal to chaos. I have a fat wolves army, but I’d immediately buy an army of chaos wolves. They mentioned a faction of chaos wolves in ia13, but I’m not even close to good enough to convert something like that. Oh the possibilities! Could be the best looking models ever.

  • Death Company Andro

    Oh God please no….

  • Mr.psyker

    End times here we come!

  • Seienchin

    You have no idea brother… The beast arises novel series have been the new low point of stupid empire and riddiculous writing. They also had a primarch coming back and he didnt tell everyone: The emperor is a man – your ideology is wrong…

  • OrbitalHammer

    It’ll be tied to the terminus decree, what ever happens. Best guess? The throne is switched off, the emperor husk dies, primarchs step up to fill the gap and it kicks of an arc where people hunt for the soul of the emperor before the astronomicon finally fades.

    The Eldar freak out, as this gets tied in to their god of the dead some how (maybe one and the same, but more likely a source of energy that the emperor will harvest). Meanwhile, the imperium sunders, giving us some new factions and reasons to have various different imperial factions fight each other.

  • Christie Bryden

    im all for splitting up the imperium, the primarches could take the spacemarines away from the rest becouse… well if you watch the emperors text to speach device.. the inquision wouldnt look good if a primarch showed up

  • Adrien Fowl

    I totally agree with those who think that W40k is just a setting, a sandbox in which we can tell our own stories and I like it that way. I am not sure if letting the Emperor die is the best idea.

    The only thing that worries me and interests me at the same time is what they are going to do with the rules and the game itself. That is what might bring me back into the game or finally put me off completely.

  • Muninwing

    “Have you ever wondered why the Imperium uses Servitors and not AI Robots more?”

    really? because they spell it out many times, so i’m not sure why you’re wondering…

  • jmaximum

    There’s a short story called the Caban-machine (I think) which explains why the ad-mech does NOT create AI machines anymore.