Biel-Tan: Death is the Only Way Forward


According to GW, the leaders of Biel-Tan craftworld have a very grim sense of optimism.

via GW (Facebook) 2-2-2017


“Judging by the Eldar’s track record on creating gods, we can understand why some of them are a little dubious. It can’t go that wrong again, right?”

“We shall be reforged. We shall be a people that look forward in hope,not backwards in despair. the reborn are the only hope left to our people; follow them and we will soar in the winds of fate once more”

~High Farseer of Biel-tan


~I’ll let you all figure out that could mean. It sounds like GW themselves are kind of trolling the Eldar.

  • Crevab

    Does this quote come before or after the Craftworld ‘asplode? Cause it might have an effect on how much you trust their farseeing /s

  • Jonathan Ellsworth

    Communities are still shaking from the last time GW used the term “reforged”.

  • Golden Yak

    I’m sure it’ll be fine.

  • SilentPony

    Eldar are the new Borg, apparently.

    • Emperor’s Champion


  • jeff white

    Ahhh reborn as in new model ranges with new game winning formations for the uber popular space elves.

    • Eldar are Chaos now

      I doubt anyone will care if the fluff turns them into generic WoW factions.

    • Karru

      Damn, I guess I have to be fast if I want my Aspect Warriors. I don’t have any Howling Banshees yet!

      • rtheom

        Oooo goood point. They are probably getting rid of the aspect warriors since no one uses them anyway. That will be sad. 🙁

        • Sleeplessknight

          They’ll probably use the ridiculous excuse of them “not selling very well.”

          • rtheom

            They are also all Finecast, so they’ve been looking at the chopping block for almost 2 years now.

    • mac40k

      Agreed. Ynnead takes the souls from those Craftworld soul stones and reincarnates them into the Reborn, or Cult of Ynnead. New models in, Aspects out. And all the Aeldari fall in line.

      • jeff white

        Spirit warriors?

  • TDog

    My guess is the Eldar, or Aeldari, will have a faction that leaves its physical form behind and is almost entirely psychic. More wraithguard-type troops, maybe even infantry, but more in tune with both the physical and psychic realms. That way there’s less or no need for a warlock or farseer to lead them.

    • jeff white

      And more need to buy new uber powered space elf models

  • euansmith

    I guess that Craftworld is finally getting serious about taking on its main competitor, Hobby Lobby.

  • Jim Morr

    Mass suicide. Just as planned. Then kill or seriously wound Slaanesh to free souls of eldar. And get reborn as warp-dwelling Aeldarii, guardians of the Realm of Souls.

    • Drpx

      Worked for the Lizardmen.

  • BeardMonk

    Maybe they will be reborn. In a shimmering tarn/lake.