Star Trek Attack Wing’s New Look

Star Trek Attack Wing

WizKids is rolling out a new updated paint schemes for Star Trek Attack Wing’s models. Take a look:

WizKids has announced an all new set of paint schemes coming to future Star Trek Attack Wing ships.  The new technologies will allow both translucent and metallic schemes. The initial ships to roll out with the new look are in Wave 28 and subsequant releases. Here’s what has been shown so far:

Wave 28 (out now)


Borg Sphere 4270 Expansion Pack


U.S.S. Defiant Expansion Pack

Wave 29 (March 2017)

STAW-wave29-1 STAW-wave29-2

Wave 30 (May 2017)


I.K.S. Korgana

STAW-wave30-2USS Reliant

STAW-wave30-3I.R.W. Valdore

Any increase in paint quality will be a welcome addition for Star Trek Attack Wing (STAW).  There has been grumbling for years as customers looked at side by side comparisons of STAW’s models with X-Wing’s.  ICV2 reports that WizKids is rolling out a big overhaul for STAW aiming to increase sales that includes new multi-ship faction packs at attractive price-points for consumers, combined with increased margins for retailers for the entire range.

~See you in the Final Frontier!


  • piglette

    Nice! Now what do I do with all my old stuff :-p

    • dinodoc

      Repaint them yourself?

      • piglette

        Perhaps some day. Too many painting projects, too little time.

  • Sleeplessknight

    Wake me up when they make the ships properly scaled to one another like in X-wing. (barring epic play of course)

    • Lord Blacksteel

      Exactly! This is a big problem for some of us and it’s another thing X-Wing and Armada get right.

    • That’s not really possible. The Galaxy is twice the size of the Constitution in every dimension and the Scimitar dwarfs even that. Then you have the Borg and… well, I just don’t think it’s possible to produce them in scale with each other.

      • Sleeplessknight

        I pick up a runabout shuttle, compare it with the starship Enterprise and I think to myself, “What is this? A starship for ANTS??? The Enterprise needs to be at least… THREE TIMES bigger than this!”

      • Davor Mackovic

        Didn’t they already do the huge Borg ship? It’s like 10X if not more the size of the ships now.

        • Yes. But imagine, it would have to be way bigger if the other ships in the game were scaled properly. If the TOS Romulan Warbird is 2″ long, then the TOS Enterprise would have to be almost 8″ long, which would make the TNG Enterprise almost a foot and a half long which would lead to the Borg cube being around 6 FEET wide. I would love to see scaled ships myself as I’m a HUGE Trekker (I can tell you which deck the hydroponics bay is found on Kirk’s ship), but I can’t see it being possible with the game’s subject matter.

    • Paul Wesley Pratt

      I’ve started using 1:2500 scale models. Unfortunately, finding anything non-federation is expensive.

  • Secret_Keeper

    Now if only they only found the ability to take this new paint technology and actually do a decent job painting with it. You put the X-Wing miniatures next to the Attack Wing miniatures and the disparity in quality is ridiculous.

  • Shawn

    Much better look

  • dinodoc

    I wish Wizkids had licensed the Armada rules rather than X Wing

    • markdawg

      That would be sick and it would even better if it was Dominion wars focused.

      • Kevin Maloney

        I would love to collect a Dominion fleet in Armada scale.

    • This. That would also solve the scale issue pretty well. Armada has these huge differences in size and it works perfectly.
      I’d very much like to see Birds of Prey or Sabres on these dual stands for quick, nimble ships while an Excelsior or Warbird takes up the big stands of an ISD.

    • Raven Jax

      The Armada rules hadn’t been invented yet when Star Trek Attack Wing was first released.

  • I don’t see the paint job as the issue. For me, it’s the models themselves. When the old Micromachine models are more detailed and accurate, it’s disappointing. Especially for the Galaxy class right from the starter kit!
    (for those young whippersnappers out there, you can see them here:

  • Troy Dean

    Don’t be fooled by the promo shots. They don’t look significantly different to the previous generation of promos, and… look what we got attached to that mess.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Its a really great game, let down by the models and bad rule imbalance for the Borg.

    • Raven Jax

      The rules for the Borg have been changed and it’s much more balanced now. The painting isn’t as good as X-Wing, but it does give you the opportunity to just repaint it yourself! 🙂

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        really? Where are the new rules? I haven’t played for a couple of years because no one plays at the new club I go to.

  • Raven Jax

    A couple of things:

    1) Star Trek Attack Wing (or STAW) is a really great game and I’m happy to see BOLS reporting on it. We need more articles about the game on here. Heck, I’d be happy to start freelancing it if you need a STAW reporter.

    2) However, WizKids has been using the “new” paint scheme for a year now. Do your research BOLS.

    3) For those complaining about it, true scale would never work for this game. The range of size of ships is much, much too great. There are however certain ships (TOS Enterprise) that they should have done a better job with.

    4) The painting is getting better, but yes it’s still not as good as X-Wing. So do what the rest of us do: strip the paint and paint it yourself. Should be pretty easy for the 40K crowd.

    5) I think the mechanics of this game are better than X-Wing. It’s not just combat based. Each event is a different mission, based around TV episodes ranging from Trouble with Tribbles to the Klingon Civil War. You play different missions, and as such have to adjust your builds accordingly. One of the worst ships in the game just won me a tournament last week because it fit what was needed for the mission.

    This also helps balance out the game a lot. It’s not just a matter of trying to throw the most attack dice.

    • dinodoc

      Can you give any insight into the reasoning for using X Wing vs Armada?

      I’d also be interested in hearing your thoughts on the viability of Pure Faction lists.

      • Raven Jax

        The X-Wing rules were not actually invented by X-Wing. They are based off of a World War I combat game called Wings of War that was released in 2004.

        Quite frankly, the Armada rules hadn’t been released yet. STAW started in 2013 and Armada didn’t come out until 2015.

        However, given Armada’s $100 starting point for just the introductory box, I know a lot of STAW players are happy the game avoided that cost.

        When you say Pure Faction, do you mean only running a single faction, i.e. I can only run Klingons? Or do you mean that upgrades for a ship have to be from that ship’s faction, but you can take ships from different factions?

        • Salted_Diamond

          The cross faction upgades was one of the big things that stopped me from looking more into it (Model quality was the biggest). I watched a few games at my FLGS, and the idea of just pay a few extra points to use other faction stuff bothered me (both in balance and fluff).

          • Raven Jax

            Most stores where the game is played now will not allow you to do cross-faction, though a few will. Balance-wise it does up the power level a bit, though since everyone can do it it tends to even out. Fluff wise it’s usually not as bad as you would think. Across all the tv episodes, movies, books, and video games, lots and lots of crazy stuff has happened.

        • dinodoc

          “When you say Pure Faction, do you mean only running a single faction, i.e. I can only run Klingons?”


          • Raven Jax

            It’s actually very viable. One of my most competitive fleets is a Faction Pure Romulan fleet. Honestly the biggest reasons I see people play with ships from multiple factions is because they want the variety, or want to test out new ships, or that’s all the ships they own.

            The Starter Box is actually quite nice like that. Unlike X-Wing where you only get 1 X-Wing or 2 TIE Fighters, the STAW box can be combined to give you a fleet you can play with immediately without having to buy anything else.

            And it doesn’t break the fluff because Federation, Romulan, and Klingon ships were all allies during the Dominion War in DS9.

    • Hey Raven Jax, please email us at I’d to chat about your idea…

    • Sleeplessknight

      #@$% the gameplay! How am I going to make accurately sized dioramas out of these? You can’t. Therefore, the minis are useless unless you’re one of those stinky gamers who only care about playing a game.

      • Raven Jax

        Uh…..pretend one ship is really far away?

    • when I read your #5, I cringed a bit as I totally think that AW is terribly unbalanced while X-Wing does quite a bit better in that way. Then I was smert enough to read the rest of the statement and have to totally agree with you. I think that is the most under-represented aspect of the game- every ship comes with scenarios! I’ve even gone so far as to order mine by timeline (the series and movies) so that we could play the entire Roddenverse from beginning to end if we wanted. Outstanding point! Stats aren’t everything…