EXCLUSIVE: Infinity – Tech Bees & Crabbots

Corvus Belli has some upcoming minis for you BoLS readers to check out first!

Tech Bee & Crabbot Ancillary Remote Unit
-“The maintenance and repair battalions are the heroes of the rearguard. These maintenance technicians always keep your systems ready and tuned, no matter how specialized they are. The Tech-Bees are a real morale booster for PanOceanian troops!”



This is a blister with two miniatures that will arrive to stores on Mid-March.

~Hmm, maybe they should have those robots work them up some pants… Have at it folks! 
  • ZeeLobby

    That bot looks pretty tight. Not a huge fan of all the anime bots, but I like things that are crabby.

  • No matter the WIP value, with those, they can boost more than the morale!

  • Andrew

    Looks like she forgot her pants and shirt…

  • Kreoss4u

    I know that when I go out to repair my car I do so in my underwear. Wouldn’t want to get my work clothes dirty.

    • NNextremNN

      But I doubt many want to see you in that attire.

  • orionburn

    So is this like a techpriest that also has a part time gig as a car hop at Sonic?

  • I’ve not seen CB whiff this bad on a mini in a long time. The pose makes no sense, and then there’s the obvious lack of pants. I’m all for some femininity on the tabletop, but this just looks like bad cosplay. I know I have friends who will buy it just for the crabbot, so I’m really tempted to get the Tech-Bee from one and see if I can convert her into something resembling a soldier.

    • euansmith

      That is, indeed, a very odd pose. The Costume would be fine in 5th Element, but I’m not so certain of its battlefield utility 😉

      • YES! The stewardess! I knew it reminded me of something. Now with 100% less skirt.

        • euansmith

          I wouldn’t mind living in a future designed by Jean Paul Gautier; though I’d probably end up looking more like Baron Harkonnen than Corbyn Dallas.

    • kensaix

      PanO TAGs are remotely piloted, she sits in a VR sphere that transfers all tactile feelings of the TAG she controls, along with a HUD overlay and other sensory input data. It’s the same as Makaan or Karen in Homeworld, or like Shinji Ikari in NGE. Clothes just get in the way. Seriously.

      • 1. She’s not a pilot, she’s a tech. It’s in the name. Even if she was a pilot, if she can manage that bulky tool belt, she can manage something that covers her tush.
        2. In that pose, what exactly is she supposed to be doing?
        3. The thigh highs, thong, and whatever that top is are obviously molded on to the model. They’ll have to be dealt with to make her look tactical. Paint alone won’t do it. That will be a pain.
        4. It’s my preference. I’m not saying it’s immoral or that CB is wrong to have produced it, just that the model doesn’t work on the table for me on a couple of levels. So I won’t buy it. I won’t have to anyway because I know people who will want the crabbot (which is also unimpressive, imo). So I can easily get one to turn into a green stuff project.
        I give companies a lot of leeway to represent femininity on the tabletop, but this just doesn’t work for me. I think it’s a bad execution of a bad design and is the worst model I’ve seen CB put out in a long, long time. That’s just like, my opinion, man.

        • Andrew

          I don’t have a problem with skimpy outift female models for wargaming if they meet two criteria: 1. The men in their faction are similarly dressed and 2. They are posed like they’re actually doing something of use in a battle, and not posing for a pin up calendar. This model meets neither. Its total cheesecake. Unfortunately like a lot of their range.

          • I’d disagree with the “lot of their range” part. I’m disappointed because their recent sculpts have been better in this regard. I think most of the models in Infinity meet your 2 criteria

    • David Leimbach

      You can just paint her with pants, or tights or whatever if you’re that bothered.

  • euansmith

    “Crabbot, Crabbot, you’re a Crabbot, Crabbot

    You’re warm when it’s cold, you’re cool when it’s hot

    Your life is recorded on a micro-dot, Crabbot, Crabbot

    You’d hold the whole world in your metal claws

    If it wasn’t for the three laws of Crabbotics”

  • Love the little bot, but I really don’t like the lady.

    • euansmith

      And that is why you are a wargamer! 😉

  • Ted

    CB has come so far from the cheese cake poses and dress yet they cant seem to help themselves some times.

    • euansmith

      Indeed, some of the USAdriana look almost sensible.

    • V10_Rob

      Get a load of this guy, you’d think he’d never heard of kevlar thong and tactical heels.

  • BK

    One could always paint pants I guess.

  • Victor Hartmann

    Solution seems obvious. Put little roller skates on her feet and a tray full of milkshakes in her hand. Done.

    Then make a little retro diner with aircar service

    I have no idea how that would fit in the game though