Skorne: Praetorian Karax Officer & Standard 101


We bring the Iron! Check out the new Skorne Karax unit attachment in Mk.3

By guest author Jon V

Initial Impressions:

Iron Zeal!!! Wow that’s amazing and that’s all he really adds….
The models themselves are amazing looking and I can’t wait to have them pained and they will see some play time from that alone, but I have a tough time paying over one third the cost of the unit for Iron Zeal especially when the best feature of the Karax is their extremely cheap point cost.
Yes I can read and I do realize that the command attachment also grants Tactics: Practiced Maneuvers and that is a neat ability I feel that Privateer Press greatly over values this Skorne flavor ability.


On the Field:

Back in MK2 I wrote:
“I found their shield wall to be a trap for the most part the most effective use I could find for them was taking full advantage of girded and using them to hold hands with my troops like Nihilators crossing the board. The only combat use I could get out of them was either by increasing their attack power and using CMA or just using one large CMA on hard targets.”

I still agree with this for the most part. The command attachment does allow you to shield wall and Iron Zeal for a stout armor 22 for a turn with set defense is very difficult for your opponent to deal with. The downside to the high armor and low offensive output means that when you Iron Zeal your opponent will usually just ignore them and move on to something that can actually be a problem not just a nuisance.
In MK3 I find the Karax in almost every list I build but that is simply due to their incredibly cheap cost and the ability to give out girded to almost every model in my army making them all virtually immune to blast damage. Everyone’s favorite baby elephant the Agonizer always has at least 2 of these guys holding his hands.


Favorite Casters to take the UA with:

Xerxis 1: I think it is ridiculous when you throw defenders ward, apply his feat, shield wall and mini feat iron zeal. Defense 16 vs charge attacks, armor 26 infantry is nothing to laugh at. They are effectively irremovable for that turn.
Rasheth: As cheap as the Karax are they become a prime target for Dark Ritual since they also have good survivability they can be fairly far up the board.

Mordikaar: Karax make a nice target for hollow since they will die quickly and provide many yummy souls for him to spend to re-revive them.

Final Thoughts:

Overall a good addition I think they just missed the “Design Space” aspect of MK3 and should probably be the first two or three point model.

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