“Primarch” Knight Minis – Kabuki Unboxing


Today take a look at two incredible Knight miniatures from Kabuki Studio that will more than do for some of our favorite emperor’s sons!

Checkout the latest Knight models from the amazing miniature company; Kabuki Studio.

First up is the “First Knight” which can easily be Horus Lupercal. Just like all of the Kabuki models, it comes with a great detailed base as well as all of the high quality and extremely detailed parts to build the model.


His armor and wolf pelt is very detailed along with the claws. The boarder on cape looks incredible. You can tell they are definitely done on a computer because of their accuracy.

Next we take a look at the “Angel Knight” who is limited edition, but we were lucky enough to get one of them.


There are a couple of weapon options available in this kit, we all love options, and the wings are a two part assembly that really shows off the massive wing span.

Check out the full unboxing video, and see how to get your very own below!

First Knight: 30,00€


Multi-parts resin kit, needs assembly and painting

scenic resin base (50mm diameter) included

Angel Knight Limited Edition: 45,00€


The Angel Knight is a multi-parts resin kit, 52mm tall from feet to eyes.
It comes with the scenic base shown in the photos.

the limited edition (200pcs worldwide) offers the following benefits:
– 5,00euro discount over the full retail price (RRP wil be 50euro)
– extra parts (angelic helmet and celestial spear)
– custom packaging (hand numbered and signed by the character designer Alessandro Trombetta)
– priority shipping (you will be the first to receive the Angel Knight!)

Head over to Kabuki Studio and get the First Knight and the Limited Edition Angel Knight before they all disappear! While you are there makes sure to check out all of the other model, armies, pinups and busts available!

“Disbeliever?! Never underestimate the Kabuki!!”

  • AX_472
    • Golden Yak

      Mmm, delicious zbrush source renders… thank you for the link!

  • Beefcake the mighty

    Space marines!! All the time! Flying ones!!

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      Keep trying my main man

      • Beefcake the mighty


  • 6Cobra

    I’m all about third party miniatures, but that “Horus” is one of the worst looking miniatures I’ve ever seen. It’s truly horrible.

    • rtheom

      It’s mostly the head, but that pose just isn’t helping at all either. It kinda screams “We had a much more awesome image in our minds, but we didn’t want to take the time to start over once we’d done so much on it already, so we just kinda finished it.”

      • G Ullrich

        Yeah, the head just screams “WRONG!”…but the other model is great.

      • Loki Nahat

        also the left foot/twisted ankle box is weird

      • amaximus167

        also, the amazingly long legs with tiny torso. the proportions are all off.

    • NNextremNN

      Compared to the others from the same site he really is lame.

    • Sonic tooth

      nearly as bad as FW corax

  • DeadlyYellow

    They can make some decent models when they break away from the cheesecake, though some of their posing is still questionable.

  • edendil

    Nice looking minis… but they suffer from pinhead syndrome.

  • Badgerboy1977

    Think I’ll stick with the far superior FW ones myself.

    • Sonic tooth

      my missus got me the not-sang for xmas. its actually really nice in person. the face looks really good and the helmet option is a nice idea. shame my crappy painting skills will mean ill probably mess him up…FW seems to ruin some of the primarchs faces…. corax was an abomination and russ just looks wrong. between this not-sang and the spot-on grishnak not-sisters of battle, ive done well out of 3rd party models this xmas lol.

  • dinodoc
  • PrehistoricUF0

    The not-Sanguinius looks buyable, but that not-Horus is just terrible. LMAO.