AoS: Vanguard-Raptors Rules Rundown

The new Vanguard-Raptors can produce some devastating firepower – Time to make it rain (bolts of death).

Stormcast players rejoice because you’ve just gotten access to some truly impressive long-range fire power. The Vanguard-Raptors are bringing swift death to the enemies of Order from long range and they are doing it with two different tools.

Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows

The Longstrike Crossbows are enemy characters worst nightmare. If the unit doesn’t move, they have a 30″ shot range. And while these Longstrike Crossbows don’t have a ton of shots, each one can be very deadly with a +3 to wound , a -2 rend and two damage. Plus, if they roll a 6 or more to hit, it’s 2 mortal wounds! They come in a minimum size of 3 but that’s enough to drop most lone heroes in a single volley!

Download the rules HERE. (and who can spot the typo? It’s pretty extremis!)


Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows

The Hurricane Crossbows ditch that long range precision shooting for a truly dizzying number of shots. Each model equipped with a Hurricane Crossbow gets a whopping 6 attacks at range 18″ – they might not hit as much but when you’re rolling that many dice you’re bound to hit with something! Oh, and get this: that’s on the move. If the unit doesn’t move, they get to add 3 attacks PER Hurricane Crossbow for a whopping 9 shots each! Just 3 of these guys will put out 27 shots at 18″ range. I don’t care who you are – that’s impressive.

Download the rules HERE if you need to bring the Dakka to your AoS games.


“Well, I’ll just charge them” you say. Fair point. But before you do, you may want to keep an eye out for their feathered friends…


The Aetherwings are fast moving avian buddies of the Vanguard-Raptors and they are capable of swooping in at the most inopportune times for your charging models. With a 2d6 bonus move that happens during the opponent’s charge phase, these birds can block charge lanes or force you to deal with their Beaks & Claws as well. They aren’t particularly deadly, but if they can buy their allies one more turn to shoot you then they will have done their job!

Fast moving Charge Blockers and overwhelming firepower – Just what Sigmar ordered!

  • Aaditya Rangan

    I think your calculations may be a little off.

    As far as I can tell:

    1. The probability that a unit of 3 vanguard raptors (with longstrike-crossbows) will kill a standard hero in a single volley is less than 1/6.
    (i.e., each one has to either score a headshot, or hit and wound and bypass the hero’s armor save).

    2. Moreover, even if they do not move, a unit of 3 vanguard raptors (with hurricane-crossbows) only deals an average of ~3 wounds to a unit of liberators when it fires. (i.e,. 9 shots each, with a 50% chance to hit and wound, and only a 41.7% chance of bypassing the armor save).

    • Dan Wilson

      Liberators are *some* of the heaviest armoured battleline units though. With some exceptions, you’re not getting a 4+ save rerolling 1s.

  • LordKrungharr

    Well I think I might hang onto my Daemonsmith model, the Ashstorm will come in handy vs these guys, and those Tzaangor Skyfires……and Kurnoth Hunters…..

  • Chris Hilliard

    So now the tankiest army can out shoot Wanders. Seems totally balanced and fair.