ToyLand: Dark Crystal Figs From Funko


The retro toy inspired ReAction series offers up some sweet figs for Dark Crystal fans…

These figs are inspired by a toy-line proposed when the movie came out, but never happened. Each fig comes with a shard from the crystal. These are available on a number of online retailers and range from around $7.50 to $13.50; one online store sells them all in a set for about $60.00.

jen dark crystal funko

kira dark crystal funko

aughra dark crystal funko skeksi dark crystal funko mystic dark crystal funko

If you can track them down there are two con exclusives…

dark crystal strider funko

winged kira dark crystal funko

Who out there wants a Aughra’s observatory or Skeksis lair play set?

  • LordKrungharr

    Those are awesome! Always been a favorite. I would buy the playsets too.