Warpath: Unboxing The Forge Fathers


Let’s take a look at some of the Forge Father miniatures available for Warpath, Firefight, and Deadzone!

Way back last year, myself and a few friends jumped on Mantic’s Kickstarter for the second edition of Warpath. After several delays and production issues, (most) of my pledge came in right before the holidays! I grabbed the Operation Hercules two-player boxed set because it seemed like a great way to start. This set includes a collection of basic models for the Forge Fathers and Enforcers. I rounded out my pledge with a battlegroup for both factions, giving me two sizable forces. I picked Forge Fathers as my main faction, with the Enforcers serving primarily as a teaching tool for demos so I could help push the game locally. Now that I’ve seen the finally GCPS sculpts I’m beginning to have second thoughts…but that’s enough for an intro, time to check out some miniatures.

Steel Warriors


This sprue contains almost everything you need to build a five-dwarf team of Steel Warriors, the standard Forge Father infantry. The legs and some more bits for customization will be in the next image. You’ve got a few chest and head options, most notably some with faces exposed that you can use as your unit leader. Nothing really flashy, as you’d expect from basic infantry.

Stormrage Veterans/More Steel Warriors bits


Oddly enough, the legs, special weapons, and some additional bits didn’t come on a runner. These bits also act as an upgrade pack to make Stormrage Veterans, a more elite version of Steel Warriors that serve as heavy weapon specialists. The two leftmost weapons are Dragonbreath Flamers, the preferred weapons of the Rekkhyrr Steel Warrior teams. The top weapon is a Hailstorm Autocannon, a fairly basic heavy weapon used throughout the faction. Below that is just another Hailstorm Rifle arm you can use to add a bit more variety to your Steel Warrior poses. After that you have a Magma Cannon, the primary anti-vehicle weapon of the Forge Fathers, as well as the Mjolnir Missile Launcher for taking out fortified positions.


Next up we have a team of Brokkrs, the combat engineers of the Forge Fathers. By default they only carry Burst Pistols and hammers, a pretty uninspiring arsenal of weapons. However, they can be upgraded with a Magma Rifle (pictured above), the ability to repair vehicles, and the Inferno Drill heavy weapons platform, which was unfortunately not included in the Kickstarter.

Forge Guard

Now we arrive at some of the heavier options available to the Forge Fathers, the Forge Guard. These act as the standard heavy infantry of the faction, meaning they come in teams of 2, with a full squad consisting of 4 models. By default they come with a basic Hailstorm Rifle and the Forge Hammers, a fairly powerful melee weapon that can take on everything from infantry to lighter vehicles. A team of Forge Guard can also be upgraded with the standard compliment of Forge Father heavy weapons, including Autocannons, Mjolnirs, and Magma Cannons.

Hammerfist Drop Squad


This metal upgrade pack allows you to convert your Forge Guard into Hammerfist Drop teams. As their name implies, the primary difference between these guys and the Forge Guard is their ability to be dropped onto the battlefield via aerial deployment. They also trade in their Hailstorm Rifles for more portable versions of the Inferno Drill, and lack the heavier weapon options of their Forge Guard cousins.

Iron Ancestor


The Iron Ancestor is the Forge Father equivalent of a Dreadnought, both in terms of usage and fluff. Unfortunately, my pledge only came with the parts to make the standard Iron Ancestor, which is equipped with a Forge Hammer and Twin Autocannons. They also come in Doomstorm, Thor, and Hellermal Patterns, which are equipped with two Twin Autocannons, dual Forge Hammers, and Twin Magma Cannon/Dragonbreath Flamers, respectively.

Jotunn Weapons Platform

The Jotunn is a tracked heavy weapons platform used by the Forge Fathers. As with the Iron Ancestor, my pledge only came with the parts to make the standard version, which is outfitted with a quad Hailstorm Autocannon. Other platforms include a Heavy Magma Cannon variant for anti-armor and a Punisher Cannon version for taking out entrenched infantry.

Ingulf Krestursson


Finally we come to Forge Lord Ingulf Krestursson, the special character for the Forge Fathers. This inspiring leader carries a Dragonbreath Flamer and strides into battle with his trusty canine companion. This particular model was exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign, as were all of the special characters. Extra copies may appear at events or on Mantic’s online store for special occasions, but he supposedly won’t be available for general release. That said, there will eventually be a mass-produced version of Ingulf, it just won’t be this particular sculpt.

Many of these models are already available for purchase as part of the Deadzone faction bundles. The Warpath rulebook is set to hit retail sometime in April, but if you want to get a head start collecting your army, all the Deadzone models currently released will be compatible with Warpath and Firefight. I’ll be back at some point in the future with pictures of my Enforcer models.

~Did any of you pledge to Warpath’s Kickstarter? Will you be getting into Warpath, Deadzone, or Firefight this year?  

  • euansmith

    I look forward to the days when Restic will be just a slightly depressing memory. The new plastics are getting pretty cool.

    • ZeeLobby

      Recently threw my Warpath starter together. Went pretty swimingly. Not the most amazing models, but I love the pose-ability. I know some people see all the bits and squirm, but I never had an issue with it. Made switching out an arm/head/etc. easy. Also promotes buying 3rd party bits, so maybe that’s why they’ve disappeared.

      • Simon Chatterley

        I’m pretty chuffed with my Enforcers. Jetbikes are cool and the flyer looks really neat.

        Having read the rules a lot there is a lot to like. Been saying for ages that there should be no difference bar toughness between infantry and vehicles for dice rolling purposes and they have a great system. It actually promotes you bringing a balanced force which has been so badly lacking from 40K for a while.

        But it’s Mantic so as usual it will get trolled by those with no desire to play anything bar GW irrespective of gaming quality.

        • Frank

          I’m hoping to get a wider variety of games going in my area this year. The only one I’m actively playing right now is X-Wing. I still do WM, but I just haven’t been excited about it post-MK III like I used to be. Don’t like the direction they went with many of my favorite models and my main faction.

          I want to get all the Mantic sci-fi stuff going around here, and a few skirmish games like Infinity, Malifaux, Wrath of Kings, maybe Dark Age. It’s all mostly X-Wing, 40k, and WM here and it’s a small meta, so getting other stuff going is nearly impossible.

          • Simon Chatterley

            Hard when that happens. I play an awful lot of Malifaux, awesome game.

            But I like a bit of variety so glad Mantic are getting better. I hope they can fill a niche that GW leave for them.

          • Frank

            I was hoping that Kings of War would catch on with the locals who used to play Fantasy. I’ve actually never played a rank and file fantasy wargame.

          • Simon Chatterley

            Yeah I have a big undead army I ported to Kings of War and it’s a great game. Again they took what I liked about Fantasy (Basically your force on movement trays with movement that works as you would expect and bonuses to getting a flank or rear charge in) but really simplified it to a game where the rules aren’t so cumbersome you spend more time in the rule book than moving your men.

            We have about 10 who jumped into KoW at the time so I can easily get a game if I need my rank and file needs scratched but unless you have that base getting different games going is really hard.

            My club used to be pure GW (me more than most…) but GW’s torrid 2015 made a lot of us look at alternatives which was great for diversity but then brought the new issue of too many games, not enough time to play them all.

          • euansmith

            Deadzone/Firefight/Warpath is a great range of rules and minis, and provide a clear path for players escalating up from a small start.

            While, I think, the minis might lack the wow factor of some GW minis; they get the job done. The new Steel Warriors are top quality, and I like they way they have included “Militia” to allow people to field the old Steel Warriors.

            I might not always like what Mantic produces, I do like how they produce it 😉

    • Old zogwort

      Is it all plastic, those lower examples look like some serious heavy metal

      • euansmith

        It is the usual crazy Mantic mix.

        The older minis, like the Brokkrs are Restic.

        The newer minis, like the Forge Fathers in various types of armour, are mainly plastic; delivered in a mixture of bits on sprues and bits off sprues.

        Then there are metal minis for small runs and metal upgrade bits for certain units.

        The Hammerfist Drop Squad looks like it will be a nightmare on uneven surfaces; as the legs and bodies are plastic, while the shoulders and jump packs and one, relatively huge, weapon arm on each mini, are metal.

        • Frank

          It’s the same with my Enforcer models, as you’ll see in a later article. The character is metal, as is the Ajax upgrade kit for the Strider. The infantry are almost all plastic, as are the jet bikes. The Strider is restic.

          Overall though, the vast majority of the line is plastic now.

          • Frank

            Oh, and there were some infantry upgrade bits that were metal too. The missile launchers aren’t on the Enforcer sprue and come as metal bits with the appropriate arms and shoulder pads.

          • euansmith

            Yeah, I’ve got the Ajax upgrade too. I’ll be interested to see how well that balances out 😉

        • petrow84

          Even Bjarg Starnafall, who is all metal, tends to be tripping over sometimes… Can’t imagine, how it will be with the plastic FG bodies, as the centre of their mass will be even higher.

          • euansmith

            “Go home, Bjarg, you’re drunk!”

  • Old zogwort

    Those Brokkrs still look good : )
    Now if I just could find a way to use them in a 40k setting, or any other game that is played locally.

    • petrow84

      Squat Mining Team in Necromunda?

  • Jared Swenson

    Not really into Warpath (but I do like Deadzone), and the forge fathers are pretty great. I am into some more obscure bring-your-own-minis skirmish games, and I generally bring these guys in for fun. I love me some space dwarfs.

    • euansmith

      Rogue Stars has a lot of options for “design your own heroes” style of play; and includes a crazy, old school mission generator and a campaign system.

      • Jared Swenson

        Haha and Rogue Stars is one of those games I got into recently.