Black Library – New Releases February 26 2017

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Here’s the latest from the Black Library, including a legend seeking a relic, a glimpse into the lives of the Ordo Xenos, and a Vindicator’s mortal life…

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Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius

A Blood Angels novel

A religious civil war brings the Blood Angels, commanded by Chief Librarian Mephiston, to a shrine world where they find a mystery that might help Mephiston understand how he survived the Black Rage – and perhaps cure the Blood Angels of their affliction.

Deathwatch: Ignition

A Deathwatch novel

Tales of eleven heroes of the Deathwatch, collected together as they are gathered to form the kill-team that will face monstrous aliens in a brand new mission.


A Realmgate Wars novel

Lord-Celestant Arkas Warbeast of the Celestial Vindicators returns to the lands that he ruled in his mortal life – lands befouled by the verminous hordes of the Clans Pestilens. Can Arkas retain his focus and restore order to his lands?

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  • Cylux

    Warbeast is pretty good so I can see why it ended up being a nominee.

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      Its an older story right? I love some of the characters in the aos novels. I wanna see more khorghos kul

  • pokemastercube .

    the mephiston art is amazing, i want that to be used as reference for a new model for him