40K RUMORS: Mortarion & Cypher Kills WHO!?

There’s a set of rumors swirling around on what’s coming in the lead up to 40K 8th edition.

So before we begin, some salt on these.

Faeit’s little bird says:

“Guilliman arriving at Terra and losing it with the Custodes for standing around guarding the emperor while the rest of the galaxy burns is how I was told (by the guy who said guilliman was coming) it would happen, and that that’show we’d get Custodes back into the game.

Also can confirm Mortarion, although nothing about him leading Chaos. Also nothing about any Chaos Primarch dying, FWIW

…Interesting tid-bit, second hand (extra salt) – Cypher may actually be on Terra to kill the Emperor and usher in a new “Age of Emperor” 8th. ”



You will recall the previous rumors said that Cypher was on Terra to kill Abaddon, but now the story changes to the Emperor. While I can see GW setting up an ambiguous Abaddon death of some soft, the Despoiler is just too important and critical of a villain to kick the bucket permanently. ย If it were me running GW, I’d use a Cypher inflicted bullet to the head to set up the return of Daemon-Prince Abaddon later on with a new giant model. ย Now killing the Emperor is a whole different ball of wax, and one I wholeheartedly support – if GW has the courage to do it.

As for the Chaos Primarchs, we’ve seen hints of Fulgrim in Fracturing of Biel-Tan and those teensy pics of what might be a Mortarion model. ย I would not in any way surprised if 2016 brings us 2 loyalist and 2 daemon primarchs to set up new teams of enemies for 40k 8th edition.

~ Do you think GW would have the guts to really kill off the Emperor?

  • jeff white

    killin the emperor is about the only way to match the massively efft up shyte on the eldar side as well, and begins to make the whole 40k end times thing fall into perspective. plus it cements the divide between 30k and 40k as one has a living emperor and the other does not. so if Ao$ is 40k-ified Fantasy, and 8th ed. 40k ends up being Ao$ified 40k, then 30k is … Fantasy?

    • blackbloodshaman

      It would be 41k though

      • jeff white

        so 30k is 41st k?

      • Heinz Fiction

        can be rounded down to 40k though. A millennium more or less doen’t really matter.

        • blackbloodshaman

          But then it would be 40m

    • John Henry III

      they already messed up the imperium by blowing up cadia

    • kevinharoun

      I see what you did with that dollar sign. Rebel.

  • Ravingbantha

    The the Fracture of Biel-Tan the Eldar talk about the Empire needing a new leader, they discuss bringing back a new leader to replace the old. The book suggests they are the ones that are reviving Guilliman , so killing the Emperor would make sense.

    • jeff white

      and make eldar the enemies of loyalists again helping to define boundaries

  • Aaron Hawthorn

    Cypher kills the Emperor.
    Gulliman is instilled as new boss man.
    Abaddon gives up his ways, and finds a planet to retire to, to become a vintner.

    • Mach13

      Makes sense. Really, what do you get out of being evil that you can’t get from a nice glass of red wine. Particularly one you made yourself.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      Then Cypher kills Rowboat as well.

      • Dan Brown

        Then gets bored, tries to shoot himself, but rolls a string of one’s…….

        • euansmith

          That’s okay; doesn’t he have a “get’s hot” plasma pistol?

          • John Carter

            Nope, his plasma pistol doesn’t get hot. Unless they change his rules up for the new model that is.

          • jeff white

            so rare, yet so common, an intentional accident.

    • Seienchin

      Sounds like Matt Wardian writing… Finally papa smurf conquers Terra…

  • Commissar Molotov

    No, no, no, no, no. Just no. Gawd, no.

    • Seienchin

      Deal with it. Papa Smurf will be the new emperor and lead his unfaillable ultramarines into a a new era of fighting Chaos in Age of Guilliman!

      • zeno666

        Haha awsome!

  • disqus_dcbZY0MiwM

    IMO Abaddon should go. He’s cool and interesting in the HH fluff. But now he’s been the main bad guy for so long and I think it badly needs to change. I could see both the Emperor and Abaddon going.

    • Karru

      I disagree and here’s why. Of all the leaders of Chaos forces, there is no other “mortal” that can lead a chaos force as massive as the one Abaddon leads. Heck, even Daemon princes have troubles leading an army as large as the Black Legion. Only forces that still follow the Daemon Primarchs are as big as the forces at Abaddon’s command.

      This is my problem with them killing off Abaddon. If Abaddon dies, it means that Chaos will be led by another giant model. I don’t want that. I’d also prefer if the biggest and the baddest Chaos leader is still very much mortal. This makes Abaddon special over all other Chaos Leaders.

      • DJ860

        True and this is my problem with Abaddon dying, there’s literally nobody to take his place right now.

        • Karru

          That’s the other problem. If Abaddon dies, GW will replace him with another giant model. It gets extremely boring to see just ANOTHER giant leader model, especially if they start releasing more Daemon Primarchs.

          • amaximus167

            They will probably have Abaddon ascend, and that would just suck. He doesn’t need a giant model or to ride a 3 headed demon-dragon.

          • Karru

            Indeed. If GW really wants to milk money out of him, all they have to do is give him his own “command squad” similar to what they did with Calgar. A box of 6 models, Abaddon and 5 special Terminators. Make those Terminators multi-part and and most likely it will sell better than Magnus ever did.

          • amaximus167

            This is basically what me and all of my Chaos loving friends have been saying. We would all pick it up even though none of us play Black Legion.

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            Like, say, give him his own Mournival?

          • nurglitch

            The Chosen of Abbadon?

          • Shawn

            Just to be devils advocate – I see chaos players just lamenting about how piss poor the command squad is that GW doesn’t care about them.

          • Karru

            In this situation, Abaddon and a command squad would be better than a large model. In the current ruleset and most likely the next one. The larger model won’t be that tough and cannot hide or be protected properly. It will die in a single round of shooting and cost more than an Imperial Knight most likely.

            That’s why I’d much rather see a kit that can be used in multiple different Chaos projects, instead of one giant single use model that never sees the gaming table.

          • Shawn

            You definitely make some good points. It would be more practical for sure. Sure the primarchs were taller than men, but as big as an Imperial Knight? That’s a bit over done for sure.

          • Karru

            Isn’t Magnus roughly the size of an Imperial Knight? I have yet to see one irl, but isn’t almost all “giant” kits that GW releases these days around the size of an Imperial Knight?

        • zeno666

          Don’t worry GW will just give Matt Ward the order to retcon someone else into the fluff.
          Probably a space marine inside another space marine inside… a land raider! With spikes of course.

    • I’d like Abaddon to shift from a model to the fluff, as the new Emperor of Mankind.

  • It’s quite possible that Roboute enacts the contingency plan he did in 30k… the creation of Imperium Secundus. Again.

    I mean Guilliman knows the Emperor would hate what the Imperium has become… I’m sure Guilliman himself hates what the Imperium has become.

    • Earl Tower

      Now that is not a bad idea. A split in the human polities would be a fine new addition to the game. Whether they kill the Emperor or not, it would set up a whole new cycle of strife and might revitalize Humanity. Doesn’t say good things about us that war is such a renewing thing, but hey its the grimdark future.

      • amaximus167

        It would also help all those Imperial players form a narrative as to why they are fighting each other on the table.

  • kobalt60

    The emperor is a perpetual,like vulkan and gramatticus. If cypher kills him, he will be reborn, instead of held in the stasis/torment of the golden throne. And he’ll be pi55ed off. And we’ll get a 24″ tall emperor model

    • Ghosy01 .

      At this point he might as well become a god after he channels trillions of souls who worship him

    • CthulhuDawg

      I would buy an Emperor Class Titan ๐Ÿ˜›

    • blackbloodshaman

      Spoiler Alert, the Emperor is Nagash

      • NNextremNN

        Wait what? I thought the emperor is Sigmar? But yes he already has some undead fighting for him they just look more shiny and girly or with burning armour.

        • blackbloodshaman

          Maybe thats what Horus found out that cause him to rebel

          • NNextremNN

            I doubt that the 40K living saints and Legion of the dammed are what cause Horus to rebel.

        • Shawn

          Sigmar is just one of the unknown Primarchs.

      • Dan Brown

        Spending time re-reading his spell books? Must have a great cushion on his throne. My chair at my desk cripples me after 5 minutes.

        • euansmith

          The Golden Throne has a sweet flush too.

        • jeff white

          you need a new chair bro

      • Jim Collins

        Ynnead. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • David Leimbach

      Ahh, the Emperor will be like “Mars! I was telling you to kill me to get me off that throne for millenia, didn’t you see my eyes moving!!!”

    • NNextremNN

      Then why did he told Guilimen at the end of HH to put him into the golden throne?

      • My understanding is that in the old fluff the Emperor knew humanity would be damned unless he kept the astronomicon running. He also knew that the worship of individuals would eventually see him reborn as the Star Child. A Warp entity powerful enough to shield humanity from the taint of chaos. I’m sure this has all changed since then, so I’m not sure where things are heading now.

      • euansmith

        I guess it could have been a desperate emergency measure that he didn’t expect to last for 10,000 years.

        • NNextremNN

          That for sure but if that perpetual thing would still apply to him he could have told him to kill him resurrect and still sit on the golden throne. I’m pretty sure Horus did damage to him that can’t be shaken off that easily.

    • william timonen

      Warpcraft can kill perpetuals thou.

    • Seienchin

      Thats Tzeentchian Heresy!

    • There are different types of Perpetuals. Not all just come back over and over. They’re unique beings that share a long life. We can be pretty certain that Ollanius for example can’t come back like John, who even described the Emperor as different.

      Perpetuals don’t all play by the same rules. There’s no certainty with regards to the Emperor apart from that he has been alive since the first civlizations on Old Earth, and that he takes bloody ages to rot away. As far as we are aware, he has never died and been reborn. He might not be capable of it, unlike Vulkan who might have been engineered specifically with rebirthing features.

    • Shawn


    • zeno666

      Ah so thats why they’re bringing Epic back.

  • Ghosy01 .

    “The despoiler is just too important and critical villain ” lol………

  • Vance Murphy

    Is Cypher there to kill the emperor or is he there for the Redemption of the Dark Angels? It is said that Cypher travels to Terra dragging the Fallen with him to Present the sword he wears on his shoulder to the Emperor and thus redeem his Brethren. A massive fight between the Dark Angels, The Fallen , et al before the throne would Probably do that

    • Steve L Duelist

      Why not both, seek Redemption by killing the Emperor’s body so it can be reborn, and use the Lion’s blade to focus his soul into a body that could handle his might. *wink to a sleeping Lion

    • Antonio Salazar

      You mean those righteous dark angels attacking the fenris system right now? ๐Ÿ˜œ

      • NNextremNN

        Have you seen what was running around on that planet? I would exterminatus that one too.

        … also this was a few weeks months ago and not “right now”.

      • The War for Fenris is over. Great Companies involved in the defence have been involved at Cadia. Azrael commanded his Chapter to stand down, along with the other commanders.

      • Shawn

        Well, we all know that the Lion is really a traitor.

    • orionburn

      This is the angle I’m most curious about although I don’t expect much to happen in GSIII. The Dark Angels are going to flip out when they see Cypher running around with Gulliman. Assuming Gulliman trusts Cypher and the DA are doing everything they can to kill him it’s going to cause a mighty big rift. Don’t know what’s in store for the coming months but it’s going to be interesting.

  • Graham Bartram

    This IS NOT the end times! GW have told us this already.
    The Emperor IS NOT yet dead and so can communicate with his son. BOL’s ….calm down and take your meds.

    • ThorOdinson

      Uh huh. Didn’t they say similar things right before they nuked Warhammer Fantasy?

      • Randy Randalman

        No they didn’t. They announced it as the End Times almost immediately.

        • Loki Nahat

          sounds like you weren’t there man, you just weren’t there

          • euansmith

            That background really tied the game together, man.

          • Andrew

            “How’d the meeting with Mr. Games Workshop go?”

            “Great! He told me to pick out any background I wanted from Warhammer World.”

          • euansmith

            Genuine LOL

          • Andrew

            *I’ll paint your Orks for a thousand dollars.”

            “Is there an ATM around here?”

      • Drpx

        They told me it would be different this time and then double pinkie swore.

    • David Leimbach

      They said it’s not the end times like fantasy – they’re not going to blow up the universe and make a new ‘magical one.
      However they didn’t deny they were going to make massive changes. They already blew up Cadia! They didn’t deny a universe wide major changes to all factions and setting.

    • Karru

      What GW has said multiple times is that this is their way to move the plot along. This is something I guess people seem to misinterpret. End Times was this as well, it moved the plot forward.

      They can say “It’s not the End Times, we are not blowing up the galaxy” all they want, it still doesn’t change the fact that they don’t have to do that in order to make the game basically AoS in space. Just manifest Gork and Mork into the real space, resurrect the Emperor, bring back all the Primarchs and so on and boom, suddenly we have very similar situation to AoS where gods and demi-gods walk amongst mortals like it’s a standard.

      AoS happened because they went too far with the Fantasy narrative. They can do the same with 40k WITHOUT blowing up the galaxy.

      • Tesq

        no they said it’s not end of time aka models will not get any rewamp. End of times ment the end for a lot of faction and model as we knew em this wont happen to 40k. Evem if the back ground change space marine will remain space marine, they were this way in 30k there were in this way in 40k they will be the same in 50k too…

  • mgdavey

    Just one man’s opinion, but the plot of these Gathering Storm books is just as weak as that of End Times. When there’s no constraint on what’s possible based on what’s happened previously, then what’s the point?

    • Charon

      That is basically my biggest complaint. They spent years or even decades tio build story arcs and then suddenly drop them and let someone else resove it for no reason.

      Instead of having the known Eldar leader create the Ynnari who worked on this very event for millenias just introduce 2 new boring characters, one of them with a backgroundstory so cheesy it reeks of bad fanfic. Yes Im talking about the exarch “stalking” his student/love interest.

      • Drpx

        Also they made being Dark Eldar a “path.” Biggest dump taken on a faction since the Ward heresy.

        • Charon

          No. They did not make them a “path”.
          They made them a “choice”. this was established a long time before.
          There are more storys about Eldar changing factions. It is in their nature.

          • Drpx

            Choosing to have their souls gnawed on, ok.

    • Raffazza

      I thought the plot for the End Times (baring some exceptions) was pretty good really

    • Witch Beatrice

      isn’t 30 years of exactly the same 41st millenium good enough? How many more years to move to the 42nd millenium – another 30? I along with many applaud that they have the guts to move forward and show how desperate things are – biel tan and cadia destroyed, new gods birth, primarchs returning, old characters dying, new characters taking up the fight, sewing up loose ends, this is all good stuff.

  • Vance Murphy

    where ever Cypher goes Dark Angels goes and the Fallen too sounds like a mega battle on Terra for sure

  • DeCold

    So how I see it Abaddon/Guilliman becomes the Emperor and Cypher kills him. Mortarion takes over the galaxy and 8th edition will be Age of Nurgle, with a lot of love and hugs. The End.

    • Loki Nahat

      annnnd reset, just like EoT, when they realise that they truly borked it with Gathering Storm terribad writing, just like EoT… how many times was it now, twice, thrice? I forget.

  • Vance Murphy

    If Cypher is on Terra then there is virtually 100% chance that we will see the Dark Angels Legion (not chapter) as in all of the Unforgiven and there offshoots there. Will this be the REDEMPTION of the UNFORGIVEN or their true and final DAMNATION

  • Ronald A Price

    I got 3 words for all of you. PUFF PUFF PASS.

  • Will Evans

    What I could see happening (or rather, what I’m kinda hoping for, as opposed to some of the alternatives) is that Cypher kills the Emperor, so that he can be reborn… but no one knows *where* the Emperor has been reborn, thus prompting the primarchs to return and launch a massive crusade across the galaxy to find the Emperor, with a twist that, secretly, the Lords of Terra don’t actually *want* the Emperor to be found, for it would likely mean an end to their rule. Plus, there would be the usual threats to the Imperium not stopping their usual threatening stuff, plus some of the primarchs might be at cross-purposes… thus giving everyone an excuse to fight everyone else, which is the ideal situation for any 40k setting.

    • Johan Strandh

      I really like this theory. The plottwist would be pretty cool.

    • euansmith

      Now, that sounds tip-flippin’-top! There are loads of possibilities in there for tragedy and hi-jinks. Like the Grail Quest in Arthurian Legend; with various Errant Knights/Primarchs, having all sorts of separate adventures as they scour the Galaxy for the Emperor-child.

      • jeff white

        yeah, and then the poseurs

    • Graham Bartram

      If Cypher disappears at the point of the Emperors death and pops up most of the places that seem like a good lead for the new Emperor, then we can still keep the Cypher ambiguity going. Is he helping the new Emperor? or is he just trying to find him to finish the job?

    • Hendrik Booraem VI

      This theory is good, because it also justifies a Sisters of Battle/Adeptus Custodes army (being as they’re out in the galaxy looking for the Emperor reborn). Now if the Emperor would just be reborn on a planet with high gravity and lots of mineral resources…

  • georgelabour

    Hrmm okay new mad thought. SPOILER WARNINGS

    Throught the two books we’ve seen a HUGE number of warp storms breaking out due to a sudden rise in psychic activity. Usually this is the sign of some momentous occasion in the warp, such as the birth of Slaneesh, or the enslaver invasion that did in the old ones.

    Now, we know some of this was caused by Ynnead’s partial birth, Magnu’s plot to bring the world of sorceror’s into the material realm, and possibly worsened by the cascading failures of the necron pylons on various worlds.

    However what if all of these warp storms are actually the birth pangs of a reborn Emperor drawing in the psychic might of his subjects, and or the birth of a Star Child?

    For an even madder thought what if this Star Child had very different ideas about what the Imperium should be and Guilliman didn’t agree with this?

    Then we’d get an odd multi-racial alliance based around Ultramar, possibly with eldar, tau, etc, mixed in.

    Perhaps the areas near the eye of terror end up becoming partially corrupted but kept from falling completely by a oddly mutated Space Wolves chapter.

    Then we’d get various subkingdoms of indepdenent and or chaos aligned factions. Similar to the pre-crusade human empires the Imperium originally conquerd.

    And finally we’d have the Nuevo Imperialis led by the star child who may or may not be a good guy who might or might not be a chaos god.

    Now I just need to figure out Where those resurrected Tsons, Ahriman, Fulgrim, and the Knight worlds fit into all of this.

    • Loki Nahat

      I’m not entirely sure where youre spoilers are, may aswell be “mad rambling warning”, carry on, as you were

      • georgelabour

        You should probably read up on your 40k lore. Specifically anything involving the birth of slaneesh, and the two books Fall of Cadia, and Fracturing of Biel-Tan.

        The Star children stuff is a bit more obscure but that’s what lexicanum and a bit of googling is for if you wish to brush up on an obscure bit of nerddom.

        As for mad rambling..well the greatest prophets of the 40k verse are often noted lunatics. Or they’re space elves which is way worse.

        • Loki Nahat

          still have my Jaq Draco novels, I’m just saying most of it was incoherent

          • georgelabour

            It’s random ideas flittering away over the internet as I rode home in the cramped rear of a truck.

            Sorry it wasn’t more Shakespearean but at least I didn’t spell to many wo9odfs wrkng.

          • euansmith

            “… as I rode home in the cramped rear of a truck.”

            Man, getting across the border is getting harder every day.

    • euansmith

      +1 for referencing the Enslavers.

  • Randy Randalman

    Other than making a cool model, why would Abaddon be turned into a demon prince? He’s always rejected demonhood, just like Horus. Plus, and unlike Archaon, he’s failed the further the Chaos cause over and over again. He’s also no match for a Primarch in terms of combat, leadership, or charisma, and Chaos has several of those. Just doesn’t make any sense inside of the story arch.

    Emperor dying is fine. An evenly divided Imperium would be welcomed, and maybe the Eldar can go back to being true enemies of the Imperium again. Roboute acting as a Constantine type figure trying to restore unity and enact reforms across the empire would make for plenty of campaign supplements. Maybe it could then be divided amongst the returning brothers of Lemun Russ, Roboute, and Vulkan. Lots of places it could go which would be more interesting in sitting still forever.

    There are so many people whining that the time line is stagnant, but then whining harder about every single rumor they read of the story’s progression. Meanwhile offering no ideas of their own; just that they hate every possible direction.

  • Dragons Claw

    So where’s Corax

  • Basti Schreyer

    After the current story arc has finished in ~2018 will we all be able to say: โ€œI was there the day GW killed the Emperorโ€œ ?
    I am interested to see where GW wants to go with the story.
    However I simultaneously became less involved with 40k proper over the last years (partly due to external reasons) and shifted more to 30k.

    I have to say that it actually lessened the transition shock for me back in the day when Fantasy was replaced with AoS. Then I had basically stopped buying anything for it because of the new codices my races got.

    Now I am not trying to suggest everybody should stop being involved with 40k but keeping in mind that all editions and systems are finite is probably not a bad idea. Especially if you can remember how quick the release scedule for the end times books was. And how shortly after the latest book release Fantasy was ended.

    What I am trying to say is be careful with getting too invested.

    Not that my disposable income would allow me to keep up with GW’s rapidfire release scedule anyways. So I’ll have to sit it out anyways.

    • Karru

      Don’t worry, I’m amongst those that has already given up on GW. They don’t have the skills or the willingness to make a balanced or even remotely fun game out of 40k any more. I just buy the releases I am personally interested in and start new armies that are 5th edition fitting so I can continue to play with my friends.

      • Hawt Dawg

        The big question has yet to be answered!

        Did you rage quit?

        • Karru

          Of course I did. Took the biggest barrel of gasoline I could find, burned my entire collection and then bought another one to sent GW a real message!

          Oh wait…

  • David Leimbach

    Cypher kills the emperor and Guiliman takes his place on the golden throne to light the astronomicon. I called it first!

    • Karru

      That would be incredibly stupid. The problem with the Golden Throne is the fact that the one sitting in it has to be a powerful psyker. As far as I know, Guilliman is not a powerful psyker so it would be useless or GW would have to pull off a massive BS explanation that would even make Star Trek fans gasp with disbelief.

      • Reven

        It’s because so many space marines look to Magnus Calgar as their Spiritual Liege and by extension Guilliman! Emperor Guilliman will have two grav underslung Grav-Cannons connected two his Two Initiative 10 Strength D Powerfists and strangle an Avatar of Khaine and an Avatar of Ynnead at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Karru

          Sounds about right for 40k.

  • “I would not in any way surprised if 2016 brings us 2 loyalist and 2 daemon primarch…”
    Shouldn’t that be 2017?

  • Baldrick

    Robert Girliman returns, take Custodes on crusade to crush Abba-don and chaos. Cypher kills emperor. Dante becomes new Emperor of mankind.

    • Karru

      Excuse me?! Did you just misspell the name of the glorious Rowboat Girlyman?! HERESY!

      • William Jameson


      • Baldrick

        Lol, noted

    • Loki Nahat

      it’s Robot Girlyman to you

      • Baldrick

        LOl, ok, noted

  • Christie Bryden

    id much rather failadon died. sorry hes had all this time to be archeon, but hes not archeon.

    • Emprah

      Expect he has to fight an entire very well armed Imperium, not a tiny little backwater empire that is at best an even match for the chaos vikings.

      • Christie Bryden

        and HIGHLY magical elves, and HIGHLY skilled dwards, and EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE PLANET AND BEYOND TO THE POINT THE CHAOS GODS THEMSELVES ARE CONCERNED. the guy is above a demon prince and greater demons hes practicaly a chaos god himself now. against a degenerating empire thats just as liklily to kill itself than the guy with the glowing red eyes…. yeah archeon wins.

  • William Jameson

    “I would not in any way surprised if 2016 brings us 2 loyalist and 2 daemon primarchs to set up new teams of enemies for 40k 8th edition.”

    I would be fairly surprised at this considering we’re now in 2017. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • NNextremNN

      Maybe some warp time travel shenanigans ???

  • william timonen

    Why would the custodes listen to not-Emperor?

    • NNextremNN

      Maybe they are bored? They didn’t get much action the last few years. It’s not like the emperor will go anywhere and won’t be there when they come back … probably …

    • Baldrick

      Because Girlyman is a hero-ine……and custodes are looking for a hero to lead them to glory once again…….currently all they are doing is converting oxygen to carbon dioxide….

      • gyar

        Are the Custodes like Minons that need a good guy boss to serve?

        • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

          Master of Mankind established they were utterly loyal to the Emperor, I doubt they would hope onto a different boss even if a good guy (they would most likely consider what Guilliman is working on but would never disobey the Emperor). They are most likely following the same orders from the Big E from 30k still (afaik that is fighting demons that are seeping in from the golden throne breech).

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        Actually, fluff indicates that they are figing 24/7/365 in the Empys Webway, wich was shatterded by Bignippelman.

  • Aezeal

    Why is a bad on critical. His role could be filled by anyone. Get blessing of chaos gods, smash heads and start a crusade.

    • Baldrick

      ‘Why is a bad on critical’…….wtf……..?

      • Aezeal

        Yeah tablet autocorrect…

      • euansmith

        I fear, the nefarious spellfecker has struck again; engarblenating Aezeal’s words. “Why is Abaddon critical”.

  • Prof. Voland

    you mean 2017 right?

  • Siruswraith

    I see Robot collecting the custodes and what little Smurfs he can gather and leading a crusade against Abaddon. In his absence, Cypher kills the Emperor. This catalyst calls back or wakes existing loyalist Primarch’s wherever they are, I don’t wanna know. Lion wakes up and finally does Cypher in like he shoulda 9k ago.
    Meanwhile, Girlyman kills Abaddon, finally! But this opens up the Black Legion to be run by none other than Lorgar, Abaddon may or may not become a Daemon Prince, I don’t care. Cool way to bring about a new model.
    Lorgar gathers the remaining Daemon Primarchs, and we have the Loyalist Faction Primarchs versus the Chaos Faction Primarchs.
    Welcome to 41K… 8th Ed. or Warhammer 40k Age of Primarchs.

    • euansmith

      41K: Ultimate Smackdown Edition!

    • Graham Bartram

      If Cypher kills the Emperor I would rather it be because he is ultimately loyal and knows the Emperor is an Eternal who will be reborn upon his death. The drama of the scene playing out with the Custodes and Girlyman as Cypher lobs the Emperors head off could be great fun. I like the idea of a blinding light as the deed is done and the Custodes with Girlyman rush in to slay Cypher only to be pushed back by the Emperors light as he steps forth and declares Cypher under his protection. After all, why would an eternal with a mind like the Emperor not plan for a get-out just in case of perpetual internment?

      • Dan Wilson

        Exactly this. This this this.

      • Zedatkins Zed

        Yes. Precisely this. But maybe Cypher has another card to play – maybe he’ll kill the emperor AND postpone his resurrection thereby making Terra vulnerable long enough for Chaos to attack but ultimately risking the Emperor’s return/apotheosis/ascension.

        Isn’t there some lore out there that the Ecclesiarchy & High Lords of Terra don’t want the Emperor back – that they’d loose their power. So keeping him on th Golden Throne isn’t actually about the webway access or warp travel it’s about the selfishness of the lesser men.

  • euansmith

    Cypher kebabs Abaddon and the Emperor with the Sword of the Lion?

    • Graham Bartram

      Oo.. .that’ll cause a few “toasted army” Youtube videos.

      • Maitre Lord Ironfist

        Mh, Kebab. Best invention since Heresy

  • Guillermo Cordido

    What if killing the emperor turns him into an order god so we can have one god to level things in the warp?

    • Graham Bartram

      He’s doing that now, if he dies he will be reborn as he is an eternal.

  • Graham Bartram

    Maybe it will go down like this:

  • Anthony Larkins

    Maybe he kills the emperor and then puts Abb on the golden throne! :O

  • Bellumvinco

    It’ll be interesting to see how Terra doesn’t become over run with Daemons after the Emperor dies. Otherwise him being trapped on the Golden Throne for 10,000 years, constantly fighting daemons trying to come through the tare in reality Magnus made to get his message to the Emperor becomes a COLOSSAL waste of time.

  • Dan Wilson

    This is what I was hoping for all along, Cypher intends to kill the emperor so that he can be reborn at FULL POWA.

  • Bellumvinco

    I mean, Malcador the Sigillite had to sit on it while the Emperor was on the Vengeful Spirit trying to sort out Horus’ daddy issues. And it killed him. Magnus is the only one other than the Emperor that can sit on the Emp’s version of the Akashia (can’t remember how to spell it) Reader without getting snuffed.

  • Emprah

    There are two problems with this:

    -The current codex says that if the Emperor dies, Chaos wins.
    -Perpetuals, as much as I hate the concept, are resurrected instantly as they are near where they fell.

    So the Emperor, if somehow killed, would reborn just as he is with all his memories intact in the close vicinity of the Golden Throne, around a hundred meters away from it best. It is not reincarnation into a new body, but your old body ressurecting where it lay. Not Korra the Avatar but Jesus in Space.

    Finding him would be easier than ordering some french fries.

    Also the Emprah is just too iconic a character to permakill. What would all the Imperials shout? For the Guilliman just does not have the same marketing ring.

    Abaddon being killed only to return as a giant plastic demon prince model is just more likely. A very expensive one, hopefully with arms that stay attached.

  • MechBattler

    How is that a new rumor? The theory about Cypher killing Emps has been around as long as the character has.

  • Knight

    If the emperor dies who will take over the astronomica? Otherwise ships will be lost / attacked / isolated considerably more.

  • Ira Clements

    Maybe Cypher IS the Emperor? Reborn or posessed or incarnated or something. If they follow AoS template Sigmar was incarnated basically. Seems like a poor fit for 40k. Its supposed to be “grim-dark”.

  • Graham Roden

    Mortarian always thought he should have been warmaster. Why would a primarch follow a legionary? There’s some good mileage in this rumour. Also if you believe the fluff only 2 legions operate as a unified force and one of them has no true loyalties to anyone.

  • Christopher Witecki

    Why arent we considering Imperium Secundus? 40k is based on world history, our history. I want the Holy Roman Empire! But I wont hold my breath.

    Sounds like they are in danger of permanently changing their setting. Killing him is fine, it’s what they do with him after that worries me. He should just get up and yell “About time!”. But it’s hip to be different right? For example, They kill him and Sigmar ascend him to the warp, forgetting that’s he’s a perpetual or worse claiming that while Vulkan was perpetual, the Emperor wasn’t LOL oopsy! Gone from the setting in anything but lip service. Or they could reincarnate him into an Empress or a bunch of lower case Es. Could this be good? Anything can be good with superb writers and knowledge of ones roots. That’s what worries me. The original writers were educated history buffs. The new writers seem to be consuming a diet of netflix more than the library. If you love the existing tone of the game it’s due in part to the educated and skilled writing of the older editions.

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong and I get to buy the Emperor model, because though these “what a twist!” moments seem clever now, in ten more years they’ll look like cheap fad and then… reboot.

  • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

    Age of the Emperor has me worried, it can either be really fun and fresh or I am going to nerd rage at them destroying the setting/IP that I love.

    All I know is that if Cypher does kill the Emperor, there would be no way the Dark Angels would not be excommunicate traitoris maxima.

  • Grumpy Scot

    It’s worth remembering that the Emperor can actually communicate. It’s heavily implied that he spoke to Saint Alicia Dominica, to end the Reign of Blood.

  • Roman Himmelhan

    hmmm, why not kill the emperor to make him into one of the gods of order? And while he’s at it and doing his ascending thing, he kicks some butts and awakes his other fellow gods of order. And then people will realize that not only chaos is to fear…

  • jmaximum

    Johnson and Russ are still on their buddy road-trip movie through the Eye of Terror, right?
    Who else is still alive that they could ‘rationally’ (i use the word loosely) resurrect?

  • Tesq

    there are problems with all these speculation; let’s compare fantasy pre aos and aos*

    archaonn was a mortal which exatly as sigmar became powerfull enough to be called a god (not omnipotent by you got it)
    in fantasy there were not very much powerfull guys; the power creep was very low.

    If we have to compare 40k , 30k and fantasy then we see that the power creep was mirrored 30k and fantasy BUT in 40k this could change radically as if the good side get the emperor back then the other side would not have a enough powerfull being to coutner him.
    This is the situation of abaddon, he is not powerfull enough as any deamon primarch (look also model cost almost 300 pt vs 600pt of magnus) but he is still the main villain for the chaos forces.
    This make things unclear as what happen if abby die? There is currently no villan to replace.
    And when i mean there is not i mean not in power but in image. Abaddon have the charisma to unite all the traitors legions and the rest of the renegade what happen if he die? How can gw replace such a canon and overpresent character which have no equal as rappresentation to be the mai villain?

    Aos still have archaon and sigmar

    but a future 41k cannot have abby and the emperor alive the pwoer creep is too much if the empero even recover half what it was before i think the only way to fight it would be magnus and angron to fight togheter against him.
    This does not fit well with the super good guy vs super bad guys we are used in these setting.
    So eventually the emperor could die but i think thing will not go as we image because the background of the faction need a poitn of balance in the power creep of the force on the field.
    Will maybe abaddon eventually became more powerfull than a deamon primarc and so will be able to stand to what the other side will have to challenge him? maybe a less stronger empror or a rebirth emperor?
    What if abby get killed and someone replace him?

    How crimson slaughter fit in all of this? ye because they are present litteraly in anything BL is at, they are being pushed from 6ed and they are getting even more attention exept in book than other characters. You also have to understand that kranon and archaon have tzeench in common.
    The end of time was pushed in fantasy by tzeench, archaon recived more of his power up from tzeench.
    In the same way Crimson slaughter had been cursed by tzeench andthey are over rappresented. They had been forced into chaosby currenty 6 ed fluffdue to this curse what will be their destiny?
    They basically win every battle they are put at, if they loose it only get to their advantage as chapter (just like searhing the stone from free themself from the voices.
    This is way more complicated than what we think, mysterious character such cypher and alpha primarcs add even more mystery to a alredy complicated situation; also guilliman was the less expected for a primarc return

  • miniwar monger

    Killing the Emperor !? Hell yeah !!

    And then let him be reborn in some way. Guiliiman is way too boring a chap to lead the Empire.

  • matus

    How about

    -Cypher kills the emperor.
    -Emperor reincarnated
    -Emperor starts offensive against chaos with his primarch son and custodes and puts the world back to the imperium as intended.
    -41k becomes functionally identical 30k and everyone is willing to pay lots of money like they do to forge world.

    • euansmith

      ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tlhswallow RGN

    2016? you mean 2017?

  • One thing I think is possible that Cypher is there to kill the emperor, however in doing so he will in reality free him to become similar to a chaos god. Right now the throne is a trap and over 10k years I am sure he has acquired enough to reach godhood.

    That way the imperium will still stand/ the astronomicon will still function, etc. In the process the eldar will repair the breach in the webway on terra so he doesnt have to hold that back as well.

    Not full on endtimes but it gives the imperium a new leader, frees the custodes to join the fight, and gives the opportunity for a significant change in the functioning of the imperium.

    Pure conjecture but I think it is what they are going to do that advances the storyline while not going full age of sigmar.