WD: January Spoilers & February Teaser


January’s White Dwarf is hitting shelves and February’s is on the horizon. Come take a look at the major spoilers – if you dare!

The White Dwarf for January 2017 is hitting subscribers and stores and there are some hints at the big changes ahead. Be warned: Major Spoilers below!

Spoiler Alert!





Still here? Okay Here we go!


pics via Spikeybits



We have St. Celestine squaring off against Abaddon with some obvious Imperial Support and the Black Templars. We knew that was coming but let’s see what else is in store. But I don’t think it goes well…


Klaisus, the Ice-covered moon, looks to be where Saint Celestine’s visions guide them. On the run from none other than Abaddon’s massive new army. I don’t think their encounter goes well. Fortunately some help arrives.


Trazyn’s appearance is noteworthy. Not only because it’s a confirmed siting of Necrons on Cadia, contrary to what studies may show, we’re still not 100% sure what role he’s playing but if you were curious as to who he releases, well…


That’s right – Trazyn releases Greyfax! And she doesn’t like what she sees at all. As a hardliner of the Ordo Hereticus she doesn’t like the saint-worship she’s seeing. Could this be a hint at some of the divisions in the Imperium to come? We’ll find out soon enough but what we do know is that this does not end well for Cadia.


Sorry Cadia – your days are numbered in the Imperium…


It looks to be a pretty dramatic turn of events and I can’t wait to read what all happens. Now to shift gears and see what February is bringing us:



Abaddon’s Black Crusade will push on perhaps toward Holy Terra, we are getting some new rules for Silver Tower (yea!), and I’m wondering what a Truly Massive Paint Splatter could be…Plus all those awesome other features we’ve come to expect.


White Dwarf should arriving to a store near you soon – are you ready for what the rest of the month holds?

  • Krizzab

    So Trazyn is trolling everyone.

  • Tenpoletudor

    It’s worth the cover price just for the Battle of Vesh’yo foldout and the crazy Blanchitso pages

  • Dyemor

    Would have been a great time to introduce a new Abaddon mini.

    • Sparti67

      I was thinking the exact thing. Abadon looks old and outdated next to the new models. IMO that’s a huge whiff by GW.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By
        • Malisteen

          30k Abaddon, while a nice model, just doesn’t fit what Abaddon has become in thousee 10,000 years since the Heresy. A conversion based on the Horus model would be closer, but still lacking ib grandure and visible manifestations of the dark gods’ favor.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Still better than what he has currently. He needs a new 40k model.

          • Jared van Kell

            He is getting one.

          • Muninwing


        • Koen Diepen Van

          Lol wtf is that that is not the forgeworld one

        • grim

          sorry this model isnt that great. A new current GW plasic would look amazing. FW is slipping in comparison to current GW imo

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Well this is one of the oldest Heresy models, so it is no shock that is is npt as good as what is going out now-a-days.

        • Dirheim

          He looks like falling after tripping on a loose rock.

          • It is part of a two-model Diorama featuring Loken, so the pose seems really off on his own.

    • Kevin Maloney

      Riding a three headed Heldrake?

      • Mr.Gold

        yay.. 3x bale flamers…

      • Noah Jerge

        Convert the new Archaon…

    • grim

      if that happened I would have purchased a chaos army!

  • Karru

    Just read the interview about the Fall of Cadia and it doesn’t fill me with faith. Why doesn’t Abaddon just doesn’t annihilate Cadia with the Planet Killer? “It would make for a particularly dull book if Cadia was just obliterated from orbit.”

    So let’s see, one of the most devious and dangerous minds in the galaxy decides to sacrifice a good chunk of his forces on a costly ground invasion on top of going down himself “because he wants to fight”, instead of blowing up the second largest symbol of “protection” in entire of Imperium? Anyone with at least two braincells would understand that the greatest results would come from annihilating the planet with the Planet Killer. Show the Imperium that even one of their most fortified planets can’t stand in their way. On top of that, Abaddon would have killed a good amount of Black Templars and Sisters, including Saint Celestine. There are the Pylons as well.

    This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the series. If this is how Abaddon operates, Imperium is in no trouble at all. Just send a couple thousand Imperial Guard Regiments and a few Space Marine Chapters and Imperium wins. It’s not like Abaddon is going to use the Planet Killer, “because it wouldn’t make for an interesting book”

    • You’re quoting one of two sentences here. Also quote the other.

      • Karru

        If you mean the “Besides, Abaddon’s goal isn’t to destroy Cadia. It’s such an important symbol for the Imperium, like Terra or Armageddon, that to destroy it would be a real waste. How can you rub the enemy’s face in their defeat if you destroy the whole planet? On top of that, the Phalanx has arrived in the Cadia system to try and prevent that eventuality. Abaddon also revels in the thrill of battle, and Cadia is the culmination of ten millennia of careful planning. Abaddon needs a fight!”, then it just makes the entire thing worse.

        Only reason why the Phalanx would be able to intercept the Planet Killer in time is if Abaddon already started a massive Ground Invasion. Also, it would be a waste to destroy Cadia? Really? Cadia is a fortress, you want to destroy it. Annihilate it, make sure that the Imperium knows that there is nothing can hold

        All this really means to the Imperium is that, Cadia falls because they couldn’t bring enough forces to bear. So they can just use their usual tactic of overwhelming their opponent. All this means is that the Imperium has more time to gather their forces for a counter attack. The entire situation just screams “dumb twist ahead!”

        • PrimoFederalist

          You don’t know the lore. The Necron/C’tan pylons on Cadia’s surface are what keep the Eye of Terror warp storm at bay and create the Cadia Gate.

          • Karru

            So, destroy Cadia, no more Pylons and the Eye expands. It engulfs Imperium in Warp, something that Chaos Gods would very much prefer, and you are done.

            Unless they are pulling a god damn Archaon on this sh*t and making Abaddon “attempting to plot against the gods”, I don’t see any other reason why they shouldn’t just destroy Cadia.

            If they pull Archaon on Abaddon then I’m out. Then I will finally accept the fact that GW has run out of ideas.

          • PrimoFederalist

            If Chaos could exit the EOT wherever they wanted with no problems, why would they exit right into Cadia every time? Think about what you’re saying. Multiple fluff sources cite that Chaos uses the Cadian Gate because it is the most stable route out of the EOT. It’s a choke point. Why would they willingly go right into the second most heavily fortified world in the galaxy when they could exit the EOT in literally any other 3 dimensional direction?

            You don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re not even making sense.

          • Karru

            Cadian Gate stands at the most stable route out of the Eye of Terror. Cadia isn’t the one that is causing it, it is in the way. It was fortified for that very reason, because it stands in the way of the only stable route out of the Eye of Terror. Destroy Cadia and the stable route will remain still, only difference is that there is now no pesky Imperial Stronghold in the way.

            The reason Chaos is using it because it is stable. It’s the only way that Abaddon can quickly and safely bring his entire army to bear. If Abaddon tried to exit somewhere else, the chances are that he would be discovered before he can do anything major or he risks losing a lot of his forces.

          • PrimoFederalist

            Haha, OK. Abaddon can exit anywhere, like any uninhabited region surrounding the EOT, but he would be “discovered” so he throws his forces straight into Battlefleet Gothic and the greatest fortress world in the Imperium every time. Again: think about what you’re saying.

            It’s been fun! 🙂

          • Damistar

            Actually Cadia is causing it, or more specifically the Necron pylons on its surface. The CSMs attack it because it is really the only stable way out of the EoT. To leave by any other route means flying through warp storms and risking having your ships destroyed or scattered across time and space.

          • vlad78

            It’s been said in the Heseihorn series. The pylons negate the
            strength of the warp around Cadia. Moreover, the ruinous powers are
            fickle, to rely on them to have free passage isn’t the best of ideas
            even for their champions.

            If Abaddon is to conquer Terra, he’ll
            have to secure a supply line out of the eye and the only way is through
            Cadia. He has to take the planet. He can’t just blow it up.

          • Muninwing

            if the pylons create the gate, then destroying the planet (and by consequence the pylons) would possibly close the gate.

          • Dan Wilson

            Perhaps the Planet Killer channels warp energy as its primary weapon, and as such, Abaddon knows that the Pylons would negate it.

          • Muninwing

            the cadian gate could go away, trapping half the army in the warp…

            that’s reason enough. predictability and access are better than grandeur and accident.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          I agree with you, but I have to play devils advocate. As the game would be boring if people just steam roll around like that. However you state why would a tactical man like Abaddon go down and fight himself and get eager to fight.. Well there are several reasons.
          Some can look at real history to see why some of his motives may have taken place.
          Look at the battle of Stalingrad for example. A total unnecessary battle. Hitler wanted it for propaganda, when it could be bypassed, and should have, to sieze fuel reserves and defeat the army afield.
          look at the Soviet army that had mandates by Stalin to run a certain way including recon by force. This allowed anyone they felt didn’t belong in the party, or basing on the paranoia of some higher ups like Stalin himself, it allowed for grand purges of would be usurpers.
          Sometimes leader’s have committed to fights they had no business fighting time and time again, sometimes for pride! Like the Japanese wishing to engage in a BB on BB battle, only to have the Americans lure out and sink Yamato with air power instead of daring going toe to toe .
          That’s just WW2! I can cite countless endeavors that tactically make no sense, but happened none the less.

    • SilentPony

      There’s a reason he’s called Failbaddon. He’s about as serious a threat to the Imperium as the Tau. Annoying and slightly distracting, but once the Imperium warmachine gets moving, it’ll smash them aside with ease.

      • The reason he’s called “Failbaddon” is because the fandom can’t be bothered to actually read the lore and gain an understanding of the setting and its characters and instead resorts to bad memes from the chans.

        Go read the Black Legion supplement at least. Abaddon is playing the long game, a Long War if you will, where he is maneuvering the Legions and even Primarchs into place for the eventual hammerblow – which the 13th Black Crusade is. Some of the Black Crusades didn’t have any goal beyond gaining Abaddon more resources, and he achieved those.

        • SilentPony

          Yeah, that’s what he always says. “Hey Abby, this seemed very wasteful and silly, why did we do this?”
          “Muwahahaha! The last McRib in the Galaxy is mine! Tremble before my might, Corpse Emperor!”
          “This cost us 30,000 Legionaries and half our fleet!”
          “McRibs are really good!”

          He’s the master of the ‘just as planned’ excuse, always pretending his massive failures and crippling loses were what he wanted in the first place. And the 13th Black Crusade is no different, especially considering it already happened and we know how it ends. Chaos controls Cadia on the ground, the Imperium controls the sky and space, and are bringing in reinforcements. And it’ll end how it always ends. Abaddon gets his McRib, retreats why mocking everyone that this was his plan all along!

          • We have no bloody idea how the 13th Black Crusade ends. The Eye of Terror campaign from way back when has been retconned into oblivion. It never happened, the clock was dialed back and now it is occuring on a blank slate. While they are borrowing elements from the old campaign, that’s all it is. Just how The End Times borrowed elements from the Storm of Chaos campaign and yet made very drastic changes.

            Every single Black Crusade had clear goals, and the losses the Black Legion took were negligible in the grand scheme of things. His Legion is about as large as a Great Crusade Legion was before the Heresy, he made all the Daemon Primarchs swear their allegiance to him, got the daemon born from the first murder in one hand, his father’s claw in the other, and the first Black Crusade even saw Sigismund dead at his feet.

            The Black Crusades get misinterpreted a lot as being assaults on Terra – they weren’t. He’s not doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, he is doing different things in preparation for the big blow, which happens to be the 13th.

          • SilentPony

            Actually just like everything, its unclear if Sigismund died. Only Abaddon is here still true, but who knows what happened to Sigismund. Warp Magic, time travel, Trazyn, pizza break. Its literally stated its unclear what happened in the duel.
            That’s the thing with 40k. Until it is specifically stated “He dead, is dead and will forever be dead unless he comes back somehow” he ain’t dead.

            And yes each Crusade has met some nebulous goal, but they never amount to anything, especially with how hard the Black Legion still has to try. Also not all the daemon Primarch swore allegiance to him. Magnus wouldn’t even meet him, and Fulgrim and a few others just offered some support, but no one knelt and pledged to the Black Legion.

            Trust me, GW has pulled the “But we’re serious this time guys!” stuff before. They won’t risk doing some drastic, like killing off all the Ultramarines, or Black Templars or corrupting all the Iron Hands, because they can’t risk alienating the players. That’s why they didn’t kill of the Space Wolves, and only had some random Wolf Lord without a model die.
            And the fact Abby isn’t getting a new model shows just how committed they are to his new campaign.

    • Sparti67

      Did you not watch Austin Powers? That’s not the way evil operates.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Why not just blow up Terra while you are at it? Be a lot easier than sending troops in to conquer the planet.

      • Karru

        Because Chaos won’t have the ability to do that. Planet Killer appears above Terra, if everything else fails the Fleets in orbit will RAM the damn thing to make sure it doesn’t fire. All they have to do is disable it. Cadia doesn’t seem to have this option, they had to wait for the Phalanx to arrive in order to have even a chance for the Planet Killer to be stopped from firing.

    • Nonot Gonnapey

      For the same reason they didn’t do that to Ullanor during the Beast Arises series. You have orbital superiority, cyclonic torpedoes, and virus bombs? SEND IN THE GROUND TROOPS!

      • Karru

        That’s why I sometimes just gringe at the GW writing. The current situation just screams bad writing. “Chaos is slaughtering its way through Cadia, what will Imperium do!?!” Oh, they will just use this time that Chaos is wasting on Cadia to form a counter attack.

        By the time Abaddon is “done” with Cadia, Imperium has already sent massive reinforcements from the Imperial Navy to fight the Chaos Fleet. Abaddon is also wasting a lot of Ground Forces to “capture a symbol”. You destroy the symbol, that makes sure its never reconquered, and you keep up the momentum. You strike at the heart of the Imperium itself, Terra. With the full might of his Fleet and Ground Forces, he might be able to succeed where Horus failed. With this current scenario, it will require some utter BS from Abaddon to succeed. Either that or Imperium suddenly loses the ability to what it has done since the Crusades, drown the enemy with manpower and equipment.

        • Randy Randalman

          You have made it clear, repeatedly, that you have no idea how Cadia works. Abaddon literally can’t bring in the remainder of his forces until Cadia is captured. He needs to be in control of the Gate, and the Pylons, to avoid catastrophe. Destroying it all (which he’ll be intercepted long before that happens) means the Cadian exit becomes no more stable than picking a random direction out of the Warp.

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          without Cadia’s mysterious pylons, the whole region would be too turbulent for warp travel with any predictability. Abbadon wouldn’t be able to get more reinforcements from the Eye, and would have no line of retreat.

          He would also be foolish to leave a defended planet in his rear, where the defenders could interfere with his supply lines.

    • Jesse Cavazos

      Doesn’t the Planet Killer channel the power of the Warp? Wouldn’t the pylons disperse said Warp energy? Just a half-assed theory.
      Taking Cadia instead of destroying it may also be making a statement as much as a military objective. A show of force for both his allies and enemies.
      In any case destroying it would close the reliable exit from the Warp the planet provides so it would be counterproductive as a a gateway for moving large bodies of troops and his fleet.

      • Karru

        The problem here is that Chaos is wasting both resources and time while doing all this. Time that the Imperium wants to have in order to gather more forces.

        Imperium battle strategy relies on time. Longer the defenders hold out, better for the Imperium. Every day they hold on means thousands of men in reinforcements. The real message would have been to annihilate it with the Planet Killer. Show the enemies of Chaos that nothing, even one of the most fortified planets in the galaxy, can hold them at bay. They don’t even need to fight on the ground, they can just annihilate the opposition in a blink of an eye. Now, instead Abaddon is giving Imperium EXACTLY what they need, time. Abaddon loses men and equipment he can’t replace. For every Chaos Marine he loses, none will take his place. For every Guardsmen that falls, a thousand more will take his. For every ship Imperium loses, ten more will take its place.

        Chaos won’t win a war of attrition. Imperium will win, if they don’t pull a massive bs rewriting to the entire thing.

        • Randy Randalman

          Abaddon can’t bring his full forces to bear unless the Cadian gate remains open to him. He also can’t use the Planet Killer while the Pylons remain in tact.

          He HAS to conquer the pylons before he can use the weapon, and he can’t bring in the full weight of his forces without the Gate.

          It isn’t BS writing, or buying time for the Imperium. Is it great writing? No, but it makes sense in every way and you are stomping around like a child refusing to accept it.

          • Muninwing

            “is it great writing?”

            did you read the Damocles Gulf books and their fluff?

            can’t be worse than that. seriously. unless you go to AoS.

            i’m not sure what’s wrong with GW’s creative side over the last half-decade, but they’re really just not performing.

    • PrimoFederalist


      Cadia itself is what creates the Cadian Gate, which is the only/best stable route out of the massive warp storm known as the Eye of Terror. If Abaddon destroys Cadia, he destroys the single best way for the forces of Chaos to exit the Warp into real space.

      So why doesn’t he just blow it up with Planet Killer? Because it would slam the door shut!

      • Karru

        Nope, the Cadian Gate means the system. The Gate in this situation means the Gate that keeps the Forces of Chaos from invading Imperium. For all we know, it’s thanks to Cadia and the Pylons that the Eye of Terror isn’t bigger. Abaddon needs Cadia obliterated because that means the gates are now open for his forces.

        Cadia was fortified because it was the only stable route out of the Eye of Terror. If it was Cadia that kept the Eye open all this time, Imperium would have destroyed it.

        • PrimoFederalist

          You have not read the Eye of Terror codex, have you? With all due respect, it’s clear you don’t know the full background.

          • Karru

            You mean the one that has been retconned?

          • PrimoFederalist

            The worldwide campaign, yes. Is that your argument?

          • Karru

            Yes, because it is valid. In this timeline, it never happened. You can say anything about it, but that doesn’t mean that it will happen in this one.

            I want the story to have a amazing twist, something that doesn’t end with “Abaddon got his *ss handed to him once again”.

          • PrimoFederalist

            The background on Cadia provided in the book has been used by multiple other codices and press releases by GW. The lore is internalized and canon, just not the outcome of the campaign. Please see my post above: if Chaos can exit the EOT anywhere, why do they always use the Cadian Gate? Why do they exit right into a fortress world if they could just as easily exit the EOT in any other three dimensional direction? It’s because the Cadian Gate is the most stable route out of the EOT.

          • Randy Randalman

            @Karru: The results of the campaign were retconned, but the fluff was not. The explanations for how the system functions have continued on in other sources.

            The Cadian Gate is literally the best way for Abaddon to exit. Not only do the pylons prevent his use of the Planet Killer, but if he destroys the Gate, the rest of his forces get left behind in the Warp.

            That’s canon. That’s how it works. Your argument just gets more embarrassing the longer you press on.

        • Muninwing

          the gate is also the stable route out of the eye that you mentioned.

          and that is created by the pylons on the planet.

          destroy the planet, destroy the pylons, and who knows what will happen with the exit from the warp. not a gamble i’d want to take.

    • dcgamers

      Guys Chaos is all about glory and power. What would Khorne say if Abaddon just nukes Cadia without a single fight?

      • Randy Randalman

        He can’t do it anyway. The pylons disperse the power of his weapon, and destroying the Gate means the rest of Chaos can’t reliably spill into the galaxy.

    • Stealthbadger

      Think of it this way. Why doesn’t every super villain just shoot James Bond in the head the second he’s captured.

      James Bond. The worst ‘secret agent’ the world has ever known.

    • carlisimo

      Damistar is right. In old fluff that’s probably about to be retconned, Abaddon didn’t dare destroy Cadia because he needs its Necron-made pylons to keep the Cadian Gate stable. You can presumably exit the Eye of Terror in other directions, but not with enough certainty to coordinate a large fleet.

    • Davor Mackovic

      How about instead of the Pylons keeping the Chaos Gate realm (sorry don’t know the proper name) from spreading, maybe it’s keeping it from closing?

      So all the battles are just an illusion of trying to destroy Cadia so the Imperium thinks Chaos is trying to destroy Cadia but in fact wants the Imperium to keep reinforcing the defences of Caida so a great thread can never destroy Cadia and therefore keep the Chaos Gates open.

      So in fact that would mean all of Abadon’s “losses” are actual victories. Now Cadia and the Imperium are ready for anything to go against the planet?

      Yeah I know stupid idea, but trying to put logic to it. 🙂

    • Xodis

      Yeah, villains would never do something crazy…. (just change money to tactics)

    • ZeeLobby

      Cause CSM… Lol

    • Maitre Lord Ironfist

      if he is questionedvto be thevleader, he has toonprove he is worth. example khorne guys: only a coward woild blow it up, he must prove himselfevthere. tzeenchguys: he must be able too outmanouver the fortress and take it. there are good infight/politic reasons to not just blow it up. you think to short.

  • CthulhuDawg

    Are those Lucifer Blacks I see holding Hot-Shot Lasguns?

  • Desmond Burke

    Missed opportunity for a new Abaddon.

    With the fall of Cadia…perhaps a reboot of the IG…erm, Astra Militarum line?

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      It’d be cool to have a new generic guard model.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Just takes a new 13th Crusade book every time! We really hoped for plastic great coats back then….

      • PrimoFederalist

        Wouldn’t make sense though: their kit is mass-produced on the planet level across the Imperium.

  • SilentPony

    So there’s no Primarch. The person Trazyn releases from his vault is some pissant Inquisitor Lady who will either die in the Living Saints arms, or disappear mysteriously in the last battle, which will be won by the skin of the Imperium’s teeth, Abaddon will have accomplished his nebulous goal of getting the Relic of Yadda Yadda or discovering the secrets of the Who Cares Artifact, Cadia will be “in ruins”, Chaos will be on the rise, and the Imperium will be in crisis.

    Must be Thursday.

    • Riot

      cadia prime falls at the end of the book, all cadian sector It’s shattered. Trazyn release some imperial forces & Greyfax in a desperate last stace over Kasr Kraf, But his real intentions are not to help the empire….

      • ZeeLobby

        The empire? Must be a Freudian slip of the incoming AoSing :P.

        • Riot

          soz… Imperium xD

        • Hedwerx

          Pfft, he’s just speaking Low Gothic.

          • ZeeLobby

            Dreams can fall under different interperpretations. 😀

      • Allgamer Man

        Yes, WD spoiler the Cadia falls at the end of the book.

    • Jared van Kell

      Actually that is just Tuesday. Thursday has Tyranids.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    DA/BA folks lament at how one of their named heroes are not being unleashed/brought back from Trazyn’s collection.

    I was hoping for any primarch just to read about epic battles with them in 40K’s setting, but I guess an irritated Inquisitor is all we’re getting.

    • A.P.

      made one of my own years ago when the plastic Termi lord came out, and no stupid top knot either.

    • Randy Randalman

      Consider that characters less epic than primarchs had important roles to play in the Crusade/Heresy days, and Greyfax may do the same. This could spurn a huge division in the Imperium where half of the people are worshiping saints and dead bodies (which the Emperor originally forbade), and the other half are looking to living leaders (another form of worship the atheists won’t admit to).

      With the return of Guilliman, this could escalate into a civil war we haven’t seen since the Heresy.

      • Sonic tooth

        altho i like the direction this is all going fluff wise, im still so disapointed we’re getting gulliman instead of the lion/vulkan/dorn. typical. ultramines to the rescue yawn

      • deris87

        Not that it’s pertinent to Warhammer, but you sound like kind of a tool box talking about “the atheists”. It’s like saying “the gays” or “the blacks”. People that are different from you aren’t a nebulous monolith, or would you be okay with some one talking about how “The Christians are gay-bashing homophobes that want to control women’s bodies”? Also, I imagine plenty of atheists would tell you the Soviet Union and North Korea were/are just as religious as any theistic faith.

      • Muninwing

        not an atheist, but that dig shows you don’t understand what the word means, and that you’ve got a bit of an agenda on your own…

    • Defenestratus

      There’s no way in hell GW doesn’t release a new Abaddon model when the Chaos portion of this campaign release comes out.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Who the freak cares about Greyfax? She’s a lone inquisitor! Everyone rolls their eyes and ignores her because her opinion is dumb.

    I demand Trazyn release better humans from his zoo!

    • Randy Randalman

      Consider that characters less epic than primarchs had important roles to play in the Crusade/Heresy days, and Greyfax may do the same. This could spurn a huge division in the Imperium where half of the people are worshiping saints and dead bodies (which the Emperor originally forbade), and the other half are looking to living leaders (another form of worship the atheists won’t admit to).

      With the return of Guilliman, this could escalate into a civil war we haven’t seen since the Heresy. It may also shake up the way the factions are divided in 8th edition.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yawn. A lot of work to make Space AoS.

        • Noah Jerge

          Just wait…

          • Muninwing

            what do you know?

            WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! TELL US!

        • Statham

          I don’t know how you came to that conclusion from what was said above.

          • ZeeLobby

            It just seems like a lot of superfluous and arm-flailing plot changes. Very similar to Fantasy before it became AoS. It was just an observation.

    • Jared van Kell

      Better humans……This is the Imperium we are talking about here.

  • Private Skittles

    If this is the End Times for 40k we will see a Daemon Prince Kit for Abbadon before the end of this campaign.

    • Randy Randalman

      Abaddon has NEVER wanted demonhood. Much like Horus, much like Archaon, he has always wanted to remain in control of his own destiny, only utilizing the powers of Chaos to serve his own end. Becoming a demon prince renders you a slave to the Chaos powers eventually.

      • BeneathALeadMountain

        Doesn’t that make it more likely to happen? What you want from chaos isn’t always what it bestows.

      • Private Skittles

        Yeah if it’s the End Times though I wouldn’t put it past him to rage-submit in order to rub out a few Primarchs..especially if his “biggest and baddest” journey into town falls just short of Terra.

  • JayBiga

    Not having a new Abaddon model in this report is quite likely a hint of the future. Unless he becomes a Daemon prince (as suggested earlier) and gets a model as such, I’d say it means he meets his end at the gates of Terra and as such making a new model for him is not worth it.
    I hope I’m wrong though. As the arch villain he deserves a new model.

    • Randy Randalman

      Abaddon has NEVER wanted demonhood. Much like Horus, much like Archaon, he has always wanted to remain in control of his own destiny, only utilizing the powers of Chaos to serve his own end. Becoming a demon prince renders you a slave to the Chaos powers eventually.

      Unless, of course, it becomes a part of his own plans to be reborn as a demon prince, but we’ve had zero indication that Abaddon would ever want that.

    • Dan Wilson

      Kharne got a new plastic. Ahriman got a new plastic. I can see a new Typhus plastic and please please please oh Lord a new Lucius (or DOOOOOOOMRIDER) plastic, with Abaddon rounding out the five alignments of chaos.

      • JayBiga

        I certainly hope so, but seeing the old Abaddon in this report is not a good sign. Still, stranger things have happened.
        I wouldn’t hold my breath for Typhus. His model is still available directly in stores, not just mail order only.

        • Statham

          If they’re running through the Gods, we’ll see plastic!Typhus eventually, probably alongside plastic Nurgle!Terminators and Plague Marines, one hopes.

      • Lucius is probably due later in 2017, with him getting a new novel/trilogy and such.

      • Emdee

        Lol, Doomriders’ head is still on a pike on Chogoris! He could maybe comeback as a headless horsemen type character……

  • Jared van Kell
    • Severius_Tolluck

      I died.. oh too funny! He wants St. Celestine’s underpants.. nice…

    • Devourer

      Brilliant 😀

  • Vorsun

    The true function of the Cadian Pylons is keeping Trazyn’s smarm in check. If Trazyn can control the pylons, he’ll finally be able to reach his true form: Trazyn the Infinite Smarm.

  • Kaylum Dicks

    I was really hoping for a new Abaddon mini, great time to release one

  • John Jourden

    And Abaddon doesn’t get a new model. So sad we’re stuck with a 20-year old sculpt.

  • Crablezworth

    abbadon looks like a giant pile of crap

  • Brad Watson

    Abbadon: “You dont have anything left Creed…”
    Creed reaches into his pocket and pulls out a war-host of necrons
    “tactical genius motherphukers”

  • Noah Jerge

    So… no new Abaddon, the DE help the Imperium, and the SW will all get exterminated.

    • Statham

      We aren’t going to get new!Abaddon until down the line. I can almost see them doing a run through the Chaos powers and giving us new plastic Typhon and Lucius, before Abaddon debuts for the big finale.

  • Nyyppä

    I wish that they’d just get this over with. It’s getting tedious and just seems like it forced progres without passion behind it.

  • Why would Greyfax be dismayed at Librarians using their powers? By the time the Inquisition was established, the edict of Nikaea was done with. Malcador didn’t consider it worth keeping and assembled Librarians and gifted people for Grey Knights and Inquisition. The Ordo Hereticus didn’t exist until at least 1500 years later, where Librarians were the norm again and the Grey Knights / Janus were still on Titan.
    There’s never been a point where psykers did *not* use their powers as far as Greyfax is concerned, no matter when she was born / joined the Inquisition.

    • Emdee

      I was thinking the same thing, but she mentions Imperial psykers not Librarians (surely no Librarians in the Black Templars). Maybe we need to look at when Imperial psykers came about.

  • Wanna bet the new silver tower rules are for the arcanite/tzaangor release