Painting Belisarius Cawl the GW Way



Learn to paint up the crazy mass of detail that is Belisarius Cawl – the GW WAY with Duncan! Break out your brushes and follow along.

In this video Duncan shows you how to paint the amazing Belisarius Cawl miniature including useful tips on painting the metal and how to break it down in to useful sub-assemblies.



I have to say that GW is really doing a good job with these painting tutorial videos. Its a great introduction for beginners and hits technical skills such as drybrushing, decals and masking as they go through them.  Looking good GW.

~That mini is just NUTS! Great job GW!

  • Lion El’ Jonson

    Emperor bless us, Duncan has shown us the way!

  • Emperor’s Champion

    ooh editors made another boo boo.

  • Kritarion

    Can they please get Duncan to read Imperial bedtime stories for Black Library?

    • Hedwerx

      Mr Fluffy Goes Crusading.
      I Want My Aquila Back!
      S Is For Sabbat.
      Spot The Heretic.
      Mr Fluffy Burns A Witch.

      All great children’s stories from the 41st millennium.

      • Kritarion

        Greenskins and Ham
        Where’s Xeno?
        Harry Potter and the Ordo Hereticus

      • EnTyme

        Hop on Pappa Nurgle
        Horton Hears a Heretic

  • GulMek

    Ok… anyone whow glues on painted plastic is an idiot. You clean off the paint first THEN glue it, otherwise you have a buffer of paint weakening your glue( if it sticks at all). THIS INCLUDES SUPER GLUE!!!!

  • euansmith

    Those are some nicely painted red robes there.

    • OldHat

      Would look better in white. #metalica4lyf

  • Adam Wright

    I like how Duncan basically says painting up Cawl won’t be that hard, then it shows you the 25 (!!?!!) different colors you need lol.

    Here you go fellas, just a simple mini to paint, and about $130 dollars of paint is all you need! Lol.

    Great video, Duncan is awesome as usual. Just thought it was a tad humorous.

    • Dan Wilson

      You could reasonably get away with 9 to 14, one of which being gloss varnish:
      (Balthasar Gold)
      Ironbreaker/Runefang/Stormhost depending on how bright you want to go.
      Agrax gloss
      Mephiston Red
      Evil Sunz Red
      (Trollslayer Orange)
      Waystone green
      Abaddon Black

      Screaming Skull
      Nihilakh Oxide

      This is almost certainly what I will be doing, only replacing the reds with browns as I’m going for a spaghetti Western duster coat type look with my mechanicus.

      • Dan Wilson

        At a tabletop level you could get away with just basecoats and a wash, although given he’s a) a character and b) fairly large, I imagine most people would want to give him some extra attention as he’s most likely to draw the eye.