40K: St. Celestine Rules Latest


Games Workshop designer Simon Grant takes a look at the mysterious St. Celestine!

St. Celestine

via Warhammer Facebook

“The final instalment in our trilogy of videos on the Triumvirate of the Imperium covers the Saviour of Cadia, Living Saint, Light of the Emperor and all-round heroine Celestine of the Adepta Sororitas”

Now, before you skip the video – you might want to stop and rethink that. This isn’t just a fluffy advertisement – this video actually goes into her powers and use on the table top as well. But watch the video. It’s worth a look!


GW Writer Simon Grant goes on with even more info about the Inquisitor AND he talks about some of the unique abilities of the Triumvirate of the Imperium.

Her Armourbane Ardent Blade can cut tanks in two, while her Holy Blessings, can hand out all manner of special rules to friendlies, including It Will Not Die to Lords of War!



Greyfax, Saint Celestine and Belisarius Cawl are heading to a tabletop near YOU!

  • Artyom Trityak

    interested, will it be possible to play only St. Celestine or i will have to field all formation with Mech guy…

    • Aaron Couture

      They’ve said they are ICs that can also be taken in the formation.

    • Aaron Couture

      I imagine they can be taken in a similar way as Cipher – will count as an HQ or something for any Imperial army.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      My bet is that she will be usable in Sisters armies and in the formations in the Fall of Cadia Book.

      • Ak318

        they have said with each of the trimvirate they can lead ANY imperial army faction

        • Ak318

          At which point IWND for guard baneblades i could see being funny a waste of her other abilities but funny.

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist


        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Wow, really? As in they are a formation of their own?

          • Ak318

            you either take them as a formation together or can have the model lead your imperial army. Not sure if they are planning in HQ or LoW slot if this is the case.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Hmm… I was curious if she herself was going to be a lord of war.. If not, this makes it more interesting.

  • SilentPony

    “You look so put together tonight, Celestine. Now who are you wearing?”
    “Oh this is Relic Armor, by Katherine. And this is Ardent’s newest Blade.”
    “Well I gotta say the corset looks great!”

    • Patriarch

      “You don’t think the doves are a bit much?”

  • nurglitch

    I like her Sigil of Corruption.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Armourbane does add to her versatility. Makes me wonder if they’ve changed another characteristics for the Ardent Blade. For example, is it now AP2? Would seem rather silly if she cleaves through Land Raiders and Typhons but dings off of Terminator armor.

  • Troy G

    “We gave her the amourbane special rule because there was a really cool bit of artwork I saw where she is actually shearing an enemy vehicle in clean in half, and we wanted to represent that in the game.”

    • Ak318

      i mean to be fair i think its a legit reason.

      • MechBattler

        With Jump Pack movement, using her to chop up transports might be a safer choice than putting her into combat given she STILL doesn’t have Eternal Warrior.

        I guess you could use her to chop up cannon fodder units and steer clear of beefy enemies.

        Although, we haven’t seen what her bodyguards can do yet. If they’re equivalent to let’s say, Space Marine Honor Guards, the three together could be deadly.

  • Ak318

    So they said she gives IWND for whole game to LoW in your army. Do we think is is those within a bubble or field wide? Main reason am focusing on this one and not others s we dont know what they do for each slot and the HQ one did not have the big emphasis on game long buff.

  • Erber

    but is she still just S3 and T3???

    • Dod

      She does have S3 and T3. But 5W, Eternal warrior, 2+/4++ and her little helpers tank wounds for her. And get resurrected every turn. Plus she resurrects again like she did before, and brings back the little ladies too. She’s one of the tankiest chars in the game.