GMM SHOWCASE: Infinity: Panoceania


Hello BoLS readers! Another Infinity army showcase, this time PanOceana.

A bit different from the norm, rather than using a predominant color with secondaries such as with a Marine army, it has many complimentary colors balanced across each unit and tied together with their placement and primary shading colors. Somewhat similar both in color and concept to the Covenant in Halo – different units in both form and uniform.

Fun to be able to flex my color muscle a bit, as it required painting each small batch separately, but advancing them all at the same rate to ensure balance. A real pleasure and one I am glad rolled through.

Lot’s of skirmish games around here lately by coincidence. That’s going to continue for one more project, to the Wild West of the Malifaux universe. See you then and thanks for looking.

As always for the rest of the gallery, or more images of other projects, feel free to visit me elsewhere:




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  • I have the impression that I’ve seen this army a couple of times before.

    • V10_Rob

      Maybe it’s the terrain…

  • Cergorach

    You really like purple, don’t you… 😉

  • polyquaternium7

    cool looking army