KoW: Summer Campaign Announced

Make sure you’re prepared for the battlefield!


Although the Summer Campaign is planned to take place between July and August, now’s the time to start planning the army you want to take to the battlefield. If you’ve always played a good army, perhaps you could experiment with the Abyssals or Orcs? Or perhaps you’ve always thought about starting a Dwarf army but needed a little inspiration. Maybe you’ve got an unpainted or unfinished army tucked under the bed at home? Well, the Summer Campaign is the motivation you need!

You could even start an entirely new army, like the Trident Realm of Neritica, which is available to pre-order now.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’d love to see the progress you’re making on your armies for the campaign so make sure you share them on the Mantic forumsFacebook and Twitter. We’ll also be looking at the different armies available to help you choose what side you want to fight for.



To provide you with a little extra incentive to finally start that new army, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a Mega Force of your choice. Starting from today until January 31st, each week we’ll select someone who orders a starter army from the Mantic website and upgrade their order for FREE to the corresponding Mega Force. For example, if you order a goblin army for £49.99, you could walk away with a Mega Force worth £99.99. Not bad, eh? The Mega Force will give you plenty of hobby time before the campaign kicks off.


Which side are you fighting for?

  • Knightly Knave

    Do people play KoW very much?

    • Shawn Parker

      well since some company blew up their fantasy world its gained a lot of popularity. Rules are tight and super well balanced. Rules are simple but strategy is deep so I’d suggest giving it a try asap.

      • Benjamin E

        Here in Newcastle upon Tyne, there’s almost always someone or other playing it at our gaming club, and yes it’s about half with WFB armies and then equal parts KoW minis and Historical armies.

  • Myu

    Had a look at their website, some of those prices are amazingly cheap compared to GW. I’m impressed. Can’t decided if I should get into it though. Are the rules any good?

    • OhShiny

      Rules are great, games are quick.

      There isn’t much diversity though.

      Undead and dwarves might play very differently, but most armies are primarily about stats and niches. This can be a positive, as you wont be taken by surprise when someone brings a crazy model you’ve never seen before. You also wont have the problem of rules lawyering, since all rules are straightforward and intuitive.

      But your army of lizardmen might not be all that different from orcs. Special rules are exceedingly rare.

      I’m no expert, so take this with a grain of salt!

    • Adam Dicken

      Rules are simple to pick up but the game still has tactical depth. OhShiney is quite correct with the differences in races sometimes being quite subtle but you could say the same with many games!

      The best thing is that there are very few “bad” units and the unit costs are generally well balanced so you can play how you want

    • Dragon2928

      I was really upset when WHFB imploded,and picked up KoW more out of spite than anything else. But honestly, after playing a few games I’m actually having more fun with this system than I did in Fantasy.

    • Knightly Knave

      Rules are a bit boring and samey for my liking. But could be fun with the right group of friends. They are pretty balanced unlike AoS
      The models are cheap but poor quality compared to GW models.