Warlord: Special Bolt Action Offers


Ring in the new year with some Bolt Action deals – but hurry.

Warlord is offering some great value army deals to help you start a new army in the new year. Even better there is also currently free worldwide shipping on all orders over £10!

via Warlord:

Kelly’s Heroes Bundle – $112.00

1 x Oddball Heroes box
1 x Oddball Sherman
1 x Hollywood Tiger

Each box comes with the basic rules for using these in games of Bolt Action.

You can also grab the fantastic full 20-page rule set for units for Kelly’s Heroes movie units, and a Bolt Action force selector, here! They’re hilarious!



Winter German Grenadier 1,000pt reinforced platoon – $145.00

1 x German Heer HQ (Winter)
1 x German Grenadier Squad (Winter)
1 x Gebirgsjager squad
1 x German Heer MMG Team (Winter)
1 x German Heer Medium Mortar team (Winter)
1 x German Heer Panzerschreck, Flamethrower & Sniper teams (Winter)
1 x German Heer 10.5cm leFH 18 medium artillery (Winter)
1 x Stug III ausf G or StuH-42 plastic box set


German Kampfgruppe X – $120.00

This collection represents Kampfgruppe X, within this bundle you’ll get the Ersatz Panther disguised as an M10 tank destroyer, a squad of Germans in winter gear with their Hanomag transport, and an M3 halftrack to carry the 5 ‘American uniformed’ disguised Germans with German weapons. Plenty to add flavor to your existing armies!

1 x Ersatz (M10) Panther
1 x SdKfz251/1 Ausf D
1 x M3 Halftrack
1 x German Weapons Sprue
1 x Plastic American Infantry sprue
1 x Winter Grenadiers box

First In – Last Out! German Pioniers Deal – $72.00

1 x German Pioniers plastic and metal box (31 figures)
1 x SdKfz251/7 Ausf C Pionierwagen with Panzerbusche 41
1 x FREE German Motorcycle

~There is no information on how long these prices last.  Act fast soldier!

  • frankelee

    Wow, you could buy equal numbers of 40k figures and tanks and proxy them in for the same price. What an insane age we live in!

    • Walter Vining

      what drugs are you on? for 120 you aren’t getting 3 vehicles and 20 dudes in any FW army

    • LordRao

      Your comment makes no sense either factually or grammatically.