40K: March WD: The Saga of Guilliman

Warhammer 40,000 is going have the status quo shaken – but the March White Dwarf Confirms it’s not the 40k End Times.

Worlds might be destroyed, the Eldar may be fracturing (along with the Emperor) and a Primarch is rising but that doesn’t mean it’s the 40k End Times. The March White Dwarf has been spotted and the details are starting to take shape:

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“Is this the End times for Warhammer 40,000? ‘Ha, no!’ says Andy (Clark). ‘Not even remotely. The return of Guilliman is a glorious event that marks the possible salvation of the Imperium. It is certainly a game-changer, both in the background and in the game itself, but this is definitely not the end of all things.”

There is a lot more to the saga of Guilliman that we first thought. Here are some more snippets from the article:

The Saga of Guiiliman (White Dwarf March 2017)

It’s going to be a bumpy road for our re-awakened Primarch. The trip to Terra sounds like it’s going to be fraught with danger, temptation, peril and new…allies? The March White Dwarf is hitting shelves this weekend and Gathering Storm III is sure to follow!

White Dwarf March 2017 $9

March’s White Dwarf is here and with it hope returns to the Imperium! Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, has returned in the galaxy’s darkest hour. We look at this new arrival, and the continuing events of the Gathering Storm, in exquisite detail in Planet Warhammer, Designers’ Notes, ’Eavy Metal, Sprues and Glue and Paint Splatter! Elsewhere, we visit the Mortal Realms in the shape of the latest, greatest Warhammer Quest game, Shadows Over Hammerhal, and dig deeper into the scions of Sigmar in Ultimate Guide. All that and a ton more – check it all out below!

Planet Warhammer – all the latest news
A Brand-New Dawn – We preview Dawn of War III
Spike! Magazine
Shadows Over Hammerhal
A Tale of Four Warlords
The Saga of Guilliman
’Eavy Metal
The Ultimate Guide to… Stormcast Eternals
Golden Demon
The General’s Almanack
Gathering the Hosts – Four great armies.
The Hallowguild Massacre – Our Battle Report!
Temporal Distort
Harlequins in Gangs of Commorragh
Sprues and Glue – The Fallen
Paint Splatter
Materials and Textures – Painting Masterclass
Blood for the Blood God – A Khorne Parade Ground
Readers’ Models
In the Bunker


  • orionburn

    “…in the name of a god who never deserved the title.”

    This is gonna be good 😀

    • Joshua Jenkins


      • Cody Raugh Ferguson

        So my favorite imperial factions are getting Squatted….greeeat.

        • Darth Bumbles

          I honestly can’t see them writing out a faction (caveat – without destroying the setting totally) anymore.

      • orionburn

        Thanks…fixed it.

      • euansmith

        “desired”? “de-sired”? Confirmation that the Emperor is going to die and the Imperium will be without its sire! 😉

        • Shawn

          “desired” could simply be reference to a past sentiment made while the Emperor was, shall we say, more robust, and has no bearing on his current or possible future state of being.

        • Shawn

          “desired” could simply be reference to a past sentiment made while the Emperor was, shall we say, more robust, and has no bearing on his current or possible future state of being.

      • Agent of Change

        That’s an important distinction

  • Luca Lacchini


  • Bellumvinco

    Very interesting.

  • Karru

    I just love the fake threats they throw in here and there. “They are going to have to run quite the gauntlet to get to Macragge”, implying that there was ever a chance that they wouldn’t. Characters that won’t be doing any dying in this book are those that got released during this trilogy. Tell me again who were the crucial ones that had to make it so that Guilliman could be resurrected?

    Then there is the utterly boring “conclusion”. Abaddon ravages across the Imperium and the entire plot line was centred around the “Imperium is in great peril”. How do they end it?

    “The return of Guilliman is a glorious event that marks the possible salvation of the Imperium.”

    Yeah… Called it from a mile away. Imperium once again prevails, loses nothing major instead gains something amazing. Chaos most likely gets beaten back once again, loses a couple of characters so they can be replaced with new giant Daemon Primarch models and Imperium somehow manages to get another faction. This would be my prediction for this “new narrative”.

    • Hawt Dawg

      Getting all that out of your system must have felt good.

      • Ludwig Hesselbach

        Lol!! I just wish I could thumbs up this comment a hundred times

    • vlad78

      The title is gathering storm, then this may just be the prelude.

    • sethmo

      What do you want? Chaos to win? Do you really expect GW to kill of the imperial faction or tera?

      • Karru

        What do I want? Something actually happening. Something that is different from the norm and doesn’t just repeat itself.

        Chaos winning would be very “lazy” and stupid as that would literally mean the end of the Imperium. Let’s start with some basic stuff here. Have you looked at the recent lore? It’s the same stuff repeated over and over again. Imperial faction or factions are threatened by this “unstoppable” force of destruction. The entire book from the very start basically paints this image of “this is it, Imperium is going to suffer greatly from this”. What happens? A bs explanation that turns the certain defeat into a victory. If not that, they just magically save their latest model releases, because GW.

        Then you have GW releasing new characters to replace old ones. What’s the problem here? Surely new models are great? Yes, they would be if they didn’t REPLACE old ones. Fall of Cadia, Kell and Creed both basically die. Imperial Guard loses two of its major characters, both of them having great backstories. The probability of them getting replaced by Lord-General Generic von Backstory is extremely high. The current writing team doesn’t have the talent required to make these types of stories any more. That’s why they shouldn’t go too far.

        As for the story, this comes from an Ultramarines player, I want them to destroy Ultramar. Even if it comes with a complete bs reason why vast majority of the Ultramarines escape, I want GW to destroy Ultramar. That would be a massive and interesting turn of events in the 40k history. Now Imperium finally loses something major.

        With the Ultramar gone, Tau can start expanding more. From there they could grow into a threat as opposed to a nuisance.

        The other thing that should happen is the divide within the Imperium. With Guilliman coming back and seeing what Imperium has become, he won’t sit idly and allow it to continue. The Ecclesiarchy wouldn’t allow this, same thing with the Inquisition. Imperium would be divided, creating two separate factions and effectively splitting the massive alliance that is Imperium in game terms. In the lore, it wouldn’t be an open war. Small skirmishes here and there, but mostly it is just an “uneasy alliance” between the two while they find some way to defeat the forces of Chaos.

        This would allow GW to make two completely unique factions from one. One side is fanatical, relying on faith and flame to destroy its enemies. The other one would rely more on technology and proper military tactics to win the day.

      • Darth Bumbles

        What do I want?
        Well, short of a Dalek Invasion or Sanguinius returning as a Greater Daemon of Order … a move away from Chaos as the ultimate evil.

    • David Leimbach

      So at the end of nearly every move, do you sneer that you knew the main characters were going to live and that the audience was tricked because they were never in any real danger in the first place. This is 99% of all stories and movies.
      In any case, GW has already shown they are willing to release new elaborate models and then have them killed off and such.

      • Karru

        Actually, I do not. Good movies usually have nice twists at some points in time or if there is a group of characters then some of them could very likely die.

        When was the last time GW killed a new character release?

        You also seem to forget that some movies actually have endings that imply the question of “was it all worth it?” or “did we really win?” This is something that GW struggles with greatly and that’s why I don’t like the current narrative. There is no actual impact. They lost Cadia and the Eye got slightly bigger. So? Phalanx survived, the Imperial heroes that got released survived and Guilliman is coming back. Does it really sound that Imperium ACTUALLY suffered something major? No. They didn’t.

        Losing Cadia was very minor when it comes to the grand scheme. The Eye getting bigger isn’t exactly that problematic either thanks to the “limited” Chaos forces. Speaking of Chaos, here is the other thing that I don’t like about the current narrative. Chaos being nothing more than a massive wave of murder and destruction is also extremely boring. Where are the scheming Lords of Chaos? Where are the elaborate plans that trap entire Space Marine Chapters to their doom? Gone is the answer. The writers have the same view of Chaos as the design team (as I do expect them to be two separate entities). Chaos is nothing more than a group bloodthirsty, skull-hoarding madmen interested in nothing more than killing Imperials in as gruesome way as possible in an open field with chainswords roaring.

  • Dan Brown

    Anyone else think the Primarch model is , well, boring????

    • Ronin

      I think he needs a cape.

      • Dan Brown

        And a mask. (Or a headband).

        • StingrayP226

          Cheese hat…

        • Korvalus

          You’ve got option of a helmet. If that helps…

        • Carey_Mahoney

          Considering the story of his awakening and all, maybe a round shield with a star on it would suit him…

        • vlad78

          A primarch going through the turbofan of a thunderhawk is quite messy. No cape.

        • Xodis

          Yeah, I see the Primarch’s cape getting sucked off his shoulders, and actually damaging the turbine that took it lol. Otherwise he gets sucked in, breaks the Turbine and walks out with cape in tow.

      • Carey_Mahoney

        At least he should have gotten some kind of long glamrock hairdo. Would have gone a long way.

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Yes, me!

    • Darth Bumbles

      Primarch Bob needs to carry a sign saying “I am honestly not Omegon. Honest. Really. Honest.”

  • SilentPony

    So he meets one of this brothers, and we can already guess who? Then…Magnus, since he’s the only one with a model.

    • StingrayP226

      And I am sure Girlyman beats up Magnus in some glorious fight to make all the Imperium players super happy…

      Honestly its NOT a game changer… The Imperium always wins gloriously. Just the fluff keeps claiming they are about to lose, the situation is super grim, there is no way they can hold the line… but the Imperium somehow pulls a victory out of its rear and the glorious Space Marines are always driving the success taking down hundreds of enemies for everyone that falls.

      • bfmusashi

        I thought they lost against the Tau like, every time and didn’t they lose in the Fenris books too?

        • Karru

          They did but not really. Fenris supposedly suffered “major” damage, but nothing that would seriously affect them. They lost one world and the original human population of the sector, but GW will just come up with another explanation why nothing serious comes out of it.

          Overall, Thousand Sons lost more during the fight, because why not, than Space Wolves did. Thousand Sons lost quite a few of their Rubric forces which they cannot replace, while Space Wolves lost a Wolf Lord and a some of their battle brothers, all of which can be replaced pretty easily.

          As for the Tau, if you are referring to the campaign book that was released, I understand that it started with massive amounts of Tau fanfic where Tau obliterated the forces of the Imperium. Then the other book was released and Tau was beaten back heavily once the Imperial forces “rallied” and the day was once again saved.

          • bfmusashi

            I thought the Wolves lost their only source of recruits and all the IoM did in the gulf was turn one guy into a robot and fail to regain any territory.

          • vlad78

            What i ‘d like them to do is use the best BL writers to write different scenarios and create great campaigns ala eye of terror. Then they would be able to prepare different outcome and really use the campaigns results to make the setting go forward. That would be so awesome to wait in anguish for each campaign outcome shaping the 40k universe anew.

      • David Leimbach

        Didn’t Cadia just get destroyed?

      • Mr.Fister

        You do not understand the great plan behind it…every imperial victory is one step further towards the destruction of humanity…when the Imperium wins humanity loses. It is a regime that lacks any concern about its subjects. Killing billions of them for some minor goals. Or so that a single person can acieve a little bit more power. There is no technological advancment only scavenging the knowledge of the past and then locking it away. It is clear that the Imperium of Man is going to be the end of humanity.
        And by the way what will chaos win when they destroy humanity? The gods feed upon the souls of humans and their petty ambitions. The gods are going to die if there are no humans or at least loose a lot of their power.

    • Mr_Pickles

      How do we not know Cypher won’t wake the Lion? The Wolf King howls out of the eye of terror, Khan could ride out of the webway like a loyal version of Doomrider as well….

      • TheWanderingJewels

        but does he do Cocaine?

        • Jim Collins

          No one can lay off warp dust forever.

    • georgelabour

      There’s hints in Fracturing of Biel-tan that may indicate another primarch may put in an appearance.

      One with a certain serpentine aspect associated with him.

      • Andrew

        I’m really hoping for some noise marines to go with that certain slithery somebody.

  • Sonic tooth

    nothing against gulliman, like to see the lion tho. i wonder will he be the next big “bad guy”. nothing would surprise me.

  • Death Company Andro

    The last Templar left. That does not sound good. Sure hope they weren’t all on Cadia…..

    • Man of Iron

      In the first gathering storm book theres a squad of black templars following the triumvirate, i think it just means the last of them

    • Private Skittles

      They’re supposed to be too religious to follow the Codex Astartes which limits SM chapters to 1000…making them impossible to account for/trust by the inquisition etc.

  • Shawn Shaggy Symes

    It seems to look like as WFB had its End Times, 40k seems focused more on a rebirth kind of thing. That what it looks like to me

  • BlackKnight

    If it’s not an “End Times” why have they literally called it the “Time of Ending”? Gathering Storm II, p. 4.

    • ZeeLobby

      LoL. They’re just avoiding the label, but it’s the same thing. Huge upheavel of story, change to high-sci-fi epic heroes and pew pew pew. Simplified stories of things bad, then good, then bad, then good wins! Etc.

    • Karru

      They know how much negativity surrounds the term “End Times”. Last time it was used, it removed an entire world and years of great lore. It is used as a negative word to indicate extremely drastic and destructive narrative decisions that have negative effects on the original world.

      GW wants people to believe that they aren’t doing the same to 40k, but it is very clear that they do. They are already starting to retcon a lot of the old fluff, they are bringing gods and demi-gods into the game and trying to move the narrative forward.

      It’s just their current writers and their inability to be original more than once. They just copy/paste their original lore’s core, change names around and make sure that all the actions and weaponry is correct to the setting. Beyond that it’s basically the same thing over and over again.

      • Ryan Williams
        • Bakvrad

          They actually do exact the same thing, but with a little different nuance.
          New elven death god vs eldar death god? Check
          Lost elven island vs fracturing of biel tan? Check
          Combining almost every elven faction together vs combining almost every eldar faction together? Check
          Putting the main god of man in the biggest leader of mankind vs exact the same in 40k? Check
          The whole winds of magic thingy is missing by now, but we do have characters matching:
          Nagash/trazyn (yeah just some weird undead analogy)
          Teclis/eldrad (this kind of matches. Led by some deity, messes everything up)
          Guilliman/Karl Franz
          Malektih/vect (perhaps, they have a similar position, though I could see vect acting like mannfred in the end…)
          The gold magician/belsarius cawl (ok again just some analogy, they did things differently)
          Of course it’s different after all. But they have similarities which makes me believe that the ork players out there will be pleased soon

    • nurglitch

      Modern 40k has been the Time of Ending in their timeline since 6th edition was released, as I recall.

    • The14th

      Because that is what the time period has been called for at least a decade

  • Private Skittles

    Regarding Guilliman “meeting one of his brothers” It’s pretty clear that it will be Magnus considering the WD pictures.

    Black Templars treated as cannon fodder catalysts…my BT upgrade sprue twists and moans in squalor from the bottom of my bit box.

    Hoping this book ends with a “what now?” and “something deep in The Rock wiggles its big toe” type of thing.

    • Lord Elpus

      I hope it’s a big toe! It is quite dark down there!!

    • Karru

      Well, I wouldn’t pass it beyond GW to kill off Black Templars. SM already has Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Dark Angels outside the Vanilla codex. Ever since they were rolled into Vanilla codex and never got anything out of it that they could call their own outside the singular Crusader Squad and the characters, it was just a matter of time before GW pulled the trigger.

      I guess GW writes started to notice a slight problem with their narrative where nothing dramatic actually happens, so they might consider doing something about it. Unfortunately for BT players, it could be BT who suffers because of it.

    • Sicxpence

      Because the Lion was only mostly dead and not all dead.

  • euansmith

    “Harlequins in Gangs of Commorragh”

    Nice to see they are giving the game a bit of love.

    • Andrew

      Indeed. If only I wasn’t already busy with Malifaux, Kings of War, This is Not a Test, and then Test of Honour next month, I would probably go pick up the starter and try and find some local players.

  • bfmusashi

    The IGoM get’s up off the throne and says “ah, after 10,000 years I’m free. Time to conquer Earth!” Sweet guitar rifts ensue.

    • euansmith


  • pokemastercube .

    “power to resurrect the dead”

    get them to baal, sanguinious has earned the right more then guilliman, he even tried to make sanguinious emperor of a new imperium in the heresy, so even guilliman things there is better to rule then him

  • Allgamer Man

    Doesn’t mean they aren’t going to completely gut the ruleset. Just that the fluff will remain largely intact.

    • Karru

      Actually, it is extremely likely that they won’t gut the ruleset. They might “simplify” some rules here and there, but they will most likely keep it very similar to the current one.

      That’s the problem I have with it. They won’t actually fix anything.

  • SilentPony

    Also wtf is a Weeper?

    • Defenestratus

      Yeah I’d like to know the same. Nothing on 40kwikia about it

    • Jim Collins

      I’m betting Tau. The Tau grew up in Guilliman’s fiefdom. Local name for them or something?

      • Graham Bartram

        The crying cult. I think you may have hit the nail on the head with that one.

        • nurglitch

          Some sort of flagellant, I think. Nothing would be creepier to Guilliman than the savage descendants of his people debasing themselves in heathen worship.

        • Commissar Molotov

          I know all there is to know about the Crying Cult.

    • Andrew

      Maybe some kind of warp creature?

    • Commissar Molotov

      It’s a typo – they meant to type “Meeper.”


      • SilentPony

        Guilliman is Dr. Honeydew!! I knew it!

  • Private Skittles

    I really want to see the Lion soon…because he’s not been featured yet by either FW or GW.

    Going by the cover of Angels of Caliban the sword hilt is identical to the one on Cypher’s back, so it’s reasonable to assume the Lion will look similar to this…long ponytail and all. Though Guilliman’s armour came out a lot fancier than expected, and the Lion’s here looks fairly plain. The idea that Cawl becomes some kind primarch-seeking armourer seems unlikely.


    • AreyouaNazi? Isthatyourelf?

      Those are their portrayals from the Heresy, I doubt highly that the Lion would look like he does on the cover of Angels of Caliban. Why? Because Forge World creates fantastic Primarchs and Games Workshop creates the Warcraft versions of them.

  • Branahar

    Meets bro….

  • piglette

    I hope Guilliman turns traitor

  • Earl Tower

    Well, there are some other Loyalist Primarchs I wanted to see return more, and still have hope to see in full action in 40K (Russ, Khan, Vulkan), but Guilliman is a solid choice. I’m looking forward to things. So far I’m enjoying the sort of change of direction that 40K has taken story wise.

  • Floride Vivant

    “the Weepers” what/who are those? Any theories?

    • Hawt Dawg

      The handful of GW haters still roaming this place?

  • Emperor’s Champion

    I wish Dorn were alive

  • Commissar Molotov

    I have a very, very bad feeling about this.