HeroClix: TMNT – Foot Techs


Baxter Stockman’s elite creations are coming to the tabletop…

Foot Techs are superior to the average Foot ninja. They have enhanced abilities, and cybernetic armor that improves their speed and allows for invisibility. Let’s see what they can do in your games…


… the Foot Tech (Katar) differs from its brothers thanks to its Katar, Penetrating Dagger special power, which lets it use Blades/Claws/Fangs.  Additionally, Foot Tech (Katar)deals penetrating damage if it occupies hindering terrain when it makes a close attack.


While Foot Tech (Katar) starts as a close attacker, Foot Tech (3-Segment Staff) opens with a click of Running Shot and Energy Explosion.  Foot Tech (3-Segment Staff)’s last two clicks are similar to Foot Tech (Katar) but it also has a special power called Three-Segment Staff which lets you take a power action to make a close attack against up to three opposing characters.


Like Foot Tech (3-Segment Staff)Running Shot appears on Foot Tech (Shuriken)’s opening click but it instead can shoot a target up to five squares away.  Foot Tech (Shuriken)’s special power, Shuriken, Weapon of Distraction, drops an opposing character’s attack and defense by -1 until your next turn if it hits with a ranged attack.


Finally, the Foot Tech (Twin Katanas) has a similar range and dial layout to that of the Foot Tech (Katar), with one difference.  Foot Tech (Twin Katanas)’s special power, Twin Katanas, lets it use Blades/Claws/Fangs but when it does, roll 2d6 when and choose the result of one die.

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