40K: Inner Circle – GW Hosted Hobby Event

Inner Circle

Attention North American 40k players: You might want to visit your local GW Store…

With the Gathering Storm narrative going on the Games Workshop retail stores are getting in on the action. They are hosting a new event exclusive to North American Stores: The Inner Circle Event. You’ll have to reach out to your local store for the full details but some have been posting information on their respective Facebook pages.


via Games Workshop (various Facebook pages)

What a great time to be in the hobby! We are proud to introduce you to The Inner Circle! This is a North American program that lets customers take part in an amazing Warhammer 40,000 hobby event that will excite you to your core. The winners will receive an all expense paid trip to the Games Workshop Dallas office to take part in a mind-blowing event. Now is the time to muster for war, a Storm is gathering!

This description will let you know all the information you need to take part in this awesome event. This includes the following:
Key dates
How do you participate?
What do you need to do to win?
A Score sheet

3/22/17 Inner Circle “Special Announcement”
5/13/17 Ritual of Judgement
5/13/17 In-Store Party
5/13/17 Announce store winners on Facebook
5/17/17 Final (5) Grand Prize winners announced on store Facebook pages at 4:30pm (central time)
6/3/17 Final (5) winners flown to Dallas for Inner Circle final celebration

This is easy. Gather your forces and head down to your closest Games Workshop store. They will be hosting a hand full of fun “Gathering Storm” activities for you to participate in, as well as providing outrageous customer service to help you collect, build, and paint the newest additions to your collections. Make sure you sign up for the activities and fill out an Inner Circle score tracker, so you can get as many points as you can.

There’s no purchase necessary to take part in this event. We’ve provided a score sheet with this document that explains how you get points for your entry. Make sure that you read through it, who knows, there may be an opportunity for you to add some additional details, or that extra level of highlighting. All of these things will help you earn additional points. The entry with the most points wins the title of Store Champion.

Each Store Champion will then be judged against each other by the Games Workshop Dallas office staff. After that, five finalists will be picked, and flown to Dallas for the finals.

Do models have to be painted?
– No, see the score sheet.

What about a tie?
– The ‘Player’s Choice’ winner breaks any ties.

How will the winners be announced?
– We will announce them on your store’s Facebook page. The winners will be contacted by Games Workshop and travel arrangements will be made.

How am I getting to Dallas and how long am I staying?
– Once we know the winners, we will contact them to arrange travel. You will be staying for one night, so pack accordingly. If you cannot travel to Dallas, the next runner up will be awarded the grand prize. See the terms and conditions for more details. (Stop by the store to see the Terms and Conditions, as they are not typed up here.)

How will the Store Champions entries get judged for the Grand Prize?
– The store managers will take pictures of the Store Champion’s entry and submit them to the Dallas office immediately after the event (5/13/17). The office staff will use an additional score sheet to judge entries (Come by the store to see the additional score sheet)

Inner Circle Score Sheet

From the looks of the score sheet, this event is really about getting models built and painted. The majority of your points will come from getting units painted up to that Level 4 standard – if you max out on units that’s 216 points just for painting! That’s not including any model counts, bonuses or Gathering Storm Activity points.

This event is designed to drive activity to the store, get people painting and to increase the community interaction. You also get additional points for purchasing your models from the Games Workshop store. However, that’s only for new units – if you already have an existing army you can still enter. Heck, you technically don’t even have to have a painted army to enter! (You probably won’t win…but at least you’ll get to hang out!)

The Inner Circle is very similar to the Armies on Parade event that Games Workshop ran last fall. In fact, you can still check out those entries if you want to get some inspiration!

So, if you want a shot at winning a trip to Dallas for the Inner Circle final celebration, you had better get started! You can’t win if you don’t enter…


Time to make a trip to my local GW store to see what’s going on…

  • ZeeLobby

    LoL. “You also get additional points for purchasing your models from the Games Workshop store. However, that’s only for new units – if you already have an existing army you can still enter.” Never thought I’d see pay to win point values in a tabletop game.

    • GreyPanthers

      Individual GW stores have been doing this for years now. What do you think all those “escalation” leagues are all about?

      • ZeeLobby

        Guess I just haven’t paid that much attention. That’s sad.

      • TenDM

        To be fair those escalation leagues, and pretty much all the in-store events, involve a ton of babysitting.

        My FLGS owner gets a lot of crap for including incentives for players to buy stuff (not tournament points or anything). The thing is the events take up the entire day, require another staff member to come in, require a prize or two, and almost always require an annoying clean up. As much as he likes to put the events on to support the communities they’re serious undertakings.

        I imagine GW events are a thousand times worse. I’m not a big fan of the way they run their stores but I pity the manager who has to deal with the events they’re pushed into hosting.

        • GreyPanthers

          Sounds like your store is leaps and bounds better then the offical GW store that I visit here in town. Except for the occasional promotional material like a button, poster, or random cardboard display, my understanding was that prizes were something that GW simply did not do. Given the limited space for most of the stores I’ve been in clean up can’t be that much of a hassle, I would dare say it’s part of the job.

          I guess I just don’t sympathize with the way GW runs their events. Though to be honest it’s an excellent start and a great step in the right direction it still feels like too little to late.

    • benn grimm

      Isn’t that the whole point of formations? You pay money, you get extra free points… seems like standard g-dub practice to me…

      • GreyPanthers

        People tend to get offended when I tell them that GW games are pretty much “out spend your friend” the game. I guess the truth hurts.

        • Mike mad cow

          That’s pretty much all collectible games . Magic the gathering, Maulifaux , Warmachine, and yes Games Workshop. If you want a game where the sides are equal based on entry cost play chess or checkers.

        • TenDM

          No amount of spending is going to make my friend’s Orks beat my Eldar.

          • Mike mad cow

            Maybe he isn’t doing it right….

          • GreyPanthers

            What I said wasn’t codex specific. If you are truly hell bent on winning you’ll find a way to do so by spending money on the “right” units/formations.

        • benn grimm

          Some people are just a bit sensitive I guess…

    • Mike mad cow

      Why does it shock you that a for profit company is doing a contest designed to boost sales and excite people to participate ?

      • grim_dork

        That’s the question that never seems to get answered around here

      • jeff white

        what is shocking is that they do it so poorly making all the same mistakes so many other established brands make, marginalizing their base to maximize profits until they wake up from their cocaine induced stupor and realize they invented $tormcaste IPternals

        • Mike mad cow

          Yet here you are… on a website dedicated to the games the company makes..

          • jeff white

            bols does a lot of games, and companies, besides gw. then again, what really turns me off about bad games design is the kind of azzhats that turn fanboy when the marketeers dumb everything down for dumbed down noobs.

          • Mike mad cow

            Wow i bet your everyone’s favorite person to play at your local club. Loads of fun…. 👏🏻

          • jeff white

            yeah well, after fifty years, my self worth is finally independent of ignorant opinions on the matter.

          • Mike mad cow

            I think you are a Treasure. I would play with you. at first I thought you were just this mean old guy . but now I realize you’re more of a crotchety grandpa type of guy. but now I realize you’re more crotchety grandpa tups, yet enduringly lovable.

          • jeff white

            Treasure with a capital T, that is me alright.

    • Haighus

      The points aren’t for the actual game though, just for the competion to win a trip to Dallas. They have no impact on gameplay as far as I can tell. It is basically a loyalty scheme, so it makes sense to be promoting in-store purchases.

    • Nyyppä

      They had that wold way event last year that also worked like that.

    • Xenos Purgebringer

      If you look at the scoring rubric its +4 points for building models after the 11th if they’re purchased from a GW. +2 points if they’re purchased anywhere else. But its for BUILDING them.

      You can get points for building your grey box of sprues from years ago that you never did anything with. You just get more if you start working on them now. And buy them from a GW store (thus supporting the company, not someone who bought all their plastic off some friend).

      I’d say its pretty liberal. It even gives you the points if you bought them off ebay, provided you started building them after the 11th.

  • Mud_Duck

    Dallas? I thought that GW had their US Headquarters in Nashville

  • JimOnMars

    If you get additional points for purchasing, then it’s not free to win, even if it is free to enter. That is illegal.

    • Mike mad cow

      You should sue! You could make hundreds !

  • jeff white

    yeah, sure, i bought ALL these models, based and painted them, in the last four weeks, JUST for this competition, cuz i love dallas man.

    • Mike mad cow

      Or you could choose not participate. Unlike Obama-care you don’t have to participate just for being alive and a US Citizen.

      • jeff white

        just a joke re the probability of some fudging, that’s all, no need to be a dyk about it.

  • Viley

    Pretty sure points wise you can buy 18 units and glue them together and prime them and get more points than someone entering this with a beautiful finished army with all the techniques. Thought this was a painting competition??