One Week till LVO! Signals #503

Frankie and Reece go over last minute statistics for the LVO and announce a major milestone for the tournament. 

Las Vegas Open

We sold 500 tickets so far! Wow, so we did hit our goal, but with refunds and transfers (a lot of players went over to 30k and Aos!) we are sitting at 430 currently, which is incredible and if previous sales data is any indicator, that number will likely rise to close to 450 before it’s go time with last minute sales and walk-ins. That’s not to mention the sold out 40k Friendly with 40, the 40k Narrative, with another 70+ players, 30k with a huge turnout, AoS pushing 100, etc. It’s going to be a massive turnout and we are so pumped to see everyone having fun!

LVO-terrain pile

So much terrain!


You can follow along with the show notes here

Paint service slider FLG 17
  • euansmith

    That Necron terrain looks really cool.