Age of Sigmar: Death Needs A Hand


Order, Chaos and even Destruction are getting love these days in Age of Sigmar – Nagash needs some help.

Since the Age of Sigmar was launched, we can all agree that Order has gotten the love.  The entire Stormcast Eternals faction arrived like a bolt from the blue, taking up the vast majority of the initial “Summer of Sigmar” back in 2015.  We’ve seen golden swordsmen, golden archers, golden rangers, golden paladins, golden Skeletors, golden angels, golden dragon riders (both small and large) and then some. On top of that we’ve gotten a large percentage of the old Warhammer Fantasy ranges such as the Elves and humans being rolled into the Order faction. Their Grand Alliance books is thick indeed.


Chaos is the next Grand Alliance to feel the love of Nottingham.  The Chaos range was always large, and the combination of mortal chaos followers, daemons Skaven, and Beastmen give them just as mighty of a faction.  Khorne and now Tzeentch have received exhaustive attention before you throw in the stunning hallmark kits for the faction like this guy:

ArchaonEverchosen02 99120201045_ArchaonEverchosen05

Destruction, was off to a shaky start, but slowly but surely found it’s feet.  Orks & Goblins, plus Ogre Kingdoms is a strong base, and the addition of IronJaws and Beastclaw Raiders have given the faction some real teeth on the tabletop. The factions isn’t the largest but it can punch above it’s weight.


Then we come to the sad state of Death.  Ok, they have Nagash – let’s get that out of the way. He’s GIANT, and really mean. But do you really want to hang your entire faction on having to bring out the big guy to the tabletop each time and wrap your army around his model?  The loss of the Tomb Kings range leaves Death with only the remnants of the old Vampire Counts minis with the “Nagash & Dead Friends” additions from the End Times expansion.  To be honest it’s not enough. During the Age of Sigmar Summer Campaign Death was rarely seen. They had practically no effect and I can’t blame the players.


The range is tiny and aside from a handful of models, old and uninspired. At it’s core it’s the standard halloween gaggle of skeletons, ghouls, ghosts and vampires. Flesh Eater Courts was admirable from a fluff point of view, but a band-aid on the faction at most.  I have every faith that GW can create evocative highly stylized kits for a particular faction. One only needs to look at the Sylvaneth to see how they can take an old trope like “wood elves” and make them awesome and wholly their own.



less this…99120204020_sylvanethwargrove01

more this…

But the undead of the Age of Sigmar desperately need to become something wholly unique to the 8 Realms.  Players need to see a range of the dead that can’t be replicated by generic models available from competitors. In short the forces of Nagash need to dig their way from the grave with a big helping of GW digital sculpting style.

I have no idea what inspiration GW could borrow from, but there are volumes of unique and chilling undead folklore out there from cultures the world over.  We need more spine chilling units and concepts. Things that would put fear into deamons, and less “Ghosts & Goblins”.


~In the end everyone becomes servants of Nagash. Now if only GW can push some players his way…


  • neshta

    Couldn’t have said it better!!

  • Chris Norvall

    While I agree, let’s not go knocking a classic like Ghosts and Goblins now. That’s uncalled for man

  • Loki Nahat

    so you want an undead faction without skeletons, zombies and ghouls?

    Get out.

    • neshta

      Well, I think it’s more that we already have those things. So it might be nice to get a new faction for death/a new take on a classic kind of undead monster.

      • niz-mizzet

        I see where your coming from but the issue comes from what else is their that GW hasn’t done yet that would fit

      • Flan man

        Or you could be one of the factions that hasn’t had a new model in 5+ years, like the empire.

    • Golden Yak

      I think a purely spectral undead force could be cool. The Phantasmal Host, something like that. Tons of ghosts and ghost-knights, everything from phantom foot-men to huge phantasmal kings riding giant ghostly beasts. Troops that are both the classic wispy white-spectral variety, others that are Grim Reaper-esque with cloudy black-cloaked bodies.

      Flesh-Eater Courts sort’ve took the one undead type, ghouls, and spun it
      out into a faction. I think it’s a little goofy personally with its winged ghouls, but the lore is neat – feeding ghouls different types of creatures causes them to mutate. You
      could try it with other undead types too. With zombies, maybe some kind of Frankenstein’s Monster type faction, with necromancer-engineers stitching together all kinds of unliving flesh-golems, exotic zombies, and huge patchwork war machines.

      • euansmith
        • Imrahil

          I play them. They are fun, but a bit limited…

        • Golden Yak

          Cool. I was thinking of those phantom horses pulling the Mortis Engine when I was talking about the Phantasmal Host idea. An army with a lot of different troops designed with that ghostly aesthetic in mind.

          • euansmith

            I got a Mortis Engine for the Vampire Lady bits, but now I’ve separated out the three spooky ghost ladies (three Banshees), the horse riders (with a bit more work I should have three cool, ghostly Hexenwraiths) and the infantry ghosts (four Spirit Hosts) 😀 I even get a free Necromancer and some scatter terrain too!

    • ReverendTiberiusJackhammer

      Making them Adjective Undead could do the trick. We’ve seen the Realm of Death-native Undead now, but let’s have Nagash start settling other realms, resulting in elemental Undead.

      Realm of Beasts frankensteined animal zombies, Realm of Life mushroom/worm monsters (decomposition theme), Realm of Fire… skeletons on fire, use the Realm of Light to reintroduce a form of Tomb Kings (the Warsphinx kit is too great to leave gone forever, I hope).

      • Loki Nahat

        sounds awful, yep would fit right in

  • Matt Willis

    How about they just bring back the Tomb Kings? 🙂

    • EnTyme

      I’ve heard rumors (semi-reliable source) that we will eventually get some undead with a similar aesthetic.

      • euansmith

        Taeioumb Kyngs!

        • Neil Burns

          I’m sure you meant Tayamburian Kayaings. Can’t have it be too similar to the original now.

          • euansmith

            Komb Tings was a certain ring to it.

        • Wraith

          Mors Aegyptar, or summat…

          • euansmith

            “Sepulchro Regum”? Ooops, no, that’s High Gothic. Wrong game.

    • Mathew G. Smith

      I think they are, the Godbeasts book set up the Crimson Monarchy as basically the same thing.

    • DeadlyYellow

      Didn’t they resurrect Settra at the end of ET Nagash and never do anything with him afterwards?

  • Beefcake the mighty

    You mean a faction is being neglected in a GW game? Nonsense! Fake news I say!!😂

    • JL

      Yeah but Sigmarines got an update! What more do you want?

      • Titus

        Yes they did! AND one of their artifacts was made by a great Necromancer. AND Stormcast ARE dead hero’s, SO they have updated undead technically 😉

  • Old zogwort

    They could bring back Richter Kreugar the Damned and his Cursed Company.

  • Alvin Adorno

    it would be cool if they added Frankenstein to the death faction. death should be the biggest and strongest every one dies.

  • Mike mad cow

    New zombie models please! How about some mummies. The big bad daddy kings guard type. Some good looking fell bats , maybe a Wraith unit. Werewolves could be cool. All kinds of directions to take it.

    • euansmith

      They could make a unit of vampire infantry, and a unit of werewolf infantry, and then release a boxed game with the two units and an exclusive Kate Beckinsale mini!

      • Mike mad cow

        I’d buy that for a dollar !

        • Titus

          So little for Vamp Kate?! What would you pay for an Edward mini? O.o

  • Mike mad cow

    Also summoning in its current form hurts death. After all that’s kind of their thing. So if it’s just a fancy deepstrike mechanic that doesn’t really help them, like it used too.

    • Munn

      Yeah, turns out getting free models is alway better than paying for them. Who knew? The issue with death is NOT it’s overall competitiveness, it’s its monobuild nature and limited model range.

      • Karru

        Well, it’s their rules that hurt them and lack of good summoning is part of it.

        GW basically took the old Vampire Counts rules for their Undead when making the Death faction. The problem is that they also took their very mediocre statline and fighting abilities as well for the basic units. Before AoS, Vampire Counts relied on their ability to summon new units constantly while healing their existing units, making sure that while their side took way more damage than the opponent, they could fight the long game and win.

        This is no longer possible in AoS due to the summoning rules. You are still paying points for those summoned units, so it makes no difference if they are on the battlefield or not. This makes all but Fleshcourt weak within the Death faction as Fleshcourt doesn’t suffer from this “mechanic” as badly as other Death factions do.

        All GW has to do when it comes to balancing summoning is to just take the old Vampire Count spells back. You can only summon Zombies and Skeletons and you can heal your existing units back to their starting size. They also don’t have to pay “summoning” points for those units. This already allows for undead to become more useful as a faction as they now have a solid mechanic to rely on.

        • James Nicolson

          Exactly. It’s so dumb ruining skeleton and zombie lists just because the summoning was broken.

          • Karru

            Yeah. Some people have this strange idea that ALL summoning is bad for the game. The problems only comes when it’s used to bring in stuff that normally wouldn’t be acceptable. Basically everything that couldn’t be summoned in the 8th edition Vampire Counts Army Book. Skeletons, Zombies and Dire Wolves. These units were balanced around the fact that you could bring them in during the game. Problem is that now they are way worse thanks to the fact that you cannot bring them in any more. It’s just extremely bad game design.

            All they have to do is give them a rule that works outside the summoning rules.

          • Flan man

            Its dumb that they fixed something that was broken?

          • Karru

            It’s dumb that they removed the Skeleton and Zombie lists. Now almost all Death armies are just Flesh Eater Courts, because Ghouls at least can dish out damage before they die.

            We are not talking about the release of AoS summoning here. We are talking about the way Undead worked BEFORE AoS. Before, all VC or Tomb Kings could do in terms of “summoning” was bring in Skeletons, Zombies and Dire Wolves. They could heal their old units, but not increase their numbers beyond starting point, only exception was Zombies. Skeletons and Dire Wolves could be brought in as new units, to replace those that fell.

            This allowed for very unique and fun lists for VC. They could bring both Skeletons and Zombies. Now all they can really do is bring the Flesh Eater Court army with Ghouls.

          • James Nicolson

            Hey, if you interpret it that way go for it.
            Vampire counts = summoning, reinforcing units. It was broken in it’s past guise (You can summon anything including zombie dragons LuL). But hey, now we will make you pay for those extra meat shields as if it was already in your list. Sucks to play Deathrattle now, only thing that last more than a turn is Flesh eater courts.

        • dark-tadpole

          I don’t have the rules to hand at the moment but I’m sure that you can raise models back into units without spending points you just have to pay for points for raising entirely new units.

          • Karru

            You can resurrect up to your starting model count. So if I have a unit of 40 Zombies and I lose 10, I can bring back 10 models but not more.

            The problem with the current situation is that their strategy was based on the fact that you could overwhelm your opponent with additional units of zombies and skeletons. They tarpit your opponent and die very fast. Then you sent more zombies and skeletons to tarpit and they die. During this time, your more elite units like Grave Guard and Black Knights annihilate the enemy by coming in from the flanks or rear. This was the old VC way in Fantasy.

            The current problem is that those units die faster than you can resurrect them and I mean too fast. Those 40 zombies with resurrection will die in 1-2 turns without dealing any significant damage to the opponent. That’s why having the ability to bring more would help them a great deal.

            A normal VC army usually spent more points on their Elite units and Lords/Heroes. You also brought one or two large blocks of Zombies and/or Skeletons to support you. The rest you brought in during the game as chaff units. They soaked charges or held people in place long enough to get a charge in from your larger and meaner Elite units.

            Now they have to spent all those points on Zombies and Skeletons. This reduces their fighting capability by a lot and makes the army overall very weak. The point is that Death would be much stronger, but not broken, if they made Zombies, Dire Wolves and Skeletons summonable without the need for points.

        • Flan man

          I have to strongly disagree with this statement. Almost the entire death faction has some mechanic to regain free models back each turn. Something that no other faction can really do.
          I think another misconception is that summoning is just a deepstrike mechanic. Its more of a reactionary tactic. The Death player can see what their opponent puts down on the table, then pull from their collection whatever unit might be a good counter unit.

          • Karru

            Units like Zombies and Skeletons suffer from one thing regarding the ability to bring back their dead. It’s only D6 models they gain, with the exception of zombies who can bring new models that they kill on a roll of a 6.

            Problem is that those models die way faster than they are supposed to. Zombies have no save, have a range of 1″ and hit on a 6+ as well as wound on a 6+. They get benefits from their numbers, which will dwindle faster than they can bring their dead back.

            It’s not that great when you realise that those 30-40 zombies die before they can get more than 4 models back into their unit. Their standard rules don’t give them anything to stay them in the fight. They lose 10+ models per fight, while they aren’t able to return damage to their attackers.

            I do agree with the misconception that summoning is not Deep Strike. Deep Strike is more reliable and useful. Summoning requires you to sacrifice a good amount of your points in order to have only a chance to bring something in. At least in 40k my opponent isn’t able to block that attempt. Meanwhile the Death player has to keep their summoners alive, have to succeed on their summoning roll and then hope that their opponent fails to block it.

          • Flan man

            D6 models back per turn is still more than 90% of the rest of the units in the game. Free points is free points. Couple that up with your entire army doing this, grave guard, skeletons, black knights ect. then you are at an advantage since you are basically slowly playing with more points than your opponent had at the beginning of the game.

            In regards to summoning, if you put majority your army’s points into your summoning pool then your just playing poorly. Its meant to put one or two units worth of points aside to summon counter units. And most of your army summons new units around a 5+, so I wouldn’t say its a chance, it’s almost a guarantee. Also your opponent cannot dispell if he is not within 18″ of your wizards, so the first two turns you should be uncontested for casting. Double that up with as I said putting only one or two units aside you literally cannot be stopped.

          • Karru

            We are still talking about 200+ pts worth of not that reliable units that could be on the field. Also, I was still talking about having the ability to summon Skeletons, Zombies and Dire Wolves. I do not want the days of Death auto winning every game because they could just duplicate their army every turn.

            I don’t remember hearing this much complaining about VC summoning Zombies, Skeletons and Dire Wolves before AoS was released. Why do you think that was? Could it be that the units themselves were balanced around the idea that you brought more in during the game? This is the problem with current Death armies. Their basic units still rely on their ability to bring back their fallen as they are unable to dish out as much damage as others, nor can they survive the damage they suffer. They supplement this with summoning, something that is no longer possible since those units die faster than they can be resurrected.

          • Flan man

            As always Karru, you go right into sarcastic complaining, rather than acknowledging any valid points. We could all do with a little less of that. Ok pumpkin? Ok.

            If I asked any opponent to play a 1500 point game but I told them that I am going to bring 1700 points, no one would agree to that. So a free 200+ points is much better than you give it credit for. Regardless of which unit you are referring to.

            To answer your question, Yes, I did hear people complaining about summoning new units of Zombies, Skeletons, and Direwolves in WFB. The ability to summon new units both behind and to the flanks of your opponents units made any counter tactics incredibly difficult. And once again, having more points than your opponent means you are at a distinct advantage, no matter the quality of the units in question.

            If you’re saying that the units that you take are sub-optimal at dealing damage, then take units that are better at it. Grave Guard, Black Knights, Crypt Flayers, Hexwraiths. If you want more durability, then take things that ignore rend like Wight Kings (With banner), Spirit Hosts, Hexwraiths, Mournguls. If your want both and have the ability to summon new units for free, and then when they take casualties get more models back for free, then it seems that you have not interest in playing a fair or balanced game, you only want to win.

          • Karru

            In other words, do not use Zombies or Skeletons. There is a reason why we don’t see that many Death armies outside Flesh Eater Court. When you remove Zombies and Skeletons from the Death army, there is very little point in playing them. It’s just better to go with Flesh Eater Court as it is much more balanced overall. You don’t have any absolutely useless units to worry about.

            Zombie and skeleton lists are completely useless in AoS as they are now. They have no staying power, they have no damage output, are very slow and are overall just waste of points. What would be the solution for this 60 and 80pts units that hit on a 6+ and wound on a 6+? Having the ability to bring more of them during the game.

            The other option is to make them 20-30pts per 10 models, then they might see some use for their statline.

        • Mike mad cow

          What he said

      • Mike mad cow

        That’s arguable for most factions of most games. Still a skeleton isn’t winning any UFC championships, it’s their expenadable nature that makes them useful

    • Flan man

      Same is said for Saraphon, & Deamons. Neither of which regains models each turn without summoning.

  • LordCastellan Vas

    It’s time or a an expanded Soulblight faction, in the baroque style of the deathlords. I want to see a hyper-elite infantry squad of post apocalyptic vampires backed up by necro-constructs of bone, spirits, and dark magic. The new design vocabulary for the faction I right there in nagash, the morghasts, and the death lords. The throw in a crazy evil Priest of Nagash model, and some Calvary with vampires riding bat-winged terrors from beyond the grave

    • bobrunnicles

      They even had a bunch of this kind of stuff already in the Tomb Kings (Necrosphinx, Ushabti, Necropolis Knights etc) but rather than repurpose some of the most attractive models in the game they dumped the lot 🙁

      • LordCastellan Vas

        I expect we’ll see the newer tomb kings models return as a new faction eventually. Don’t forget: Settra survives the End Times. They made a point of establishing that and foreshadowing his temptation from some powerful and godlike being. But I think as far as designing a new faction goes that they would be better served to find a new design aesthetic, probably something closer to the sort of biomechanoid style of nagash.

  • Huntard

    So Mornghuls, Acherai and Neferata on a steed of spirits bound to bone don’t work for you? There are already a decent amount of really beautiful death models out there from the glut of things they got during End Times.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      That’s not the point, the point is that AoS will be almost 2 years old and there haven’t been any new Death sculpt.

      Worst, current summoning rules are hindering Death; plenty of their infantry are subpar and they can’t summon units efficiently.

  • Why for a new faction for Death maybe based on…the Las Plagas parasite? An army of parasites and infected hosts in service to the God of Death…

  • Beefcake the mighty

    Maybe they are trying to trademark death. Corporate lawyers are running around cemeteries taping subpoenas to tombstones.

    • euansmith

      Marvel Comics do claim to have a copyright on “Death”.

  • WindSplash

    well maybe if they hadnt gotten completely rid of tomb kinds… or the old world for that matter.

    I find AOS lore completely uninteresting so wathevs.

  • benn grimm

    The Vampire Counts range is still pretty excellent, though new zombies (which are just zombies, not super muscled armoured caricatures of zombies please) would be nice, the ‘current’ kit is a bit past it.

    • Lord Elpus

      Mantic Zombies are way nicer and better scale; no jazz hands there!

      • benn grimm

        Lol. Yeah, most other companies’ zombies are better atm.

        • Adam Murray

          Interesting when Duncan Rhodes did a painting tutorial on zombie flesh they used the zombies from the corpse cart.

          • benn grimm

            Makes sense.

    • Titus

      Bats. We need bats. Other companies have great bats, but they are limited in design. So yes, plastic bats . . .

  • Kritarion

    I would be happy with big boxes of skeletons and Zombies on rund bases.

  • SacTownBrian

    I’m not sure I agree. Sure the battleline troops are uninspiring. But the Mortarchs and Morghasts are great. The Mortis engine and Coven throne are also amazing models and the updated spirit hosts fit this whole theme of this entire set. The Hexwraith/Black Knights are attractive and there isn’t any thing wrong with the Banshee and Wraith models, rules wise or asthetically. And let’s face it, the Morngul is a literal beast of a model, with amazing rules, that fits perfectly with the spirit wrapped theme. Maybe you are just focusing on the old models too much?

  • rtheom

    I’d like some new zombies and a new zombie dragon, please. That kit is good for the Terrorgheist, but it has never filled the role of Zombie Dragon properly.

  • Kveldulf

    I rather like the simplicity of gothic style medieval fantasy. Maybe one day, after ultra high fantasy has run its course, it’ll come back to that.

  • Karru

    I guess AoS is supposed to be one of those super hero fights with nothing but big things hitting each other, but I’d prefer if there was still “smaller” things running around. Regular humans, elves and even goblins would be nice to see.

    This is one of the design choice issues I have with AoS. Every release seems to focus more on the “how can we make these models as big as possible” than “how can we make this army look like an army”. Sigmarines and Sylvaneth both suffer from this. Both have very large models as their base troops led by even larger models.

    Chaos at least had some regular folk running around, making them more interesting looking on the battlefield and actually look like an army. Same thing with the Fyreslayers.

    That’s why I’d prefer if GW released some new zombies and human/elf/dwarf models that still retained their normal size. I’d also prefer if their posing was more “disciplined” than the Fyreslayers for example. Take inspiration from the Lord of the Rings kits.

  • Eleenth

    They could put some Gargoyles or Werwolves 🙂

  • Pocketfulofgeek

    Death has plenty of “chaff” to choose from at the moment… The best thing they could get next would be a “Battletome: Soulblight”, with plastic Blood Knights, Vampire infantry, and some plastic Vampire characters (on foot and mounted).

    Give death some “Elite” choices outside of the Morghasts.

  • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

    I have had a blast playing AoS, I play Seraphon, and I really want to see Death getting some love.

    At least they have three awesome Start Collecting! kits, but they really need something else.

    The old Vampires could use an update; while the range does look quite nice, but over half of their range are heroes and only three of their kits are plastic.

    I would love to see a new Vampire infantry and plastic Blood Knights for a Soulblight release.

    From there, pick another “minor” faction and flesh it out. Skeletons and Phantoms (I wouldn’t use the actual names atm, they are all dea-something) are the strongest from there.

    The Skeletons could get a chariot and some kind of machine. The Phantoms are actually quite complete, they only need one or two new sculpts to flesh out the range.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    It is wierd how they did skeletons. The guard and heavy cav are OK, but they have models for archers, light horsemen, archers on horses, and chariots that aren’t even distinctly Tomb Kings but they refuse to roll them into generic Deathrattle. All we get is one generic spearmen unit (swords are objectively worse and cost the same points). Especially since lore wise Deathrattle is basically Tomb Kings led by Wights.

  • Aezeal

    Now now.. they had the releases other factions had.. big cavalry, several heroes and a large demi-god.. they where the first one to get it all.
    Some new skellies and zombies is all they deserve.

  • Aezeal

    Morghast, Mortarchs and a god.. they have what then need except a battle tome with artefacts, battletraits, allegiance abilities and spells for a vampire and a ghostly army. Both with skellies and zombies as basic troops. A few fluffy formations in addition to that.
    And then just for the sales new zombies and skellies…. and… maybe a new HUGE zombie dragon or skeleton giant or something.

  • Katharina Zauner

    So it is!

    We need more Death models (and we need Tomb Kings or anything like that back)”

  • Aezeal

    To be honest I think Aelves.. even though order need a battletome first 😀

  • Troy

    Just open any old d&d monster manual to find a kinds of crazy undead things, from brains in jars to sentient skin! Gravestone elementals, blood elementals and more. Crazy fun!

  • LordKrungharr

    The tomb kings are in the app so they can still be used in Death armies.

    • Deathwing

      While true the fluff is not there for the egypt theme any more. While i agree some of the models are much better than the death range even they could use the digital sculpt treatment. The possibility is there, they never actually definitively killed Settra

      • Titus

        They could bring back some of the line and say they are Nagash’s personal guards for his palace crypt castle thing . . .

  • Bayne MacGregor

    I just want plastic fell bats, plastic bat swarms and Sylvania and the Old World back.

    • The old world still exists. Its molten core can be seen by Sigmar as it revolves about Azyr 😉

    • Titus

      THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A trillion up votes if i could. For the bat swarms.

  • Admiral Raptor

    Don’t you dare bad mouth Ghosts and Goblins! That game was soul crushingly brutal. The AoS Death faction should be proud to draw comparisons.

    On a serious note Death does really need an expanded range; Especially because of the upcoming Tomb Kings nerfs. I think Soulblight could make an amazing subfaction if they expanded the range and made some elite vampire infantry and war machines.

  • TheMawr

    I personally think they should have done a bit more radical shifting with old ranges to new factions. When doing this, they basically would have 4 fleshed out death factions ready to roll (meanwhile ofcourse still working on completely new stuff, Im just pointing out how easily it can be to have interesting death factions with what is available already):

    Death battletome : Bloodwrack Covens
    ( it contains; Vampiric, witch/hag, golem and ghost elements after all )
    – Witch elves, and Sisters of slaughter and some crazy mixing to make more unit types.
    – Doomfire warlocks as ghost elves (their crazy horses actually work well as phantom horses.)
    – Include the dark elf witch on foot and on dragon here (the dragon has plenty of undead elements.)
    – And the chariot with the crazy ghost horses, I saw this lovely witch elf converted chariot once.
    – present the cauldron as a hero kit first and foremost, it includes 4 potential hero types; Bloodwrack medusae, Living statue, Witch elf blood qeeun and witch elf priestess of blood.
    2+ basic troops, 2+ more elite stuff, 6+ hero/wizard types (of wich several centrepieces)

    Death battletome : Corpsemasters
    – Mix the zombie kit with sprues from the old Militia/mercenary plastic kit, and you can turn wandering corpses in different slightly more battleworthy and interesting looking units.
    – Direwolves as zombie wolves naturally
    – Corpsecarts ofcourse
    – current Necromancer as part of this faction (he is very ragged and fits well here.)
    and Resins to make things interesting;
    – Resurrect resin carrion for this group.
    – Move Ogre butchers, Gorgers and the excutioner maneater here. (sorry destruction, but, rather want that to have more feral ogres.. so even a new butcher=more tribal.)
    – resurrect resin Dark emissary as some kind of hero/wizard
    3+ basic troops, 3 more elite bigger stuff, 3+ hero/wizard types

    Death battletome : Nighthaunt malignants
    – Spirit hosts, cairn wraith, banshee and Hexwraiths obviously
    – Flaggelants (maybe with a zombie or skeleton sprue added) as Poltergeists as basic foot unit (honestly, apart from their bare feet with the right paintjob flaggelants could be perfect death units, and they hardly fit AoS order vibe.)
    – bring the Mortis engine back here
    – Make the alternative coven throne into a phantom qeeun hero/leader/wizard type
    —- Include resin Sartosan vampire as sartosan spectre, and vampire countess as a phantom qeeun on foot to up the hero/wizard count.
    – Headless horseman hero, This should be doable with an existing kit and the right presentation/paintjob (perhaps even imperial general on horse.)
    3-4 basic troops, 2 centrepieces, +/-5 smaller heroes/elites

    Death battletome : Deathlords
    – Mortarchs, Nagash and Morghast ofcourse
    – Include Sepulchuran stalkers (both builts but without the TK riders, and the Necrosphinx ( and warsphinx built with its wings instead of as a chariot as a new unit.)
    And again a fully fledged subfaction with a completely individual vibe, fully plastic.

    Then with some small work follow up with :
    Death battletome : Deathrattle
    – Skeleton warriors, black knights and the elite skeletons.
    – Just re-use Skeleton archers from Tomb kings, they dont look necessarily egyptian with the right combination.
    – Honestly would put other tomb kings plastics here too, I think its interesting to have this mixed culture skeletons in one.
    and then add :
    – New plastic classic fantasy style Liche as the Necromancer of this faction
    – New plastic bone giant as the centrepiece (make it interesting… a titan built up from a bunch of different type of skeletons.. maybe a more monstrous type of head.)
    – New plastic Skull catapult (maybe)

    Soulblight, Necrarch (with flesh constructs), Necromancers, Mummies and many others can be the focus of brand new factions. but with the above you easily put Death in the same league as chaos and order.

    And move the regular beastmen to Destruction as another battletome, rebox and creative unit creation from old kits release. (leaving chaos beatmen to things like tzaangor etc.) they are basically iconoclasts anyway.

    • Cristhian Mario Landa Rivera

      No, even AoS still respects lots of the previous Fantasy lore.

      Mix dark elves and beastmen with death will go beyond insanity, and will cause more trouble on it own than AoS launch rules.

  • euansmith
  • dave long island

    Heinrich Kemmler is what Death needs. Nay, Heinrich Kemmler is what Death craves! Bring back The Lichemaster!!

  • EnTyme

    How about a faction of still-living Nagash worshippers? Fledgling Necromancers and death-obsessed warriors! Scythe-wielding Reaper Priests! I would definitely support a splinter faction of Chaos warriors with the Death allegiance (my Chaos legion’s head canon speaks of a lost Chaos god of Entropy who will rise from the ranks of Nagash’s followers).

  • Martin McGinley

    Why not just have dead versions of other AoS armies?

    You could stylistically bring back Bretonnians as a kingdom of death enslaved to Nagash. Undead gryphons and the like. Undead Ogres and Orruks, etc.

  • Nyyppä

    Death does not need more units. It needs more power.

    • GW is a model maker – everyone “needs” more units.

      • Nyyppä

        As long as the units are on par.

  • The Court of the Dead by Sideshow Collectibles is really cool take on the Underworld and amazing statues. I cannot afford them nor have space but seeing something like that at this scale would be amazing.

  • BaronSnakPak

    Aren’t Tomb Kings and Death running the bigger tournament circuits right now? There was even an article last week about how GW is nerfing Tomb Kings in GHB2.

    • Wayne Molina

      IMHO tomb kings can’t be counted in this since they are no longer supported by GW, and technically aren’t part of GA: Death, they’re a legacy compendium (same like how “The Empire” or “Bretonnia” aren’t part of GA: Order)

  • col

    why not have access to dead zombie variants of all the other factions already out there,once a stormcast dies it becomes part of nagashs force..zombie stormfiends anyone

  • Wayne Molina

    In general there are two issues:

    1) The faction is basically one faction (Vampire Counts) that was split up until multiple tiny subfactions, similar to but not quite like the 4th/early 5th edition “Warhammer Armies: Undead” that just had everything under one banner. That’s essentially what we have now (minus things like mummies and Carrion)

    2) GW put the majority of the Old WHFB factions into Order, immediately giving them a huge lion’s share of releases. There was no real reason Elves and Dwarfs should have been part of Order (Dark Elves especially have no business being there).

    So what we have is every other faction had at least 2 and sometimes many more (e.g. Order) old factions combined into it, while Death *LOST* one entire faction (i.e. Tomb Kings) and had the remaining one broken up even further. Literally the only thing keeping Death afloat right now is Tomb Kings, which aren’t technically even part of the faction (they are a Legacy Compendium army list).

  • Titus

    Soul Blight. This could be one of the easiest releases they’ve ever done. Most of the types of units are already there. Blood Knights on foot and mounted. BATS! LOTS OF BATS. On foot Vamps including, close combat (The entire Carstein line), thrall, and magic (Necrarchs). Did I say Bats? Swarms of bats!

  • Iron Father Stronos

    How about points for the Garden of Morr?

    Lets get a new BLACK CHARIOT. (90$ for that POS!?)

    How about some heroes for Nighthaunt?

    Maybe a monster that isn’t a FW model?

    How about some Vampire Terrain?

    Good lord did you see those giant bats?!!

    Shame GW… shame….

  • CloakingDonkey

    I want to see the Malignants become their own faction. I think they have the most potential model wise. Can do all sorts of crazy nonsense when it’s a whirl of ghosty apparitions 😀