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Mantic has a big 2017 update all things Kings of War; prices new armies & more.

via Mantic:

Kings of War Army Sets

But, let’s do the ugly stuff first. Over the last 18 months we have been hit with a heap of price rises, and on top of that the dollar prices have risen too. We have soaked this up for as long as we can, and held the armies sets at £50 this year, even though the regiment sets all went up in price.


However, the current Kings of War army sets will be going up to £59.99 from Feb 1st. We will look at reconfiguring the sets to see if we can bring them back to £50, and offer a better starter force at the same time. However, that does still give you 30 days to pick them up at the existing price, so if you’ve been thinking of starting KoW or picking up a new army for the summer campaign, there’s no better time than now! Plus, we’ve currently got a special offer on the softback Gamer’s Edition of the rulebook.

Tournament Book

Currently we’re busy putting the finishes touches to the Kings of War Tournament Book. Over the past year or so, the tournament scene for KoW has exploded. We organised the biggest Clash of Kings ever (with 74 players all coming together for a weekend of gaming) and next year’s event will be even bigger, with space for up to 120 players!


After numerous questions from the Kings of War community about tips for organising a tournament or suggestions about alternative scenarios, Rules Committee member Nick Williams has put together the ultimate Kings of War tournament guide. This great book will be released early next year and we’re sure it’ll become an indispensable go-to reference for the increasing amount of people that want to organise well-run, exciting and enjoyable tournaments in 2017 and beyond.

Trident Realms – Pre-order now!

In February we’ll be officially releasing the Trident Realms army, featuring a veritable tide of new miniatures. We’ll be producing new army sets for the Trident Realms of Neritica, so you can finally get your hands on some great units, like:

  • Water Elementals (mini waves that will crash against the enemy)
  • the awesome Riverguard (which look a little like ninja frogs)
  • Thuul (a bizarre mix of Halfing and octopus… we’re not making that up)
  • Gigas (large crustaceans with massive pincers)

kw-trident-realm-armyAs a special Christmas treat, we’re opening the pre-orders up for the Trident Realms Army and Trident Realms Mega Force early! Head over to the Mantic website to pre-order yours now! They will begin shipping from February 10th.

Summer Campaign

This is the big one for 2017 – a global summer campaign that will shape the fate of Mantica. We’ll be working with Beasts of War to create an online hub where you can upload your results, which will then affect the future of Mantica.


The studio is currently hard at work putting together some background for the summer campaign, including new named characters and details of the key battles that will take place as part of the campaign. There will be new heroes for all of the armies that we currently produce and depending upon how they perform in the campaign, they’ll live or die… so, if you’ve got a favourite, you’ll need to fight hard to keep them alive!

We’ll have more details about the summer campaign throughout the year and the Campaign Book is due for launch in the spring, so you can read all the background material before getting your army ready for battle! Mantica will never be the same again.

~Much more from Mantic soon.

  • dinodoc

    Is this a fun game?

    • JPMcMillen

      Seems like it’s a fun game. It was made to be like WFB minus the unnecessary rules complexity. You can download the rules (+basic army lists) for free from their website and there are battle reports on YouTube you can watch.

    • Frank

      I have the rulebooks, but haven’t played yet. Looks pretty fun. Imagine a streamlined version of WFB where the focus is on maneuvering and troop placement.

      Guerrilla Wargaming has a bunch of battle reports on YouTube.

    • Johaad

      Its simple in a good way. Easy to get in a large game from start to finish in around an hour. Still has the importance of movement and flanking that old warhammer had.

    • Jay Shepherd

      Kings of War is a very fun, fast and strategic game. Give it a shot. Takes about 1 to 2 games to figure out.

    • Karru

      From what I’ve gathered, it’s balanced, not in a bad way simple and more focused on the tactical aspect of the game. The only downside of the game for me is the low model quality of Mantic. The other is their atrocious supply rate and refunding/replacing system. I ordered a Dwarf army from them, bought the metal Dwarf Lord on a giant Honey Badger, noticed that the box was already open when I got it. Noticed that the Lords lower half of the body was missing. Sent a message informing them about this. Gave them all the pictures and proof of purchase, they told me that it would take them 1-2 months to sent a replacement. This was during the warehouse moving if I remember correctly, so I understood why it would take that long. Never received a replacement.

    • Heinz Fiction

      I’d recommend it. Some players might dislike the lack of army customisation compared to old WHFB but on the other hand you can fight even large battles in less than 2 hrs without having to look up some rules every turn…

    • Big Fat Fred

      They designed it to compete against WHFB and knowingly removed most of the irritating crap that had crept into that game over the years. To me it feels a lot like early WHFB, which is when I really enjoyed the game. It’s weakness, which is part of it’s simplicity, is that heroes and magic are not a big part of the game, which I miss. Some times it feels like you are playing a historical wargame. That said, it is very tactical, as others have commented. It rewards those who can think a couple of turns in advance and plan accordingly.

  • Frank

    Mantic’s fantasy models are still really hit or miss with me. Some look decent enough, but others are pretty mediocre. It’s part of why I’d probably use minis from other companies if I got into the game.

    Their sci-fi stuff is pretty good though. Really like the Warpath models I have.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Angry Waves.

      Kinda wish they were more 30mm heroic rather than trying to be 28mm “realistic.” Makes them look small and beany next to their contemporaries.

      • euansmith

        I know what you mean; though the Forge Farthers are quite chunky, and the new minis for Walking Dead are a move more towards Heroic 28mm, so I might be using them as Rebels in Deadzone.

      • Purple-Stater

        I’m on the other side of the fence and like the proper scale. I do wish they had based everything on 25mm bases as a standard though, to compensate, and standardize model count, for people who use 32mm (aka 28mm Heroic) models.

        Granted, my opinion is due to also playing a lot of historical games, which generally use proper scale for marketing. 28mm = 1/65, 28mm Heroic = 32mm = 1/65.

  • Salamanders when?

    • Frank

      I’m hoping for those soon too. The Salamander plastic infantry are some of the few KoW minis I actually really like.

  • OhShiny

    I love the new Trident army! The squid faced guys are going to be used for a ton of other games, excellent figures.

    Too bad the set isn’t going for 50, and too bad the naiads look so lame.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out the Thuuls to be released on their own, they have endless potential.

    On their website they’re labeled as metal figures, which is weird.

    • Frank

      They are. Mantic is a weird mixed bag of metal and plastic when it comes to their lines of models. The line infantry are generally plastic kits, while upgrade bits, heroes, and special infantry are usually metal.

      • OhShiny

        I thought they’d be plastic since the are rendered as shiny grey in the picture.

        If they had been plastic, I would’ve bought several boxes. Metal? Probably going to stick with one.

  • DJ860

    Really have to respect a company explaining their price increases.

    • euansmith

      With many normal large companies, the explanation would be, “Shareholders and bonuses”, which doesn’t wash to well with the customer base 😉

    • Purple-Stater

      I really don’t understand what a “strong dollar” has to do with it though. If the USD is weak, say £50 = $75, and it gains in strength to par, then when someone in the US orders online and pays $75 they now collect £75. The strengthening dollar works greatly to their benefit. If they are sourcing material that is priced by the USD then I totally get it.

      • DJ860

        It just says $ prices have risen. Which likely means them paying their distributors or something.

        So if they were paying someone $10 and it was £8 that’s now £9.

        Complete guess of course but I could see where they’re coming from.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, it changes their costs so they increase prices.