40K: Ynnead – The Story So Far

Eldar Rune 1

Games Workshop has been teasing the arrival of Ynnead for weeks. Now, they have put together a recap of the story so far…

Last week we consolidated the Prophecy of the Hidden Path and now that we know The Gather Storm II: Fracture of Biel-Tan is bringing the Avatar of Ynnead with it that prophecy is starting to make more sense. Today, Games Workshop just tossed another log on that fire. Maybe Eldrad’s failure at Coheria wasn’t what we thought it was…

via Games Workshop (Warhammer 40,000 Facebook)

“We’ll learn more about the birth of this new god in the next instalment of the Gathering Storm, available to pre-order this weekend.”



Is Ynnead the last hope of the Eldar race or has something gone horribly wrong? The myth is that all the Eldar must die so that their souls can merge in the Infinity Circuits to birth Ynnead.  Once Ynnead is born, the new Eldar God will be able to defeat Slaanesh and the Eldar would restored/reborn into a “better” form.

The funny thing about Prophecy is that folks have a way of misinterpreting them. I’m still curious as to why the Avatar of Ynead shares so many visual similarities with Slaanesh. Is it because Slaanesh was birthed from the fall of the Eldar and therefore shares similarities with them or is something more sinister going on?


Purple/Pink, has Horns and “feeds” on Spirit Stones…Just sayin.

What do you think? Is the coming of Ynnead’s Avatar a sign that the Eldar are going to be saved or is something else happening?

  • SilentPony

    Wouldn’t it be great if the new Avatar is actually Fulgrim pulling a con?!

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      That would be awesome!

    • Guillermo Cordido

      or Alpharius….

    • Slaanesh Devotee

      I would approve, only for I want Fulgrim to be much bigger and to retain his snake body.

  • hazal

    Actually just noticed this, the Avatar has one female and one male breast… thats very Salneesh like.

    • kingcobra668

      Slaanesh is very Eldar like…

      • hazal

        Because S/He was birthed of them. The rest of it makes sense… but the whole both sexes thing kind of hints heavily towards their hedonism… which may be a part of who they are… I am just rambling now

        • Excess is a huge part of what they are. Indeed.

    • Private Skittles
    • jeff white

      And the female side has the horn…

    • Nate

      #1 Its made out of eldar souls. If souls have innate gender then its 50% girl by volume. The exact same proportion as boy souls. If they don’t and ancient eldar changed gender each reincarnation, then the look makes even more sense.
      #2 It’s the dark prince’s very late twin. They’re made out of the same stuff. If I had a twin I’d look like him.
      #3 The eldar trinity had a boy, a girl, and a in between. Sounds intentional.

  • Shawn

    The model is okay, except for the horn. It looks sorely out of place.

    • Ian Knight

      I feel like that’s a definite sign that something more sinister is going on here. If you compare this thing with Khaine’s avatar, there’s definitely something not right…

      • Evil_Adam

        Looking at it I’m thinking the model might be showing the Avatar in the process of turning into Ynnead, as opposed to the Khain’s Avatar’s model which shows the Avatar fully formed. Would make the strange appearance make more sense.

        • Shawn

          That could be, but I still think it makes for a wonky model, especially if it’s always trying to change into the avatar every time it goes on the battlefield. I think I’d cut out the horn all that other sparkly non-sense to make it look like a regular Eldar Harlequin or something. Use the sparkly stuff so it surrounds the model.

      • Havik110

        You have to remember. The Dark eldar are what the eldar actually act like when the people arent paying attention.

        They have said that in order to save the life of 1 eldar they would destroy a billion human beings. That as twisted as it gets. The eldar are not nice people and only help the imperium when it helps them.

        You can bet that if they actually were able to destroy Salneesh they would start putting their efforts into taking over the Galaxy again and wiping out the Mon keigh. And vect has the weapons to do it.

        • Darth Bumbles

          But for Vect to use those weapons, he has to share them… and what to actually use them. Vect seems like the rarest of beings in the 40k universe, someone who is utterly content with things being the way they are. Even the existence of She-Who-Thirsts is useful to him as a control mechanism.

        • Charon

          Not the Dark Eldar but the Corsairs. Dark Eldar are another step further as they HAVE to commit atrocities to buy some extra time. Corsairs CHOOSE to either be friendly and well mannered or slaughtering madmen on a daily base.

          • Shawn

            I don’t have the FW book that the Corsiar are in Charon, how are they different, other than what you mentioned, than the Eldar and Dark Eldar?

          • Charon

            Corsairs are basically exiles which have ties to all Eldar factions. Sometimes they raid Craftworlds, sometimes they trade with exodites, sometimes they team up with humans,…
            They are basically Eldar who refuse the “path” of the craftworlders and have no explicit need to be gruesime like Commorithes.
            The Path of… books give a good insight.
            Yriels for example was a corsair a long time when he left Iyanden.

          • Shawn

            Thanks. That backstory does sound intriguing. Would you tell me what book their in, please?

          • Charon

            Path of the Eldar Omnibus by Gav Thorpe

          • Shawn

            Thanks Charon. I like his DA work, I’ll have to check it out. Are there any game books, GW or Forge World, that have rules for them?

          • Charon
          • Shawn

            Thanks again, Charon.

      • Shawn

        Agreed. any thought’s on what that “something not right” might be?

    • Badgerboy1977

      I’d say that’s kind of the point really.

      • Shawn

        Gotcha. Just wasn’t sure if there was something else he was thinking.

    • Cameron

      The sword is weird to me. It’s this coalescing, ephemeral being who has a… power sword?

      • Slaanesh Devotee

        It’s one of the five Croneswords of Morai-Heg, according to White Dwarf.

        Yvraine needs all five to fully awaken Ynnead, apparently. Currently she has three of them.

        • jeff white

          GW plotlines belong on the back of a cereal box.

          • Charon

            Yes… sometimes.
            There was so much potential in this plotline and all they managed to give us are badly written char backgrounds that are so disconnected from the fluff that they might as well be some CS Goto fanfiction.

  • Rajak

    Slaanesh could be a part of Ynead in reality. And the great joke that will trick Slaanesh into saving the Eldar is in fact that by expending her energy to destroy the eldar she becomes Ynead.

  • Arthfael

    Slaanesh and Ynnead will be one, corrupted but still PG-approved deity.

  • Nicho

    Somewhere, Ceogorach is laughing extra hard.

  • Alvin Adorno

    What if ynneed needs a really old half dead half alive body to exist in the mortal relm.

  • ultraspike

    Tzeentchian plot, I’m calling it now.

  • Siblings do tend to look alike. :/

  • Emperor’s Champion

    I still think the only reason Ynnead looks Slaaneshi is simply because slaanesh was created from the Eldar image so it makes sense for other gods to follow similar design patterns and since Ynnead is supposedly a shadow of Slaanesh it makes even more sense.
    Honestly this whole debate is gonna be pointless just as much as (is Khaine actually Khorne) or (Cegorach is Tzeentch in disguise)

  • jeff white

    Actually that model is not for me. The other two in the box are great. This one is a stopper.

  • Jeff Daniels

    Eldar sages of the Warp Spider Aspect argue that even though Ynnead is God of the Dead, part of her is a manifestation of Love.

    Philosophers of the Blackened Wasp Shrine agree that part of Ynnead is given over to Love, but claim that another part of her domain is Rebirth.

    In one particularly dramatic song rite, the bards of the Silver Beetle Cult argue differently. The Beetles sing that, “All Ynnead is Love”.

    • William Jameson

      Ha, love it. XD

  • loveone789

    what if the eldar god was the god emperor reborn?
    ~m night shyamalan grimdark twist

  • KreskinsESP

    I’m still banking on that in their desperation they accidentally created an Avatar of Slaanesh. Since Ynnead is supposed to require ALL the souls, and anything less than that is basically just cracking open a giant spirit stone as a gift for She Who Thirsts. I mean, those souls do belong to Slaanesh, after all.