GW: Next Week’s Prices & Products CONFIRMED


Fasten your seatbelts – the Neverborn of Tzeentch and some Blood Bowl & Grimdark is coming. Prepare your wallet!

We are heading into late January and GW is throwing a lot of awesomeness for the Age of Sigmar and a smidge of Blood Bowl at us.

White Dwarf Turns 40

White Dwarf

February 2017 Issue $9

lord-of-change-2017 changeling horrors

Age of Sigmar

This week the daemonfollowers of Tzeentch arrive.

Tzeentch Daemons: Blue Horrors $35

Tzeentch Daemons: Changeling $35

Tzeentch Daemons: Lord of Change $115

Start Collecting Tzeentch Daemons: $85

Tzeentch Daemons: Flamers $25

Tzeentch Daemons: Screamers $35

Tzeentch Daemons: Pink Horrors $35

Tzeentch Daemons: Burning Chariot $40




Blood Bowl

Hall of Fame Card Pack: $15

The Dwarf Giants: $35

The Dwarf Giants Dice: $12.50



Black Library


Kingsblade $27

The Knight Houses of Adrastapol are both noble and righteous, and when the Imperial world of Donatos falls to the heresy of the Word Bearers, they are foremost in the vanguard to retake it. Led by High King Tolwyn Draconis, the Knights are peerless in battle and strike deep into the enemy’s ranks. But the war soon turns when a terrible tragedy strikes, casting the Imperial campaign into anarchy. As desperation grows, unblooded Knights Errant Danial and Luk must quickly learn the ways of war to prevent an unholy ritual or Donatos will be lost and all the noble Houses of Adrastapol with it.

Written by Andy Clark

~Who’s picking up what?

  • Charon

    Did I miss something? Are Pink Horros, Flamers and Screamers getting new models? Or is that just the usual 20 % price increase on the range because of the new LoC?

    • Aezeal

      Now now… lets wait and see they could be repacked with more models in the boxes. Or they are just more expensive 😀

      • Charon

        OR more expensive with less models….

        • Jesse Ash

          Which is something GW hasn’t done for a while. However more models in a better for your money box is.

          • rtheom

            Yeah, I thought they hadn’t really done that yet either. Unless this is like $35 for 15 horrors, but I do doubt that.

        • Aezeal

          Now you are acting like a child 😀

          • Charon

            Still got PTSD from the Dire Avengers incident.

          • Karru

            Don’t forget the Guardsmen kit. 20 Models for 30€, instead of 10 for 23€…

          • Randy Randalman

            Both of those were LONG time ago. GW hasn’t done the cut-and-hike for several years. If anyone is still shaken up about it, that’s on them not possessing the capacity to get over it; not GW.

          • Karru

            Knowing that it’s pointless to argue with you, but I’m still going to. Mostly for the reason that others might realise the point.

            The point is that GW has reduced the number of models and increased the price in the past. So it’s not completely out of the question. Most likely though, this will be the same old situation of double the model count, increase the price by about half, but decrease the per model price. It’s a win-win for those that want large quantities of models.

          • euansmith

            I like big boxes.

          • bobrunnicles

            And you cannot lie?

          • Xodis

            You other gamers cant deny.

          • Commissar Molotov

            “Baby, I’m hiding the box behind my back.”

    • Kyle Goguen

      Probably just getting repackaged into AoS boxes like all the Khorne Daemons did

    • rtheom

      Hey, at least they haven’t pulled another Dire Avengers yet. ;p

      • Xodis

        Im pretty sure the backlash from that taught even GW a lesson.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      Hopefully is a price increase, because since AoS’s first day, those increases have been accompained by more models per box, like the Skullcrushers.

      Or they just rebox the same box with twice the models and at the same price (iIrc), like the Chaos Knights.

    • Champildhir

      They come in the Start collecting box. The last 4 items are not in bold font because that is the content of the Start collecting box. I might be wrong, but that’s what my local FLGS guy told me. The prices are there for comparison purposes so you see what you save with the SC box

      • Charon

        Which is odd because if you look at the GW page the CURRENT price for horrors, screamers and Flamers is 20% cheaper than the prices in the WD.
        They will raise the price for these products while claiming the start collecting is a good deal now.

        • Champildhir

          AFAIK, those 4 boxes are not being released, and I don’t know where Larry got those prices from. Those models will be available from the SC only. Still, just the info that I got, that might be wrong

          • Charon

            Thats why I assume a price hike of Tzeentch minis veiled by the new LoC release.

  • Kijg

    Pink Horrors might be the new Pink Horrors as in the Silver Tower box just like the blue and brimstone horrors but the blue horrors seem a little different than the Silver Tower ones

  • BaronSnakPak

    The Dwarf Giants AND LoC come out the same weekend? Oooof, sorry wallet…

  • gserhar

    No Brimstone Horrors listed? Are they just kind of getting lumped in with the Blue Horrors, like Scarab swarms are in Necron Warrior boxes?

    • Azhrarn

      I would assume so, they’re about the same size as nurglings by the look of them. 🙂

    • Champildhir

      The new box brings 10 of each

  • Rob brown

    I’ll be so cheesed off if you have to buy pink Horrors to buy brimstone’. I have quite a few blues off several burning chariot and silver tower boxes but have more than enough pinks.

    We’ll find out this week I guess

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    thanks BoLS for putting the prices in Canadian dollars, euros, pounds etc.

    Oh you didn’t.

    • Thomas Gardiner

      We live in the age of “America first” now! =P

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        Make Warhammer great again!!

      • Champildhir

        …. and before

  • The brimstones are supposed to come with the blue horror box.

    • Champildhir

      Yup, 10 of each

  • Admiral Raptor

    Woo! SC Box for Tzeentch! Anyone have a good idea of the contents beyond the obvious horrors and a herald?

    • Dunmer

      Probably a chariot since that seems to be a common model type for this boxes

      • Champildhir


    • Champildhir

      Exactly the 4 items that are written below in regular font (not bold). That is the content of the box. From my local FLGS (sorry, in Spanish):
      – START COLLECTING! DAEMONS OF TZEENTCH: Nuevo Start collecting compuesto por
      carro flamígero y heraldo de Tzeentch a pie, 3 aulladores, 10 horrores rosa y 3

  • DeadlyYellow

    Urge to build Tzeentch army rising.