Fall of Cadia: Relics & Formations


One lucky gamer has Fall of Cadia in hand is answering questions. Take a look at the Relics and Formations headed your way:

rules via B&C’s goonbandito 1-11-2016


Arcana Mechanicum – Characters that can normally take a relic and are part of a Conclave Acquistorius Formation, Grand Concavaction Detachment or are in an army that includes Belsarius Cawl can take these:

  • Numinasta’s Casket of Electromancy (30pts) – Once per game, can fire this instead of another ranged weapon.  Automatically targets and hits all enemy units (including Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures) within range, regardless of LoS.  Range: 2d6″, S3, AP -, Assault 1, Haywire, One Use Only.
  • Quantum Annihilator (30pts) – Replaces a weapon.  Range: 18″, S 2d6, AP2, Assault D3, Quantum Paradox – Each time it fires, roll 2d6 to determine strength after target unit has been chosen.  If it rolls above 10, it wounds automatically with Instant Death rule (or is an auto Pen against vehicles)
  • Sacrifactum Autorepulsor (15pts) – Enemies charging the bearer or their unit suffer a -2 Charge Penalty that stacks with any other penalty
  • Memento-Mortispex (30pts) – At the start of each of your turns, choose a rule to apply to the bearer and their unit (or weapons as appropriate): Cognis Weapons (BS2 snapfire, Flamers do 3 hits rather than d3 with Wall of Death in overwatch), Monster Hunter, Skyfire or Tank Hunter
  • Omnissiah’s Grace (10pts) – Bearer has 6+ Invulnerable Save.  If they already had an Invulnerable Save, they get a +1 to their Invulnerable to a max of 3+.
  • Saint Curia’s Autopurger (25pts) – Models charging the bearer and their unit do not get extra attacks for charging.  All models that are locked in combat with the bearer and their unit must pass a Toughness test at I10 step, or suffer 1 Wound for each test failed (can take saves as normal).


Ecclesiarchy Relics – Characters that can normally take a relic and are part of a Wrathful Crusade Formation, Castellans of the Imperium Detachment or are in an army that includes Celestine can take one of these relics.

  • Skull of Petronella the Pious (30pts) – Bearer, and all models in a unit they join, have a 6+ Invuln.
  • Blade of the Worthy (30pts) – replaces a melee weapon.  S User / +2, AP3 / 2, Melee, Divine Fury:  At the start of the Fight Sub-phase, the bearer makes a Ld test.  If they pass, the sword uses the second profile for the duration of the phase.
  • Castigator (15pts) – Range: 12″, S4, AP2, Pistol, Unstoppable Vengeance: Invulnerable saves cannot be taken against wounds caused by Castigator
  • The Font of Fury (10pts) – Once per game, the bearer can use this instead of another ranged weapon.  Range: 8″, S3, AP-, Assault 1, Large Blast, Poison 4+, One Use Only, Bane of Evil: becomes Poison 2+ against enemy units with Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Demon or Khorne Demonkin faction
  • Shroud of the Anti-Martyr (35pts) – Bearer has Eternal Warrior
  • Desvalle’s Holy Circle (35pts) – Bearer has a 4+ Invulnerable.  Enemy units cannot Deep-Strike within 12″ of the bearer.  If they scatter within 12″ of the Bearer, they suffer an automatic Deep Strike Mishap.



99120108008_triumvirateoftheimperium01Triumvirate of the Imperium (Formation)

  • Belisarius Cawl, Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax.
  • Friendly Army of the Imperium units within 12″ of two or more Triumvirate models get Stubborn and auto-pass Pinning tests.  If they are within 12″ of all 3 models they get Fearless instead (Geminae don’t count as models for this rule.
  • If one of the Triumvirate is the Warlord, then all 3 of the models get to use their Warlord Trait.


Conclave Acquisitorius (Formation)

  • Belisarius Cawl, 1-2 Battle Maniples or 1 War Cohort, 1 Holy Requistioner, 0-1 Cohort Cybernetica, 0-1 Numinous Conclave, 1-2 Imperial Knights or 1 Baronial Court
  • Everything gets Canticles of the Omnissiah
  • Each Character may upgrade one of their weapons (except relics) to have Master-Crafted
  • If the formation has the maximum number of units, everything gets Doctrina Imperitives

Wrathful Crusade (Formation)

  • Celestine, Inquisitor Greyfax, 1 Space Marine Captain, 0-1 Sternguard, 2-4 Crusader Squads, 1-2 Assault Squads, 1 Militarum Tempestus Platoon.  All Space Marine must have Black Templar Chapter Tactics
  • Everything gets Crusader
  • If the formation has the max number of units, everyone gets Zealot
  • All units can re-roll failed Charge rolls.  If you roll 10 or more for your charge range, you get Furious Charge.

Grand Convocation Detachment:

  • Units can be drawn from Codex Astra Militarum, Cult Mechanicus, Imperial Agents, Imperial Knights or Skitarii.  The available units are restricted to mainly the ones from Codex: Skitarii, Cult Mechanicus and Imperial Knights though.  Enginseers are the only Guard unit you can take.  You also must also include units from at least two different factions.
  • HQ: 2-4, Troops: 4+, Elites: 0-6, Fast Attack: 0-6, Heavy Support: 0-6, LoW: 0-3
  • All Vehicles get It Will Not Die.  If they are within 12″ of any HQ from the detachment, they also get Power of the Machine Spirit
  • If the formation hast the max number of units (except troops, since you can take unlimited lol…) then everything gets Canticles of the Omnissiah
  • Warlord can re-roll Warlord Trait

Castellans of the Imperium Detachment

  • Units can be drawn from basically any Army of Imperium codex and their supplements.  There’s literally big lists of units you can take for each slot, which at a quick glance seems to basically include everything besides unique characters (aside from Black Templar, Adepta Sororitas and Inquisition unique characters though, which can be taken.  Pask and Yarrick too).  Interestingly enough, Codex: Inquisition and Codex: Adepta Sororitas are listed alongside Codex: Imperial Agents as available sources.  That should clear that debate right up.  You also must also include units from at least two different factions. Edit: Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Space Wolves, Grey Knights, Death Watch, Cult Mechanics, Skitarii, Sisters of Silence, Adeptus Custodes and Legion of the Damned are not available in the Castellans of the Imperium Detachment.  I’m pretty most everything else, including Assassins and Cataphractii/Contempors, are though.  Lord of War options are Imperial Knights (specifically the ones from Codex: Imperial Knights) and Baneblade variants.
  • HQ: 2-4, Troops: 4+, Elites: 0-6, Fast Attack: 0-6, Heavy Support: 0-6, LoW: 0-3
  • All units get Hatred.  If you have the max number of units, except troops, everyone gets Zealot
  • Each time a Troops Choice is destroyed, roll a d6.  On a 5+ an identical unit immediately goes into Ongoing Reserve, and counts as a unit from this detachment (so it can potentially be recycled again later)
  • Warlord can re-roll Warlord Trait

All of these Formations were available from Games Workshop to purchase as bundle deals this past weekend as well. What I’m really interested in are those relics! Desvalle’s Holy Circle seems really powerful for anti-deepstriking and Sacrifactum Autorepulsor stacks with the difficult terrain penalty for a hefty negative modify to charge them. These formations and relics will add a lot of overlapping special rules so take your time with this one – time to get those cogitators processing!


~There’s lots to digest with this one so have at it folks!

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    So, we can expect our AoS-ified 40k to feature mixed Imperial factions? More of the same I guess.

    • Prisoner 42

      Got to buy em all! Imperial armies!

      • Xodis

        If someone doesn’t read your comment in tune to the Pokemon theme…they are dead wrong lol.

        • ZeeLobby

          Lol. Literally heard it in my head as I read.

      • 6Cobra

        ..Oooooooh, you’re my best friend
        In a War That Nev-ver Ennnnds..

    • Lord Elpus

      Well it does make sense, marines are usually a strike force backing up larger imperial forces..

  • Blightstar

    Funny note: Take Coteaz in Castellans of the Imperium and the whole army has Obsec (apart from vehicles).

    Kinda makes normal CAD useless for good’ol IG. Unless you want FW units, that is.

    • Luke Perrier

      How does coteaz give obsec?

      • Troy G

        In Codex: Imperial Agent’s his dataslate has a special rule that grants ob Sec to every non-vehicle unit in his detachment.

        Since Codex: Inquisition is still valid I guess you can take either version of Coteaz. The version with or without Ob Sec.

        • Luke Perrier

          Ah thanks for clearing that up for me. That seems quite powerful

    • Old zogwort

      Coteaz clone wars part II: Coteaz strikes back.

  • Christie Bryden

    I do thiink were going to see the imperium split in 3.

    • Shawn

      Adeptus Astartes, Mechanicum, and Astra Militarum?

      • Christie Bryden

        I think it will be more down religuse lines, those that view the emperor as a god, those that view him as a man, and so on, this would tie in to loyalist primarches returning.

        • Shawn

          You might be right. Of course, if it’s along religious lines, the Mechanicum will probably have to weigh in on that too.

          • Karru

            Army and model line wise I see it going something like this:

            Astra Militarum will be usable by both factions

            Space Marines will be usable by both factions, but only with certain Chapter Tactics. (This would require GW to do way more of them of course)

            Adeptus Mechanicus will join with the Primarchs

            Sisters, Inquisition and the Ecclesiarchy will keep with the current ways and attempt to keep together the Imperium that currently exists.

            This will allow GW to keep all the current models without having to axe anything, except technically the entire Cadian line as it is now gone.

          • euansmith

            Will Catachan be destroyed next?!

    • euansmith

      Apart from one small village of indomitable Gauls. Oops, wrong setting.

      “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres”

      • Christie Bryden

        lets see if they survive my 12 tasks then.

  • Brad Parks

    Those AdMech formations are 4k-5k points to max units for full buffs, which means they’re essentially useless and we’re still forced to take a War Convo.

    • ShasOFish

      Full number of units, not full size units.

      • Brad Parks

        For Conclave Acquisitorias, 600 points per Battle Maniple, 2x Knight Gallant at 325 per, Numinous Conclave is 360, Holy Requisitioner is 405, Cohort Cybernetica is 685. Swap a Tech-Priest for Belisarius at another 95, that’s 3395 with zero upgrades and relics, minimum squad size and the worst knight you can take.

        Grand Convocation is, minimum, 2x Knight Gallant at 325 per, 4x Skitarii Vanguard at 55 per, 6x Sydonian Dragoons at 45 per, 6x Ironstrider Ballistarius at 55 per, 4x Electro-Priests at 90 per, Belisarius at 200, and 3x Tech-Priest Enginseer at 40 per, for 2150 of the worst AdMech list ever made with zero upgrades. Swapping out the junk like the Electro-Priests and excess Ironstriders for the vastly superior Sicarians, Dunecrawlers, Kataphrons and Kastelan Robot Maniples and changing Knights brings the points to 3845 and it’s still with almost no upgrades and weaker than a War Convo.

        • euansmith

          “War Convo” sounds like something an Australian would say. Now I’m imagining Ad Mech in Digger Hats, saying, “You call that a mechandrite? This is a mechandrite!”

    • Old zogwort

      I wonder how some of you shop in wholesale stores.
      Ack I can’t get that maxed out discount unit I buy 5000 cans. Lets not buy cans today ; )

      • Brad Parks

        The issue is that the War Convocation is still so vastly superior that it inhibits the ability to even try anything else. I was hoping for smaller, more flexible lists, not bloated and cumbersome ones. Why would I ever run the Grand Convo when I get everything it has save one master crafted weapon per when I’m giving up no Gets Hot rolls and free upgrades? There’s nothing there.

        • Old zogwort

          reasons not to run it.
          -Because you do not want to
          -Casual game
          -The To banns it. ; )

          • Brad Parks

            That’s kinda my point though, I like to play AdMech but I feel dirty running War Convo most of the time, so I was hoping for something new, not the same thing just a worse version of it.

  • Crablezworth

    Oh good, more formations…

    • Old zogwort

      Its actually a good thing, since you now can field just 1 detachment of inq in limited events and still have a decent army.

  • generalchaos34

    Castellans is now going to be my go-to list for AM. I can run them with Scion allies and take a lot of troops to make sure my men keep coming! Plus I get plenty of slots to fill with russes and all kinds of fun things, plus the MIGHTY BANEBLADE!

    • generalchaos34

      Also I wonder if it says troops choice or non-vehicle troops choice in the actual rule, otherwise wouldn’t that allow dedicated transports to come back too? (or am I misinterpreting that?)

      • Latro_the_Zombie

        yep they can come back too, and as someone pointed out on dakka crusader squads can have landraiders as transports

  • pokemastercube .

    and once again it seems gw want to ignore any marines that are not the main marine codex on the loyalist side

    • georgelabour

      Space wolves were heavily featured in 2 of the previous campaign books.

      Blood Angels were the focal point of imperial activity in Shield of Baal.

      Grey Knights, and Dark Angels got screen time in the Warzone Fenris series.

      Grey Knights also manged to sneak into the Sanctus Reach , and Shield of Baal fluff.

      Deathwatch have two boxed sets (one a board game) focused on two notable events in their history.

      • Djbz

        I believe the point he was trying to make is that only Chapters descended from the Legions in the Space Marine codex are in and nothing allows for successor chapters from the other marine books that would/could also be fighting to defend Cadia
        It’s a restriction that makes no sense from a lore (or sales) point of view

        • pokemastercube .

          exactly what you mean, afterall some of the stuff that has been reported from the book include the wolfen present, grey knights have had a presence on cadia on and off for years, so no reason for SW and GK to not be allowed.
          so thankyou for being clearer then me, it is bad fluff work in the rules and bad for them trying to sell things as they will want imperial players of any chapter to mix stuff not just the main book chos how many people who play any non C:SM marine army would start up a force from that codex just to do that merged thing if they have a marine army allready, especially if it is BA or DA as they share a lot of things with the SM codex

        • georgelabour

          A fair enough point.

          However if these formations are supposed to represent a grouping of units based around events in the story line then there’s your lore justification right there.

          There’s been a few formations in previous works that are there to show a ‘historical’ grouping that’s not part of the parent organization(s) standard tactics so some of those will likely be the same.

  • Karru

    These are cute, that’s all I got to say. If GW invalidates ALL Alternative Detachments and replaces them with this style, they’ll get one step closer to a balanced game. Formation based detachments were a mistake in my opinion. They are so hit and miss when it comes to GW doing play testing that the chances are that they are either utterly useless or insanely OP. There is barely any middle ground. The idea was nice, but since GW doesn’t actually think any of them out nor do any play testing before they decide to include them, they only harm the game.

    At least these FINALLY give us some image about the scale. Basic benefits if you decide to take it, mostly Double Force Organisation and army mixing. Then if you play larger games, you get additional benefits. Now they just have to make it so that you have to dedicate yourself to one of these and you are only limited to single detachments until certain point value is reached.

    • Damien Coté

      Also these may allow you to take Forge World… however I have seen that some restrict which unit types can be taken as each 🙁

  • Kevin Maloney

    Okay, now more than ever we need an answer on whether or not the old Sororitas Codex has been replaced. I say his because the Shroud of the Anti-Martyr does the EXACT SAME THING as the Mantle of Ophelia in the current Codex. Add to that the Skull of Petronella is clearly meant for non-Sororitas as all Sororitas ALREADY HAVE A 6+ INVULNERABLE SAVE.

    If I seem a bit angry right now, it’s because I don’t know what the heck is going on with my army of choice.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I see these relics are formation specific. The above uncertainty about the state of sisters still stands, though.

    • John Michael

      Read the end of the article both IA codex and sisters codex is listed. Both are valid

    • Parthis

      It’s in the article, Kevin.

  • Stealthbadger

    Imagine an ork version of castellans of the imperium…

    Oh sweet Mork (or possibly Gork)

    • Old zogwort

      Yeah all those codexes merging together to one big cool detatchment…. I can’t wait

      • Stealthbadger

        I was referring to being able to take an extra hq in the detachment over a CAD and have troops coming back on a 5+, getting hatred for melee rerolls, having 6 heavy support choices.

        You could bring two CADs but sometimes the traits/bonus effects don’t carry over to the other detachment.

        • Karru

          The Ork version of the Castellan would be the exact same requirements but they would put restrictions in place “to make sure its not too powerful”. These restriction would be the following; “All Ork Boy units have to be at least 20 models strong and all Gretchin units have to be at full strength.” “For each HQ choice, you HAVE to include one Mek.”

          As for the formation benefits, you get to WAAAAGH!!! one additional time and you get +3″ to your charge on the turn you WAAAAGH!!! If you take a full strength detachment, you get Hammer of Wrath for each unit that successfully completed a charge this turn and has 10 or more models in the unit.

          • Stealthbadger

            I think they’d let you waaaagh every turn including the first. I have no reason to believe any of the others aren’t just cynicism. Even if true, 20 boys? So what Gretchen? Not required anyway so take boys for troops. Mek? I’ll pay 15 points for a 33% chance to comeback back with 20 boys and transport.

            I understand the negativity, I can be like that the ok but this year I thought It’s 2017 how’s about being a little more optimistic for a new year?

          • Karru

            It’s all from experience. Both Ork Core choices from the WAAAAGH!!! Ghazghkull include a minimum of 60 Boyz, because GW. Meanwhile you have Imperials getting insanely good formations left and right and now even Chaos has some good ones. Orks? GW seems to think that Orks = Large Quantities of Models. It’s the same problem as GW believing that the Chaos Boon table is a great mechanic.

            I highly doubt that GW suddenly realises their mistake. They will make the benefit something that forces Orks to take large units that are nigh useless in the current edition. Orks need their Transports if they want to get close enough to hurt anything. Only problem is that GW doesn’t see it that way. They think that Orks can do enough damage after getting shot for 2-3 turns foot slogging across the field or take Battle Wagons in large numbers.

            Also, there is no guarantee that Orks get the “5+ Troops come back” thing. Orks also happen to have their own “detachment”. It gives Ork units larger than 10 models Hammer of Wrath on the turn they successfully charge.

            In the ideal world, the formation would be something like this:

            2-6 HQ choices (Orks can and should take a lot of these)
            5+ Troops (Again, keeping with the Ork theme)
            0-6 Fast Attack
            0-6 Elites
            0-6 Heavy Support
            0-3 LoW (Not really that useful as Orks don’t have anything good in this section outside Ghazghkull)

            Detachment Benefit: Your Warlord can call a WAAAGH!!! every turn after the first. As long as your Warlord is alive, Ork Troop units that are completely destroyed are placed into on-going reserves on a roll of a 4+.

            Additional benefit if taken at full strength: When charging, roll 2D6 and pick the highest. All Ork units charging count their distance as 6″+D6.

          • Stealthbadger

            My original point was wouldn’t it be good if orks got exactly the same formation for the reasons given.

            You’ve countered with here’s a completely different formation that would not be as good. (You are right though, your hypothetical rules would not be as good but that’s not what my point was).

            You say GW won’t change based on experience, that’s a belief. I believe GW ARE changing as evidenced by social media changes, improvements to beleaguered armies, hints of sisters, and that they are at least aware of the community. You’ve gone for cynicism, I’ve gone for optimism, merely a difference of viewpoint 🙂

            Who’s beliefs will be right? Only time will tell… but surely we can both agree mine would be better for us all so can’t we, even secretly, hope for that?

          • Karru

            Except the design team hasn’t changed. Just look at the Thousand Sons release, Traitor’s Hate and Traitor Legions. Then compare them to this one. Their design team can do great and amazing things for Imperials, but have no idea what to do with Chaos so they continue to print out the same things over and over again.

            For example, the Chaos Boon table is utter garbage. Everyone knows this, there is no strategy involved just pure luck. What did the design team pick as “major” benefit from taking the detachment? Rolls on the Chaos Boon table. The Design team for some reason just can’t comprehend anything else for non-Imperials. It’s always the exact same mechanic shovelled down our throats. This is extra bad if the mechanic is very bad to begin with.

            This is why I am worried about what they’ll do to Orks. Their “key” mechanic with Orks currently is their ability to take large units. We currently have 3 different sources to get Orks the Hammer of Wrath rule, Great WAAAGH! Detachment, WAAAGH-band Formation and the Ork Horde Detachment.

            Look at the pattern. What is the “benefit” that Chaos got over and over again? Chaos Boon Table. What is the “benefit” that Orks got over and over again? Hammer of Wrath for units larger than 10 models.

            GW has done massive changes in many fronts, but their design team is still one of the most biased group of rule writers I’ve ever seen. There is barely ANY bad Imperial releases and majority of them range from good to great. Majority of non-Imperial releases are mediocre at best with a very, very minor chance for good. It’s either that or they are just extremely lazy.

          • Stealthbadger

            This still is at a tangent to my initial point.

  • Shawn

    Saint Curia’s Autopurger and Desvalle’s Holy Circle seem to be the most useful of the new relics. It’s a shame that you have to have Cawl or Celestine to use them.

    However, if I can use my Iron Hands for the Castellens of the Imperium, and also make use of the Grand Convocation, since I have so many skitarii, getting Cawl, Celstine, Greyfax, and the campaign book all worth it.

    This just might be the first campaign book I ever buy, aside from Damnos, which I got second hand, just for the Land Raider Ulitma Terminus rules.

  • Silas7

    Castellans of the Imperium

    Desvalle’s Holy Circle + Libby + Coteaz = Sweet (Come at me Bro!) psychic phase.