Tabletop Spotlight: Tzeentch Acolyte Releases


The Tabletop Spotlight in on three of the Tzeentch model kit releases from this past weekend!

Tzaanuary is coming to a close but Tzeentch is still swinging at your wallet! We got to sit down with a handful of the Tzeentch releases and take a closer look at what’s inside:

So this is a three-in-one unboxing, although we don’t actually open the Gaunt Summoner. That’s because those clam-packs cut me last time and I don’t like them anymore…plus you can see the sprue when you flip it over. Besides, it’s the same model from the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower box. (And did you see the announcement about the next Warhammer Quest Adventure?! Exciting times!) Plus, I can’t help but think of Pan’s Labyrinth when I look at this model’s face…that move was very visually stunning but it creeped me out!

99070201020_GauntSummoner03Gaunt Summoner Sprue

We’ve also taken a crack at the Kairic Acolytes already. That is a jam-packed kit and it’s really impressive. The details on the models (really, all 3 kits) is fantastic! The Dark Arts Scroll is probably my favorite bit from that box because of the etching work – kudos to the sculptor on that bit because it’s very cool.

99120201063_KairicAcolytes071-of-2 Kairic Acolyte Sprues

The last kit I’ll talk about here is the Ogroid Thaumaturge. If there was one model besides the Lord of Change that makes me want to start a Tzeentch army it’s probably this one. It’s an imposing model and it’s got some really great etching on the back as well. Those “magic runes” are carved into it’s back and you could really go nuts with the paint job on it. The Ogroid Thaumaturge makes me think about the Minotaur of Greek myth with it’s giant horns and angry face. You mess with that bull and you get the horns!

99120201062_OgroidThaumaturge04Ogroid Thaumaturge Sprue 1-of-2 – check out that etching on the back!

Overall, this past weekend was a solid set of Tzeentch releases – all of these kits should interest the Tzeentch players out there. And if you’re looking for a change of pace you can always pick up a kit and try your hand at the hobby side of things…

Ogroid Thaumaturge $41


Kairic Acolytes $50


Gaunt Summoner $25



Which kit is your favorite from this past weekend’s GW releases?

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