Wyrd: The Other Side Kickstarter Concludes


Wyrd’s latest foray into the world of tabletop madness ends with a resounding success – Here comes The Other Side!

Wyrd Games’ The Other Side Kickstarter hit it’s funding goal of $75,000 with a grand total of $337.488! It looks like this “steampunk miniatures wargame set on an alternate history Earth” has got some legs under it, now we just have to see where Wyrd goes from here. They unlocked quite a few things along the way so let’s take a look at some of the final tallies:

via Wyrd Games (Kickstarter)

other side stretch goals other side stretch goals 2 other side stretch goals 3

Backers really seemed to dive in at the “Commander” level for a pledge of $160. That makes sense seeing as how that would net you the most unlocks and pretty much everything for a single faction. I would be curious to see which was the most popular faction, but we probably won’t get the details on that until the game starts shipping (estimated Dec 2017).

I’m personally looking forward to seeing this game on the tabletop. The concepts seem interesting and Wyrd’s world building is a lot of fun (in that creepy-steampunk kinda way). Also, with all their retail partners (listed on the Kickstarter page) I wouldn’t be shocked to see this game pop-up in your local gaming stores once everything is finalized. In the mean time, Wyrd has also put out a few videos featuring the gameplay and the different aspects of the world for you to check out:

Another aspect that I’m looking forward to is that the miniatures come pre-assembled. We’ve gotten a close look at some of the miniatures and we’re actually pretty impressed (keep an eye out for a post about those later).

“The miniatures for The Other Side come preassembled, featuring amazing sculpts that appeal to hobbyists and gamers alike. It’s never been so easy to get into a miniatures game!

These miniatures use a custom blend of PVC to create high quality, heroic 32mm scale miniatures. Breaking out of the standard creation process for PVC miniatures, we are digitally cutting our miniatures and using a new type of mold to shoot the best miniatures we can.

If you liked Wyrd’s Aionus or Tortoise and the Hare preassembled miniatures, you’ll love these. We have taken that process and made some changes on it, allowing for clean, highly detailed miniatures.”

We can attest – the materials they are using are very interesting. The material itself holds detail really well and is still soft enough that it won’t break, but rather bend. You have to really see it to get the full effect.

Overall, I’d chalk this one up as a success for Wyrd and all the Backers of The Other Side – I’m looking forward to see what else they do with the game!


Congratulations to Wyrd for the successful Kickstarter!

  • Simon Chatterley

    Really pleased for Wyrd but in the end I scaled mine back to $1 so I can gauge interest at my club. So far there isn’t any really.

    Will have to wait on the rules to be available to all and then see.

    • Andrew

      Smart man. I decided to wait until it hits retail to buy or not. Bunch of guys at my local bought in, but we all know how that goes…