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The New White Dwarf focusses on Fracture of Biel-Tan and here’s the latest info:

Following  up on today’s Formations, it looks like someone on Facebook with a copy of the French White Dwarf is talking.  Here’s the latest info doing the rounds:

Images via Eldar Group (Facebook) 1-25-2017




Dakka’s CthululsSpy steps in with some translations:

-Aeldari are a thing

Drukhari are also a thing. Looks like its referring to Dark Eldar ~Editor’s note: So very close to the old WFB name for the Dark Elves

– There’s something called the Exhumed who can harvest the power of soulstones to use as weapons and amplifiers. They basically call to the spirits within them to vaporise folks and to buff their psychic powers.

-There’s another group called the Ynnari, who aren’t really trusted because they’re considered to be corrupted by demons. What’s more interesting though is that the Ynnari are also considered to be already dead (deja morts).

– Seems like the Exhumed follows Ynnead, and wants the Eldar to follow suit. They want to restore Eldar society to how it was before the Fall. The problem is that they are really arrogant about it, so they tend to be treated with hostility.

– Yvaine (she’s the chick, right?) can take souls and “share” them with those around her. It gets a bit hard to read, but I think it says that these souls can manifest as spectres, or she can channel them (she gets possessed, in other words). The Ynnari see this as a divine miracle. This is from the Ame Partage (Shared Souls) section on the side, in the very small print that’s a pain to read.


Clearly Biel-Tan is involved.

The formations we have seen clearly point to a unified Eldar race with Craftworlds, Dark Eldar, and Harlequins unified.

It would appear the survivors from the end of Fall of Cadia are in for a fun time – we seen Scions fighting alongside Eldar versus Chaos in that top image.

Goodbye Dark Eldar – Hello Drukhari!

NOTE: There is a lot of uncorraborated REALLY SALTY stuff in that Eldar facebook thread regarding Fracturing of Biel-Tan. We won’t comment on that as it isn’t supported by anything physical.




~ More as it comes in.


  • Zartan666

    Drukhari… Drew Carey?

    • Victor Hartmann

      Ha! Nice!

      Hard to picture Drew Carey as one of those skinny hedonists though

      • Severius_Tolluck

        He has lost a lot of weight as of late.. with nice loose skin only a homunculus would love.

        • nurglitch

          I’m waiting for the day that he starts sporting a fashionable wasp-waist and a hump of vital organs on his back.

        • grim

          I would run drew carey in my court of the archon

    • petrow84

      The artwork properly shows, that even the Scion Vox Caster shakes his head in disbelief for coming up with such a stupid name.

      • Donny Harmsen

        Sorry but that’s just the salt talking. Drukhari sounds way better than Dark Eldar.

        • Charon

          Yes because Dark Eldar is not their own reference.
          Drukhari still sounds more like an Ork.
          I did like Druchii for Dark Elves as it sonds harder than the other elven words but also sly. Drukhari just sounds blunt.

          • Muninwing

            drazhar… asdrubael… urien rakarth…

            token scifi harsh-consonant language added to gratuitous elven vowel language.

          • Charon

            Thats exactly what I mean.
            The names you mention are not just harsh, the consonant is used to give the “elven language” a bit of a sharp edge.
            Drukhari is missing the softer elven part and is more like Orruk.

        • ZeeLobby

          Er… It’s better in the fact that it’s not so simple. Worse in the fact that it’s just a jumble of letters meant to be close phonetically to Druchii, but not. I’d rather have seen something new and unique to be honest.

        • benn grimm

          Or maybe he just thinks it’s a dumb name? Lazy? Unoriginal? Marketing above fluff? So obvious and crass it hurts? Unnecessary? All of the above?

      • Sentinel

        In Conversation to G.H.Q
        “Yes sir, sorry sir! Noise interference, what are the Xenos Eldar… I mean Aeldari doing? Jumping around! Yes sir, where’s the front? The fronts 2 f***ing feet away from me for Thrones sake! Next time put your Vox units in the rear you high gothic idiot! What sir? …. I’m to be court-martialled and shot? Good luck with that!”

    • Sentinel

      No you mean Drunk Harry!

      • euansmith

        I’m not alone it reading it that way then 😉

        “Go ‘ome, ‘arry! Yer drunk!”

    • palaeomerus

      More like trow or drow Kerry.

    • ZeeLobby

      Can’t…un…see… 🙁

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    So these new guys areally are a new faction within the Eldar. Cool.

    • Shawn

      That is really cool, honestly. I was just saying in another post, that more options for factions teaming up, Eldar (DE+E+H) and IMP (Knights, AM, AT, Adeptus Astartes, et.,al.) makes a more thematic and fun list to play. It also sells more models, lol.

      • Karru

        Yeah, it’s just sad that it makes the game even more unbalanced for those that want to play other armies outside of those. Tau and Necrons might still have a shot, but with each release Orks and Tyranids are drifting farther away from the hope of having a game that would last beyond the first two turns.

        • Randy Randalman

          Until they get their 8th edition rules.

          • Karru

            Looking at the current situation and knowing that GW won’t do anything to the troublemakers that actually break the game, I currently see 8th being capable of doing nothing but damage to the game. If even 1/100th of the rumours regarding 8th is true, it will either do absolutely nothing or it will just break the game even more.

            Everyone knows that GW won’t do the following:

            – Remove Alternative Detachments
            – Remove Battle Brothers/Super Detachments
            – Remove Formations from regular games
            – Remove Apocalypse units from the regular game
            – Remove Multiple Detachments

            All those will remain. Those are currently amongst the largest troublemakers in the game. It is those that make the game extremely unbalanced, because some armies just happened to win the rule lottery. They won’t tone down their Imperials, because of sales. They won’t increase the power level of Orks or Tyranids, because they don’t know how.

            Only way for GW to actually pull anything off at this moment would be to make a massive survey regarding the state of the game, the largest issues with it and then once again bring in outside sources. AoS Matched Play is amongst the most balanced systems that has been released by GW in the recent years. The secret was that it wasn’t done purely by GW. It had outside input from people that actually knew how the game works. Same thing would have to be done to 40k, otherwise it will fail big time.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Look at Sigmar. Pretty well balanced game. I think GW can do it,

          • matty199

            Funny guy. Sigmar is fun, but balanced it aint

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Dunno why people say this. Most competitive players either went to 9th age, or left GW completely. Tournaments are much smaller, rarer, and the competitive AoS community is almost non-existant. I’d like several collections of evidence as to how balanced AoS is before I just claim that it’s balanced. Could just be that no one has tried to break it yet.

          • Karru

            As I pointed out, Matched Play has balance. It was mostly made by an outside source. This is the problem, unless GW once again gets outside help I have a feeling that we will see another AoS launch disaster. Unbalanced mess where one army dominates the game until a quick fix can be brought in or the game is heavily house ruled.

          • ZeeLobby

            Not sure how balanced Match Play even is. Supposedly (just from rumor and hearsay) there are still issues with AoS. I just don’t think GW is really concerned with providing a balanced game at all. Only time will tell whether it matters or not, depending on how competitors who do care fair in the next couple years.

          • grim

            matched play on a GT level is not balanced go to an event and play iornjawz and get tabled every game 😉

          • Matt Craufurd

            Everything you listed there can be done away with, with a simple pregame chat with your opponent.”Hey man, want to play single CAD no LOW?” See how easy that was?

          • Stealthbadger

            Social interaction!?!??


          • Karru

            Again, it doesn’t sound fair to ask someone to play in a way they don’t want to. Most people want to play by the rules, meaning they want to be able to use ALL the options available to them. We have also seen that things like Death from the Skies and the like never got any air under their wings because they are not part of the main rules.

            If the core rules don’t have things like Super Heavies, Gargantuans, Formations and so on, then vast majority of players would tone down their armies to much more balanced lists by default. This doesn’t hurt narrative gamers as they can still field their armies against other narrative gamers. Casual gamers will have a massive boost in the fun factor because now they don’t have to spend tons of money on super heavies or formations to make sure they have a fighting chance when they play every now and then.

          • Stealthbadger

            I get your point. But here’s how I see it and indeed have done for every game I’ve ever played:-

            Scenario A

            Me:- hello I’d like to play a game of 40k, was thinking of one CAD, no superheavies?

            Opponent:- sure sounds fine I’ll make a list

            Scenario B

            Me:- hello I’d like to play a game of 40k, was thinking of one CAD, no superheavies?

            Opponent:- no thank you sir I love the imperial knight more than my own children

            Me:- totally understandable. Good day to you, hope you find a game!

            Scenario C:-

            Me:- who want to play 40k?

            Opponent:- I do, any restrictions?

            Me:- nah mate do what you want, how you feel about maelstrom?

            Opponent:- sure why not/I hate the randomness

            Me:- ok. Maelstrom/other mission it is then.

            Scenario D tourney:-

            Tourney organiser:- I make the rules
            Me and opponent:- we accept those rules

            Where does that restrict anyone to anything they aren’t already happy with

          • Karru

            In Scenario B, either a game never happened or the game had something that the person didn’t want to see being fielded. One person in this situation isn’t happy.

            In Scenario C, there might be a situation where the other guy would prefer playing Maelstrom while the other doesn’t. Considering that many players believe that the Maelstrom missions are much more fun, it could be the case here that the other guy isn’t having as much fun as he would like in this case.

            Let’s look at it like this. During 5th edition, I buy myself a Battle Company. I get all of that painted and ready to play. Now I cannot field it in a regular game because it is way too expensive for it. Then comes 7th edition Space Marine Codex with the Double Demi-company and now I can field my Battle Company with some tweaking. Oh look, my opponent doesn’t want to face my Battle Company.

            Now I have a decision to make. Do I want to play a game of 40k with units that I’d prefer not to bring purely because my opponent doesn’t like to play against it or do I play at all?

            Increase points? I am pretty sure that if my opponent proposed a certain number of points, there was a great reason for it. Time restrictions, limited collection or something along those lines. Give him free points? Might work, but again it might be the same problem as before.

            Starting to see the issue? The problem is that many players would like to field certain units and armies, but because people automatically say “no, I don’t want to play against that” purely because you said certain keywords isn’t making the game more fun. So many players had to shelf their armies because they were “too powerful”. They couldn’t get a game in because no one would play them purely based on their army or even army composition. My friend has played Eldar since 4th edition and Guard since 3rd. Imagine how fun it was for him to get games during the end of 5th edition when he said he was bringing Guard? How about when Eldar got their 6th and 7th edition armies? What if I told you he loved to field Wraith units and doesn’t like Wraithknights? To you, no problem most likely. To many others, automatic decline purely based on certain keywords “Eldar” and “Wraith” these days.

            How does removing these things from the game help these people then who likes to field demi-companies? They can still do so after they ask their opponent. It is ALWAYS more polite to ask someone if YOU can bring something instead of asking your opponent to leave something out purely because you don’t want to play against it.

          • Stealthbadger

            I’m sorry I don’t see it your way at all but this may just be my viewpoint based on personal experience over three years of games every week.

            Life is about compromise. You can’t have it all your way all the time. In every scenario I listed you either get what you want or compromise or walk away. I’m guessing you view compromise as bad because you don’t get everything you want. I see compromise as getting mostly what I want whilst keeping the other person happy which is important to me more than winning. A happy opponent is a fun opponent.

            All I can say is Every game I have played has matched one of the above and most players have become friends of mine through that approach if they weren’t already so it works for them and me I guess? Plus I’ve never had to walk away and nor has an opponent.

            If you want to work the extremes where two parties will only work when they are 100% satisfied more power to you. But dear lord, if a person won’t compromise in a game of you soldiers I can only shudder at what that person is like in proper life.

          • Karru

            I couldn’t care less what I am allowed to field, mostly because I never field anything that people don’t want me to. You’ll find my to be the perfect opponent. Problems determining if there is a model under a blast template? If it’s your model, it isn’t. If it’s mine, it is. Your Charge Range is off by 1/6th of an inch? Whoops, I guess models must have somehow moved back that much on their own. Not clear if I can see your model or not? +1 to your Cover Save!

            I observe what is going on around the world when it comes to 40k and miniature gaming in general. All the things I would like to limit are those that I’ve seen appear as largest complaints. Also some of these are based on my past experiences when talking with new players why they decided to switch hobbies.

          • Stealthbadger

            You sound very reasonable. Imagine if all players were like this. Anti-grimdark.

          • Muninwing

            scenario B would not have been a fun game for someone. so why not find that out before the game and go play someone else?

          • Nicolas Maltais

            oh you should play reasonnable marine, you!

          • Stealthbadger

            I’m not sure what this means but now I want to start a new marine chapter:-

            reasonable marines:- chapter tactic:- I see your point of view.

            At the start of each player turn roll a d6. On a 4+ both armies have decided they understand and respect each other’s viewpoint and way of life. The game ends in a draw.

          • nurglitch

            So, Ravenguard?

          • Iconoc1ast


          • Karru

            “Okay, I guess I’m going to find myself another opponent. I just got this Knight and Demi-Company painted and I really want to field it.” See how easy that was?

          • Maitre Lord Ironfist

            Heresy it is, taliing with your opponent on what you like too paly in a casual game D:

          • Stealthbadger

            All games must be conducted in stony faced silence, all measurements must be exact, no rule must ever be forgotten or allowance made for genuine error.

            If you make friends playing this game you have done it wrong.

          • Aezeal

            I do think an exception can be made IF you won all games by crushing the enemy and they still want to be friends with you regardless :D. If you lost because you where to lenient you certainly do not play it correct though.. I agree with that. GAME >>> FRIENDS

          • Agent OfBolas

            Funny, but I thought the thing that killed 40k is Invisibility, Knights, and boring Deathstars.

            8th can be the best thing ever happend to 40k.

          • Karru

            Invisibility is hard to pull off due to the RNG factor for rolling it and then the requirement of casting it successfully without your opponent having a chance to Deny it. This is where formations like Librarius Conclave and Cabal comes in.

            Imperial Knights are Super Heavies and Wraithknights are Gargantuans, so those covered themselves.

            Deathstars also rely on the massive amounts of Psychic Powers and in some cases multiple detachments. They usually require good number of cheap characters, a tanking character and tough base unit.

            Toning those down in the rulebooks would be one way to do it, but the problem is that everyone knows that GW is not capable of doing that. This is why striking at the core is the best option. It effects ALL books at once and no one has to wait years to get their update for balancing.

          • Agent OfBolas

            everyone in my area waits with fingers crossed to see AoS happen in 40k. We play just highly competitive lists, and all of them are just about Invisibility, underpriced Knights and Deathstars. The most boring game ever.

            40k is losing players, such high shake up is something it really needs. And there is no such thing as balance in current GW books, even with those updated. Just look on Tyranids and for example Necrons … Super OP Necron book was … boosted. Logic for the win.

            No S or T AoS mechanic will be welcomed with open hands, same as turn flow or warscrolls. AoS is great in terms of rules, if anything similar will get green light for 40k … well, I’m delighted as well as my friends from local meta.

          • Karru

            I still don’t see the reason to make 40k AoS. You already have AoS so why make 40k just that in space?

            All GW really has to do is go back to 5th edition. 5th edition before power creep ruined it. It is simple, yet complex with multiple fun mechanics across multiple armies. Game is well scaled from small games to large games. Best of all, it doesn’t lose ANY of its uniqueness and your opponent’s army matters.

            People can say whatever they wish about 5th edition meta towards the end, but no one can deny that the rules were tight. I can’t remember anything that could have been considered broken or useless when you look at the main rules. Best part was that there was no army that was utterly useless. All armies, even Tyranids, could fight a close game and pull of a victory. There is no need to remove 90% of the game for the sake of “simplicity”.

            AoS already exists, no one needs two exactly same games that just use different models.

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Orks and Tyranids languish because the game blatantly does not favor their style of play (assault). Orks are actually pretty ok. Their codex is not radically different than it was in 4th. Solid for what it does. If the game favored assault over shooting, Orks would be doing a lot better.

          Tyranids have needed a complete overhaul for a long time.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            They’re also armies fluffed to rely massed infantry and wave assault tactics, which, up until Genestealer Cults, was not a well-supported playstyle, with the only options to do that either purged from the game, limited to Forgeworld sub-factions, or locked into sloppily written formations.

          • Stealthbadger

            I can/hope to see units of boyz returning on a 4+ when destroyed. If you gave orks that and nothing else id be happy.

          • nurglitch

            This is a great way of balancing really soft-numerous troops against everything else.

          • Graham Bartram

            Back in the RT era Imperials and Eldar were 2 of the 3 main factions alongside Orcs. We’ve got 2 of them more like they used to be now so it’s time to bring the Greenskins up to scratch. I’ve thought for a while now that if Orks just keep getting bigger as they fight and age, then where are the Super huge Ork Behemoths? I mean the ones that can stare a greater daemon in the eye. If you’ve ever played Fallout and faced a super mutant behemoth, then you know what facing a big-ass ork should feel like.

        • Arthfael

          Always agree with your opponent before the game what game you want to play and try to balance it. That really helps.

          • Karru

            So you say it is okay to ask your opponent to not bring his collection to the table “because you’d like to make it out of the first two turns”?

            The problem is that it is never fair to refuse to play against someone until they remove certain elements from their army. People should be allowed to bring whatever the rules dictate is legal and have a good time. Problem is that unless you play Imperials, Tau, Necrons or Eldar, you don’t have that ability. You have to play one of the high tier armies if you wish to make the game enjoyable to both sides.

            Not everyone is “aiming to win”, instead many prefer tough games over easy ones. Problem is that many of those people would rather do it with the best units possible and not use the weakest units available to achieve it. This leads to entire armies being invalidated because in order for them to have a shot would require one or the other to play in way that they don’t enjoy at all.

          • Arthfael

            I would not refuse to play, I tend to accept to play on people’s terms myself, as I like the challenge. Even when I find out too late a scars decurion can scout melta spam up your deployment zone ^^ I brought my (single) wraithknight to a lot of games for a while, but I’m a bit tired of it, and so is my usual opponent, so latest games I’ve tended to bring other stuff.

            What I’m saying is, no one is forcing anyone to play, play with people you have a good relationship with and who do not have the toxic WAAC approach, make your games cinematic. And remember, no one can blame you for losing an unbalanced game. But make it a last stand they will remember!

          • Karru

            I personally don’t have the issue but I have heard it to be a massive issue with many gaming communities. It’s especially hard to get into 40k because of the pure scale of it. For me it really isn’t a problem, I can spare a 400-600€ to make myself a 2000pts army, but for everyone that can there is over a dozen who cannot. Instead of getting new players into the game, 40k is losing them in a rapid rate. With more and more balanced and cheap games coming into the market, it’s difficult to get people interested in 40k.

            The problem is that unless GW starts addressing the scaling issue, it won’t take that long for 40k suffer the same fate as WHFB did during 8th edition. I saw loads of new players start 40k during 5th edition when your standard army was priced around 200€. Depending on the army, that 200€ could buy you 1000-1500pts worth of models. Now depending on the army that 200€ buys you a very, very small force of under 750pts or you’ll find yourself lacking in everything in games over 1000pts.

            This is why everything that originally belonged into Apocalypse should be placed into their own section, completely separate from the Core rules. When a new player comes in and realises that you can get yourself a useful, balanced force for 200-300€, it is quite likely to see them start playing. If they realise that the standard of the game is rolling around with a minimum of 500+€ worth of models, then you might see them turn around and look for a cheaper alternative.

            This is why AoS exploded in popularity after GHB was released. AoS doesn’t have any BS super units that can nuke entire units in a single turn of shooting. It doesn’t have ultra powerful formations that give you tons of free stuff. It has proper scaling.

          • Stealthbadger

            Isn’t the crux of this the age old issue of 40k is as large as you want to make it, see my post above but instead of limiting factors on CAD and superheavies insert a 500 point limit.

            E.g. Hi I’m new and only have 500 points of a spacecwolves, does anyone fancy a game?

            Opponent:- sure, let me show you the joy of plastic crack and soon you’ll be playing 750 points and then, then, well… put it this way, do you have anything you can mortgage?

          • Karru

            There’s the issue. The “real” game starts around 1500-2000pts range. This is the size that most players would like to play at when it comes to army size. Then they go look at battle reports and do some research. What do they find out? The core of the game is filled with Formations, Alternative Detachments, Super Heavies and Gargantuans in large numbers. These are all 1500-2000pts armies that cost 500-600+€ and that turns so many away in an instant.

            I have demoed 40k for many years through 3 editions now. 7th is still the hardest to demo. I show new players how the game works, then I introduce them to possible starting ideas. This is where things get complicated depending on the age of the person I’m currently demoing the game to. Younger audience usually is satisfied with the Starter Set. Older audience are much harder to convince. It’s hard to sell a “casual hobby” to someone by saying, “yeah, the army size you’d like to play at is around 400-600€”.

            The core issue is the power level of certain units. For example, the Imperial Knight is 375pts for AV13 Front, 4++ save and 6 Hullpoints. It supports massive amounts of firepower with its main gun and is a beast in CC due to the D-weapon. It ignores all damage until it dies, so it cannot be disabled. Wraithknight, 290pts for 6 Wounds, Toughness 8 and a 3+ save. Has options for two D weapons, a D CC weapon or a 3 Strength 6 AP 2 Blasts. Ignores pretty much everything that would normally bring down a monstrous creature. Poison and Snipers for example.

            Units like these have to be toned down a lot to make sure there is some sense of scale in the game. A Land Raider costs 250pts, has less guns, less AV and can be stunned. It is impossible to make the game sound fun when you have to reveal the fact that some armies won the lottery and have that type of units.

          • Stealthbadger

            Again respectfully I disagree because I think your focussing on extremes that support your point without acknowledging this is not a binary discussion.

            The ‘real’ game for me begins wherever you and your opponent want it to. I fully concede 1850 is A standard but for new players I and everyone I’ve ever played happily would play 500 points until the new guy or returning player got it and wanted to expand. Some times the old one hq two troops plus one other slot games can be immensely fun.

            Based on your points and views my only suggestion is maybe your trying to teach newbies too much too fast? Intonation doesn’t carry in forums and I am enjoying the discourse so let me say clearly (not shouty) I AM NOT CRITICISING YOU! ive never taught anyone so it’s not my place to critique you and I cannot speak from experience but I know how I and my friends got into it and slow grow worked 100% of the time. I didn’t even know about superheavies really until a few months of games because we mostly played small CAD games and were having fun.

            You may be the best teacher in the world and your just right, 40k is simply too much to grasp for some. But that is a different discussion.

          • Donald Lindsey

            Just for the sake of correctness, the landraider is 14 armor all around and therefore substantially harder to hurt, and with lascannon sponsons hits as hard as several of the knight variants for about half the points…though it is admittedly not dealing close combat damage…

          • Karru

            A reminder. A Land Raider only needs to receive one penetrating hit and a result of 4 or less in order to be disabled for a turn. Also, we are talking about a tank that has two twin-linked Lascannons and one twin-linked Heavy Bolter.

            AV13, 4++ save, 6 Hullpoints and ignoring damage results makes the Knight much, much tougher. Rapid Fire Battle Cannon is also extremely destructive weapon that can be used to take down both Armour and Infantry. With all that, the Knight should cost 450pts base or the Land Raider should cost 150pts base.

          • Donald Lindsey

            I still think the landraider is underpinned, and the knights are close to proper points…but the wraithknight is about 100 points under what it should be.

          • Muninwing

            “the real game” is both subjective and arbitrary. i love 750-1000 point games.

          • amaximus167

            “And remember, no one can blame you for losing an unbalanced game. But make it a last stand they will remember!”

            Two of my favorite games were last stand style missions. Intentionally lopsided forces. Those were fun. But we made it the theme of the game. Came up with victory conditions for those specific scenarios. Good times.

          • Arthfael

            My best games are when I make a mistake, it looks like everything is lost, and then I fight tooth and nail to secure a draw, sometimes even a victory, or at least to die in the most spectacular way.

          • Muninwing

            nope. it’s perfectly fair. if you want to play a certain way, then play that way. if someone else doesn’t want to play that way, that just means there’s no game between those people.

            not a tragedy.

            if i say “i really don’t want want to play a tourney double-demi with my fluffy list… can we play something a little more well-rounded?” my opponent can refuse. either because they want to play their list, or because my army and theirs are not going to be a fun matchup.

            how is this anything but closer to finding a better game? there’s nothing unfair about self-advocation.

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            Like The Beast?

        • grim

          purely speculation.

      • grim

        its a grand alliance 😉

  • Karru

    Nothing really surprising here. Dark Eldar, Eldar, Harlequin and the new faction of Eldar joining together to form a super army isn’t exactly something that no one could expect. We saw it happen with Imperials and their detachment. I’m curious how GW will pull off Necron and Tau alliances. Will they just combine them with Imperials or each other? Not outside the realms of possibility purely based on the fact that GW has now abandoned all sense of balance from the game clearly and said “F IT, LET’S MILK SOME MONEY OUT OF THE TOP DOGS!!”

    • Stealthbadger

      To be fair necron and tau are pretty good as they stand, I’ve only got crons and I’ve never really felt they have anything missing. however, my perspective is friendly play, not random pick up or tournament so it could be I’m just not seeing me/opponents pushing the limits of what you can achieve.

      I’m sure a tourney player could highlight the issues. As for Tau all I can say is ignores cover, high strength, hits rear armour. I mean uggggggghhhhh…

      • Karru

        Oh, it’s not the case of “are they good or not”. Both Necrons and Tau are on the high tiers, so their sales are solid. This might lead to GW combining them purely because it would increase sales. It has nothing to do with “balance” or “fun games”. It’s just GW way of giving people more reasons to buy their models.

        • Stealthbadger

          Fair enough.

          To be fair to GW though you can’t really fault a company that sells models for implementing strategies to sell models.

          It’s also air to say selling models and balance should both be key aims but only one of these generates profit. Longer term lack of balance could drive people away and hurt profit but it could equally cause people to start a new more powerful army. Either way the recent financials seem to go a long way to supporting the view that their current strategy is working. Doubling profit in the current climate is pretty impressive.

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        Don’t forget the 99% risk-free Skyfire access.

        • Stealthbadger

          Good point.

          As a side point:- Maybe they could just get rid of sky fire? I mean does anybody think a hydra or stalker would be broken without it? Even the hunter, you could just say the missile lock only works on flyers?

    • SacTownBrian

      The Tau, Necron and Tyranid are not too dissimilar to the destruction faction in AoS. Just some peeps out to kick some booty, take some planets and generally muck up what the Imperials and Heretics are trying to accomplish.

    • Matt Craufurd

      LOL I’ll sure be looking forward to adding some DE and Harlequins to my Craftworld army to turn it into a SUPERFACTION. GW are moving the story forward, and creating new factions and incredible new models. Its a really exciting time. If you want to play 5th edition, find someone who wants to play it with you. If you don’t want to use formations, don’t use them. Plenty of people will play against you with any comp you can come up with. If you want to play at tournaments, but are upset about powerful combos maybe you should have a think about what it is you really want, because tournaments are all about bringing the most bent stupid armies imaginable.

      • Karru

        Well, I’ve already seen what Wraithguard in Raiders can do when combined with Webway Archon. The key is that they are starting to remove Allies from the game and just making them massive factions. This would be okay if everyone had a decent fighting chance. Problem is that armies like Tyranids and Orks are getting more and more useless because they are alone. I guess you don’t like balance in a game.

  • Randy Randalman

    Reading the forums: Everyone wants things to change, so long as it isn’t THEIR pet thing.

    • ZeeLobby

      Name changes don’t really change anything, while changing everything though. It’s not like it’s some clever plot advancement, or some new alignment of forces. It’s to protect IP, which just seems like poor justification for changing the name of something many people grew up with.

      • benn grimm

        Indeed. It just smacks of the usual old marketing nonsense.

    • Muninwing

      this is what it means to “advance the plot”

      now if they’d only actually kill off some of their SCs…

  • vlad78

    ‘– Yvaine (she’s the chick, right?) can take souls and “share” them with those around her. It gets a bit hard to read, but I think it says that
    these souls can manifest as spectres, or she can channel them (she gets
    possessed, in other words). The Ynnari see this as a divine miracle.’

    More precisely she attracts the souls of the deceased and those souls willingly help her instead of becoming spectres. Those who don’t know what she does may think she talks alone while she ‘s in fact conversing with the dead and she has a lot of souls inside her.

    Ynarris’ practises are an echo of what Yvaine does, they use soul stones to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom and experience of the deceased.

  • Arthfael

    As a Saim Hann player, I fell like I just won at Russian roulette. Sorry Biel Tan, but at least, “refugees welcome!”

  • Latro_the_Zombie

    vox caster guardsmen :
    ‘Central control come in, i canno hear..’
    ‘i rerppeat’
    ‘ah ones just used my shoulder as a step, i’m going home’

    • Hedwerx

      The Banshees have just found the only real use for a Guardsman…Mon-keigh make excellent stepladders.

      • Latro_the_Zombie

        In the grim darkness of the far future, there are only bunk ups

  • Emprah

    Age of Sigmar naming starts now!

    Space Orruks, Spessh Mehrynes, Tiranyds and Taeu are in!

    No GW this is not a constructive suggestion. Bad GW.

    • ZeeLobby

      Yeah, maybe i’d care less if Imperials got dumb names as well :/. Sadly their latin names are fluffy and make sense.

  • Ebsolom

    I’m interested to see how or if Ulthwe will be affected in all this.

  • Mike Salamandrin

    ‘exhumed’ could mean ‘undead’ and reference the wraith troops of the craftworld armies. Chaos corrupted, “already dead” sounds like the solitaire, or even by a stretch mandrakes.

  • Walter Vining

    beil tan go boom

  • Fnarley

    Anybody got a link to the eldar salt thread on Facebook?

  • grim

    How do the eldar get past the whole dark eldar enslavement, torture and pleasure thing? Also they have bitter hatred for all non dark eldar. To become an incubi you have to murder an aspect warrior LOL!

    Im excited but GW is going to have to really address this for it to make any sense.

    • ZeeLobby

      No they won’t. Chaos is the enemy now. Torture, just like fetish Slaanesh, will be quietly swept under the rug.

      • grim

        ah so dark eldar become nicer?

        • ZeeLobby

          I guess. They’ll use feathers instead of whips.

          • grim

            I will tickle you to death! Actually that sounds pretty evil. Ok im down

  • Ravingbantha

    Don’t worry Tau, Orks, Neccrons, and Tyranids players. In a month or two, you will get your 3 special characters in a box release. It’ll be something goofy like ‘some Old Ones returning and making peace with the Necrons, then we find out they also created the Orks and secretly gave rise to the Tau, and now they figured out how to communicate with and thus pacify the Hive mind, so now you’re all one big happy faction’

  • John Bower

    As if the Eldar really needed to be any more powerful….