Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


New minis based on characters in this year’s Christmas special are on pre-order from Warlord Games!

The first new episode in twelve months sees the Doctor and the previously decapitated Nardole (Matt Lucas taking on the companion role, now thankfully with his head reattached) arrive in present day New York. They team up with reporter Lucy Fletcher and the mysterious superhero the Ghost to fight aliens with a fondness for brain-swapping.

These two beautifully sculpted pewter figures feature the Ghost as portrayed by Justin Chatwin, and Dr Sim, played by Aleksandar Jovanovic.


This set will be shipped late January 2017 and pre-orders are now open.

Pre-Order Here

  • Mike X (Official)

    I am so glad I’ve never seen Doctor Who. Everything about it just seems embarrassingly cheesy. No idea how some people love it so much.

    • Badgerboy1977

      Don’t judge something you’ve never seen and the “cheese” is an integral part of its charm.

      • Mike X (Official)

        I’ve seen every piece of merchandise and promotional material for it, and one of my buddies talks about it constantly. His ringtone is even that stupid “EXTERMINATE!” robot voice.

        However, he’s also a mid-20s guy that watches My Little Pony, so his taste is way off.

        But Doctor Who makes me worry about nerd culture.

        • georgelabour

          Anyone who can’t find at least one good thing to say about my little pony is a little off.

          Or just a contrarionist trying to score hipster points. Apparently if you get enough you can send away for merchandise that isn’t cool yet.


        • Badgerboy1977

          None of that means you know what it’s actually like and in the UK at least it’s popular culture rather than specifically “nerd” culture. You may still not like it if you watch it but you should at least give something a chance, also remember that you personally not liking something does not make it bad.

    • Chris Fitzsimmons

      ‘Tis a joyous romp!

    • Hussein Alobaidi

      Don’t knock it before you try it