40K: Roboute is Having A Hard Time…


Roboute Guilliman is alive – and on twitter – and he’s isn’t happy at all.

Some inspired folks have brought Roboute Guilliman to Twitter to chronicle his “transition period” from 30K to 40K.  Put down your drink and click on over there – becasue it’s PURE COMEDY GOLD.


Roboute Guilliman (Twitter)

Here’s just a taste:


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  • Why don’t we also promote all the other parody accounts for the Emperor, Khârn and so on? I don’t know, this seems superfluous

  • Lord Elpus

    This is brilliant! More please!!

  • Nuno Castilho

    @AngryRoboute Tyranid? What the hell is a tyranid?!

  • Horus84cmd

    Some funny, but mostly droll. The author the Twitter account is not as funny as they think they are.

  • Adolfo Castrofini

    So apparently the 500 worlds are more like 176 worlds now because we keep bombing our own planets when we can’t defend them. #ThanksCalgar

  • Adolfo Castrofini

    I don’t remember my Imperium have blue people wearing robots as neighbors. #justssayin #noschoolliketheoldschool

  • Jonathon West

    These are not particularly funny

  • Robomummy

    So we are all just ignoring the picture of a new primarch kit below the posts?

    • spla5hmummy

      We’ve known about it for a while now.

      • Robomummy

        I’ve just crawled out of my cave and returned to civilization. haven’t seen it before.

    • mike

      Yeah sorry man, that’s been out in the internet for a couple of weeks now.

      • Robomummy

        apparently I’ve been living under a rock that whole time.

        • Hedwerx

          Hey Patrick!

  • vlad78

    Donald Tru… err Guilliman.

  • BloodRaven

    Just noticed the chaos marine on Guilliman’s base, looks like it could be a new sculpt? It could easily be part of a CAD file for new plastic Chosen or Chaos Marines

  • pulpapocalipsis

    Wow, I just saw the new RG. What´s wrong with GW and why they can´t even come close to the design quality of Forgeworld?

    • Death Company Andro

      Totally agree. The FW one is vastly superior. The GW one looks like he stole a Kastelan battle automata that had been decorated by Fulgrim and is wearing it…..

      • euansmith

        Domo arigato, Mr Roboute.

    • Anaerian

      Yeah it is awful. The more I see it the more I truly hate it. The forgeworld one is noble and awesome, this is guff. I like the sword though, gotta end on a positive 😉

      • euansmith

        With a massive, flaming, power sword, someone is always going to get a positive end 😉

        • Anaerian

          hahaha! Very true

    • Deacon Ix

      I’m intending to get it, change the head and make it my new WB Lord. Honestly the armour has enough fancy to make most CSM cry.

      • Roman Himmelhan

        as it was posted with sufficient pictures at the official warhammer community page by GW themselves, RG comes with a helmet, too. Looking way better imho. New Cypher has lots of detail, but is way less dynamic than the old version.

  • BenTheMan