Fall of Cadia: Latest GW Teaser


Games Workshop is ramping up the info on next week’s big event for 40K: The Gathering Storm I – Fall of Cadia!

The Warhammer Community Team unleashed their latest teaser trailer for the next chapter in the Warhammer 40,000 saga. And it doesn’t look too good for the Imperium… AT ALL…



Goodbye Battlefleet Cadia – it was nice knowing you…


Chaos Grand Cruiser sweeps in close…


Celestine fights on


A Magos advances his master plan…


Earlier videos via Warhammer Community

First we get a fairly dire warning from the Imperial forces stationed at the Cadian Gate…then again with a title like “Gathering Storm – Fall of Cadia” this does not bode well…



Saint Celestine and the Geminae Superia


Belisarius Cawlgathstorm-3

Inquisitor Greyfax

~ We will be bringing you Fall of Cadia coverage all week.  Stay tuned.



  • Darth Bumbles

    Is it just me, or is Cawl’s axe a bit “star of Chaos-y”?

    • georgelabour

      Just you. The cog teeth on the axe are symbolic of the cogs that keep the mechanicus working.

      The ‘spikes’ on the back are sensors, antennae, and transmitters. Might be an MP3 player in one of them as well.

      Then there’s another antennae right next to the top spike.

      And the top spike…is to stab people. Though considering it’s a Mechanicus weapon it probably also samples their blood and feeds all of that back to the magos.

      • Hedwerx

        “Haha die!” *stab* “Ah, I see you had shellfish for dinner, and you’re also a stim addict”

        • petrow84

          “Hmm, and an interesting choice of cartoons with tentacles, I’ll archive that… Erm, for the benefit of our Ordo, of course!

        • georgelabour

          And the best part is that a magos saying that would be very appropriate.

          Gotta love 40k lore at times. ^_^

    • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

      Hah good find! I think they wanted an epic Omnissian axe but instead made it look too pointy and chaos star like.

    • Jennifer Burdoo

      If it was Chaos-y, it would have three spikes rather than five. No worries, as it’s even spikier than a Chaos star!

      • benn grimm

        It’s spikier than a spikey interview in Spike magazine with Spike Lee and Spike Jonze which was recorded on a cactus farm…

    • Gunther Clone C

      Those spikes? Sonic Screwdrivers…all of them.

    • Old zogwort

      Nope totally a chaos star and rumors about him infecting people with mind controlling mechanical bugs are false.

  • rtheom

    The sad thing is that no one will actually be playing as Cadians in this. :p

    • loveone789

      I will. The real sad part is the lack of plastic sisters, black templars, or abbadon… with abbadon being the most ridiculous cause that armless failure is on the cover

      • Robomummy

        give it time….

      • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

        I suspect that it will be staggered releases across 2017… I am not a big fan that SoB look more like AoS style minis than the original models though. I know they want a heroic vibe but I think it’s getting close to looking goofy.

        • Karru

          Considering that the Sister models we got are one of their most iconic Characters and her Bodyguard, so going for a more heroic pose than the old one was a good move IMO. If they decide to go all out on this same style with the rest of the Sister line, then I might have a problem.

          My biggest issue right now is that since GW didn’t start off with Abaddon nor are there any rumours regarding the release of a new Abaddon, there is a chance that GW might pull something extremely stupid with him.

          • kingcobra668

            Maybe he finally ascends to daemonhood. No new mortal model because he will be a daemon prince in part two 😉

          • Karru

            And that’s precisely what I am worried about. Abaddon should NEVER be a Daemon Prince. We have Daemon Primarchs already, Abaddon should remain as a Mortal. Give him a cool model and that’s it. No need for another giant.

        • Bayne MacGregor

          Lots of people have been swapping her cherubs and cloak for wings for years anyway. GW followed a fan-trend.

      • georgelabour

        What if this is all a setup for abaddon accidentally ascending to daemonhood though?

        Then that’d explain their use of the older style figure in the artwork as well as a lack of replacmenent.

        And THEN we could start arguing over who’d win in a moping and cackling contest. Abaddon or Magnus.

  • The_Illusionist

    “Belisarius” is the name of the Navigator House who work for the Space Wolves. They showed up as an immensely important plot point in the novel “Wolfblade” by William King.

    So what do we think – is Cawl in some way involved with the Navigator House which runs every Fenrisian starship in the Galaxy AND who owe Craftworld Ulthwe a debt of incalculable value…. or do GW just not bother with Google before they pick a name and roll with it? =P

    • Robomummy

      Or there might be more than one Belisarius house in the galaxy.

      • Cergorach

        Belisariusis the 40k equivelant of Smith in the US…

    • PrimoFederalist

      Belisarius was the so-called “Last of the Romans” – a great general who served Emperor Justinian (of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire) and was the key figure in Justinian’s attempt to reconquor the Western Empire from the barbarians. He won many victories and a great deal of territory.

      Anyway, I point that out just to say I really don’t think they have any connection at all; GW just reused the name because they thought it sounded cool/august, not because they’re connected. Belisarius is his first name, not Cawl Belisarius, and it would make zero sense to let someone who carries the Navigator gene run off and become a tech priest rather than serving his family’s political machinations and procreating to create more precious Navigators.

    • benn grimm

      Google isn’t the only thing they don’t bother with. Names tend to get repeated a fair bit in 40k, especially since they started hiring people who struggle with reading for any length of time.

      • Mr.Gold

        Names such as, Blood, Storm, Wolf, and Skulls…

        • benn grimm

          Indeed, in fact I hear the new campaign book features a tense and exciting showdown between the Blood Stormers and the Wolf-skulls…;)

          • Commissar Molotov

            I am now imagining a chapter called the Blood Wolves.

          • Derek Lee

            If it is a chaos chapter, would it be Wolves Blood? I mean, if I where warmaster to the Skull Stormers, or whatever, and held off an extermination attempt from the Space Wolves, I would totally rename my warband in honor of that.

          • Commissar Molotov

            Nah, just imagining some awful, fluff-shredding mashup of the Blood Angels and the Space Wolves.

            It’d be like “Twilight,” but with more oiled-up flexing.

      • Chaosrex

        Yeah not like there is a billion Lee’s or Muhamed on earth alone rigth?

        God forbid that in the whole galaxy two smucks has the same name while not been related…

        • benn grimm

          Lol. Maybe you should apply for a job at the studio? They’d love you…

      • Vorropohaiah

        yeah cuz in a galaxy of a million+ imperial planets there’s no chance for names to be repeated. :s

        • benn grimm

          Lol. Yeah cuz….

          • Cergorach

            Do you by any chance work for GW? 😉

          • benn grimm

            If I told you I’d have to kill you and since you are a fictional god (and a tricksy one at that), this is clearly a hypothetical impossibility… 😉

  • Ghaniman

    Is that the pyramid top from a black stone fortress in the bottom right hand corner of the space shot scene?

    • Nope, that’s the cruiser seen in the other screens too.

  • SilentPony

    Until Russ and the Lion square off against Mortarion and Lorgar, tens of thousands of Space marines behind each, it won’t matter. All Failbaddon can do is kill Captain Hero and Chapter Master Old, and, rarely, destroy the Great Fortress of Made Up Right Now to
    Give Exaggerated Weight to Failbaddon’s Victory.
    Its lame, and GW needs to stop with the pretending.

    • Loki Nahat

      you could always play 30k

      • SilentPony

        I do. Its the superior game.

        • Loki Nahat

          then you will fully understand why primarchs should never come to 40k

          • SilentPony

            Because its too exciting or because they represent a step forward in the story? ’cause Russ coming back and ordering a reconstitution of the Space Wolf Legion is both exciting and not something easily retconned.
            So I guess 40k can’t have Primarchs because it has to suck next to 30k, and 30k gets Primarchs.

          • Loki Nahat

            Because it’s a setting, not a story

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            The story of the Imperium’s collapse and the rise of new, smaller kingdoms lead by primarchs?

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s a good way to get the Space Marine vs Space Marine game GW has always wanted.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Why not? It works, right?

          • ZeeLobby

            I dunno. Does it? I’d argue favoring only several of your factions throughout the year has resulted in a diminishing player base.

          • benn grimm


          • ZeeLobby

            Pretty much. It’s kinda obvious that GW has been slowly borrowing things from the supposedly profitable FW over the past couple of years. What I don’t think they realize is that a lot of 30Ks popularity is the fact that the balance and rules are actually good. If only they could copy those. Lol.

          • Loki Nahat

            that would be a poor story

          • Karru

            I have pointed this out, that won’t work. The only reason why Imperium survives the current era is because of its size and unlimited resources. It’s not like Emperor himself could unite the Imperium under a single banner, even he needed help. A single Primarch wouldn’t be able to hold out for long against a massive Hive Fleet or an Ork WAAAAGH!!!

            Those smaller “kingdom” wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves for long. They also lack the necessary technology for fast travel since in this timeline the Astronomican is most likely gone. The best they can do is hop short distances, which wouldn’t be enough to get reinforcements to a planet that has become under attack from an outside threat before the planet is overrun.

            They lose one planet and they won’t realistically have the resources to retake it. Those “kingdoms” won’t be larger than a few sectors to a dozen at most. Entire Segmentums will fall prey to multitude of threats before they can be brought under single primarch’s rule. This means that those “kingdoms” are gone within 2-3 years after Tyranids get to them.

          • vlad78

            That’s why some alliances are possible. Mankind survived the long nigh without all of this and some sectors thrived. It wouldn’t be illogical for a primarch obsessed by logistic and civilization building like Guilliman to manage such a feat.

          • vlad78

            That’s a lame explanation GW vrp have been feeding us for the last 25 years. All they need is good writing skill to make the setting slowly evolve in order to renew the players’ interest (and not kill it ala AOS).

          • Christopher Witecki

            Except the flaw in the plan is that they don’t have good writing skill.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            They actually do. clearly they do or else the Horus Heresy novels would not be as popular as they are.

          • benn grimm

            They certainly used to be popular, quite a long time ago, mostly because of the popularity of the IP I’d say. They’re certainly nothing special. BL have maybe two/three decent writers and they have nothing to do with the drivel that appears in main studio released rule/campaign books/codexes.

          • David Leimbach

            No matter what they do, people will complain. For each plot twist and turn they’ll make some people happy and others think it’s trash. They can try to please a lot of people, but if they try to please everyone with every plot twist and turn they’ll end up with generic bland stories that ultimately nobody likes.

          • vlad78

            I tend to believe if they provide quality writing, the majority will like it.

          • benn grimm

            It’s not a lame explanation, it’s the truth. The 40k universe (or setting) exists as a place for you and countless freelance writers to create their own stories within. Some have good ideas and levels of ability and some don’t. Since this setting exists primarily to drive sales of a miniature/rules line, both poor stories and excellent stories are equally valid, so long as they drive sales.

          • vlad78

            And how would a split or total collapse of the Imperium ruin such a setting, would it remove the grimdark feel, would it make SM less heroic? No. Good stories good move sales up, renew interest of players. GW will live or die by the fluff no matter what. I keep believing in it no matter how glorious they say AOS sales are.

          • benn grimm

            You can write that story if you want. You can even play themed games based on it with your friends. You could even submit it to BL and see what they say. Just don’t expect it to come out of the main studio and you won’t be disappointed.

          • vlad78

            Never as good as an official change sadly.

          • Christopher Witecki

            Saying 40k should advance is like saying that games about ancient Rome need to advance the story and get to the dark ages already. There is no story, only settings to tell stories in.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Settings evolve and change in reaction to stories.

          • Christopher Witecki

            I’m not looking for a narative or the telling of a story about some heroes. It’s a miniature game, I’m looking for a setting to tell stories in. Miniature games move slowly. It takes years sometimes to learn and build a force. If the setting is constantly changing then by the time you’ve even acclimatized to the current state it’s changed. Ive been playing 40k for 20 years and I am still learning about the lore and it hasn’t really changed in setting in that time. Card games can be that agile but miniatures games *require* stability to survive in the long term. You people confusing setting with story won’t be satisfied with just one bump forward anyways so you’ll want another. Players will get busy, come back to the game, find it’s changed and drop out. Not to mention that it’s fluff is the only thing that kept 40k afloat all these years. But I’m sure this new fluff for the milennial generation will be just as classic right?

            As for the people who are saying we can have both. Tell that to WHFB players. Imagine you just completed your Bretonnian army only to have them moth balled and your home turf obliterated?

          • vlad78

            I disagree, the stories make the setting change. You can’t sum up 300+ years of roman history with one setting.
            Things have to change and we should be able to play at the time we like the most. I think by preventing the setting from slowly changing, GW removed the thrill of discovery.

            Now the problem just like you said is their abyssal lack of talented writers outside of the BL. Never before has been the studio so devoid of writing skills.

          • Christopher Witecki

            Yes I agree the writing and understanding of the lore is simply not there. Plain and simple, GW is going to ruin the only good thing it has left. The fluff. On the upside when they are done, it will be way easier to buy Specialist Games recasts without all the cloak and dagger rubbish.

            As for the 300+ years of Roman history, you’re right, you can’t sum that up. Good thing that we don’t need to do that since it’s a miniature game. Its purpose is to simulate military conflicts within that era not to give a historical summary. If you want history it’s best found in academic publications. Without defined boundaries on the story you need a constant stream of new miniatures. Wait, just figured out why GW is suddenly invested in treating it’s universe as a story. Now all they need is characters, plots, an overarching theme and a conclusion. So they need good writers. Yeah it will all work out right?

          • Darth Bumbles

            Sadly, some of want both. Stories set in Rome and stories in the Dark Ages.

            If the plot moves forward, the game can stay in stasis but the stories to be told would be new.

          • benn grimm


          • benn grimm

            Let me correct that for you; ‘then you SHOULD understand why primarchs should never come to 40k’..

          • Karru

            I personally don’t see the problem. It might even lead to some interesting developments in the story. Imperium split in half would be able to survive and the chances are that they aren’t exactly at war with each other. An uneasy alliance could be formed between them.

            One side is led by Guilliman who starts to build the Imperium in his Father’s image, while the other side still worships the Emperor as a God under the rule of Ecclesiarchy. The religious side can remain as the Imperium we knew with the entire model line still intact. Meanwhile the other Imperium starts to develop technologically. Both sides can use the same models, but both sides have their own unique units.

            That way the setting remains in a realistic situation where Imperium would still be able to survive against the multitude of threats that prey on it.

        • Horus84cmd

          …everytime this backwards statement crops up makes me grin like the cheshire-cat – “superior game”….hee hee hee

        • Loki Nahat

          its the same game you tool

        • Kayreios

          .. for inferior peasants..

    • BaronSnakPak

      It’s all pretend.

      It might not be about the characters and locales you want it to be about, but it doesn’t make it any less legitimate. It’s their fiction, they can do what they like with it.

      • vlad78

        That’s not the point I think, if it’s worthless, it’s irrelevant.

        • Worthless as defined by what?

          • vlad78

            By the inability to write a new compelling storyline, by providing half fleshed stereotypical characters, deus ex machina in droves, plots going nowhere or which resolutions feels totally illogical or boring and so on.

            Typically defining worthless would be a comparison between a good setting or story like the first 3 books of the horus heresy story and “Battle for the Abyss” or “The beast must die” or how the fist studio designed the old world by the end of the 80s compared to the end of times which allowed AOS to be introduced.

        • BaronSnakPak

          Worth is subjective.

  • Marek Gackiewicz

    Anyone know the name of the music playing in the teaser?

  • Jim Morr

    Inquisitor Greyfax’s figure looks.. fabulous is the word? Not exactly look I would expect from an Inquisitor

  • Admiral Raptor

    After reading the spoiled plot synopsis elsewhere, I’ve got to say that it certainly doesn’t come off as GW’s best work. I’m still for it though, as anything that gets us closer to 8th edition is worth it. They can tear down the whole setting if the end result is a good game.

  • Bayne MacGregor

    There’s already a Cawl focussed video up, and in it there’s a bigger version of an artwork that has already got a lot of Mechanicus folk (well me and some friends of mine in the Mechanicus playing community) speculating. Here look at the screengrab i took http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f250/supreme_martian_overlord/what%20is%20that.jpg on the top left, looking over the Vanguard.. that’s a… that’s a…. there is no model of whatever that is currently. The thing directly behind Cawl has legs a bit like a Dragoon, but it’s not got the affixed servitor, but the thing in the top-left, well that’s something NEW.