40K: Rules Drop – Talons of the Emperor

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New rules spotted at the Horus Heresy Weekender – take a look!

via 30K Sweden

constantin valadalador




More Here

There have also been a lot of new mini reveals today –

For the Emperor! Rules for the Rule Throne!

  • Aezeal

    Well … I don’t play 40K or 30K.. but molecular severance sounds rather OP. I’d not be happy to see that weapon in AoS.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Instead there are just groups that plant several mortal wounds on your dudes with ease.

    • vlad78

      Weapon forged by the Emperor, wielded by Valdor first amongst the custodes? It has to be OP. And it’s probably not cheap too.

      • Sothas

        Valdor is 275. His stat line page has been posted elsewhere.

    • ieyke

      Constantin Valdor is basically a demigod-level unit, just below a Primarch.
      He should be several notches up the totem pole above Marneus Calgar, the most powerful Space Marine Lord, who himself is already referred to as the God Of War.

      • Emprah

        No! Papa Smurf Reigns supreme!

        • bfmusashi

          He is the only 40k person I imagine speaking in a thick southern accent. “I need to be able to wrastle and shoot mah guns.”

        • kingcobra668


        • mike

          Lol not since Gulliman is up from his nap.

    • There are even worse weapons. The new Ynnari got even stuff which ignores cover, armours and invuls.

    • wibbling

      It’s then a question of what you send against the unit. A better player doesn’t throw an expensive, powerful unit against something that can kill it easily. You send in grunts. It’s simple tactics and mobility – the most important stat in the game is movement.

  • Majere613

    You know, from looking at the mini showcase video one question springs immediately to mind- who the heck puts a heavy bolter arm on a Contemptor? I mean, has anyone ever done this, ever?

    • Aezeal

      You think it’s suboptimal?

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        the heavy bolter is the red-headed step-child of 40K. It has no function that isn’t done better by other heavy weapons. Its a real shame, as it should be an iconic weapon that would be in every Imperial army, yet you practically never see one.

        If it were S6, or had rending, or Salvo 4/6, or Heavy 5, then it might see play.

        • Aezeal

          Well then it’s obvious.. GW hopes people model it the way they show… then realize their mistakeand buy another 😀

          Or it is because lorewise it’s the most common weapon used. Maybe you should be forced to use a few heavy bolters before you can use say.. grav or melta etc. Would help balance the armies too (if eldar get something similar)

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Yes, or included it in the cost of a tac squad and AM infantry squad.

      • Majere613

        I think it’s like replacing the main gun of an Abrams with a super-soaker.

        • ieyke

          Heavy Bolters are fantastic if you’re playing proper 40k, where not every god damn army is Space Marines.
          They’re great for slaughtering Tyranids, Orks, IG, Eldar scrubs, Dark Eldar scrubs, Tau scrubs, etc etc.
          They’re anti-infantry weapons.

          They’re cheap and you can take loads of them for peanuts. You can build armies that put out unholy amounts of Heavy Bolter fire.

          Just depends what the common armies you play against are.

          • Aezeal

            So it’s what I said above.. it’s a weapon common in the lore to fight battles that are in line with the lore.. instead of the extremely min maxed armies that will never feature in any book since in the lore every unit in it is a 1 in a 1000 unit or model and the chance of them being in one place is smaller than GW lowering prices 😉

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Even against hordes the other weapons do it as well or better, and when you take into account that missile launchers can ALSO fire krak and that autocannons can ALSO have a pop at transports and MCs, the humble heavy bolter seems a poor choice.

          • ieyke

            Missile Launchers are the REAL sub-optimal choice. They’re flexibly bad at everything.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I see a lot of missile launchers. I think Gladius vehicle spam and all the T3 troops like skitarii you see these days have made them worth taking.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      It’s a cheapy weapon that puts extra shots out at a decent range. I think it is kind of meant to be the discount weapon choice.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      I was given one and sadly it will never be used as is.

    • Sothas

      It’s not a heavy bolter. Custodes have special bolter-like weapons that have various stats.

      • mike

        Yeah i was going to say. If normal custodes get fancy bolters, hopefully the contemptors do to.

  • Eric Lindgren

    This isn’t a 40k army despite what the title says.

    • Shawn

      True enough.

  • Edouard Decaen

    When does Valdor appear? In what book?

    • mike

      Pretty sure he’s in the new one? Space wolves, thousand sons, sisters and custodes.

  • KingThrogg

    There is this little know place called Facebook. I’m not sure if you have heard of it but it has your next 4 articles already posted. Maybe you could sue them?

  • Agent OfBolas

    I don’t like this way. Those models are far too powerful as for 30k.