Black Library – New Titles Round-Up

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Here’s a look at the latest from the Black Library, including a doomed Chapter’s last stand, crone worlds, and new formats for old favorites…

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‘Slaughter at Giant’s Coffin’ is the latest Space Marine Battles novel. Here, we see a Chapter, with a legacy that stretches back almost 10,000 years, face its doom at the claws of Hive Fleet Kraken in one of the defining battles of the 2nd Tyrannic War.


Asurman: The Darkest Road’ is a new audio drama from Black Library’s most prolific Eldar author – Gav Thorpe. This tale sees the path of the first Phoenix Lord cross with that of a young Eldrad Ulthran, resulting in a quest to save a craftworld that takes them to the haunted crone worlds. (This is a great one to listen to while painting up your new Ynnari army…)


book two in Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn series, ‘Hereticus’ follows ‘Xenos’ with a full and unabridged audiobook edition. Very appropriate inspiration for those of you inspired to start an Inquisition force by the recent release of Codex: Imperial Agents, or the Triumvirate of the Imperium.


Finally, the classic ‘Titan’ joins our range of eBook graphic novels. Also by author Dan Abnett, ‘Titan’ follows the crew of a mighty Warlord Titan as they face a variety of monstrous foes across the galaxy.

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The Emperor thinks reading is FUNdamental.

  • Lord Elpus

    Got excited about Asurmen, then found out that it was written by Gav Thorpe😑😝

    • I got excited until I saw it’s an audio-drama and not a book.

      • The next Phoenix Lords novel is due soon, and focuses on Jain Zar. This is an interlude as far as I’m aware.

    • Emperor’s Champion

      what’s wrong with gav thorpe’s work?

      • Lord Elpus

        For my money,he is a terrible writer.. better than CS Goto,but not by much..

        • Dennis Finan Jr

          Thats cool if you dont like his particular work but to say hes terrible is a bit of an overstatement

          • Lord Elpus

            Like I said for my money he is a terrible writer… I’m simply voicing my opinion of his literary standard. He’s a nice bloke, as I’ve met him in the design studio (going back a bit now!and other places.

          • ned

            Yeah I agree, I find his Raven Guard novels have ruined a Legion I would love. You are writing a books about a Legion who’s main skill is sabotage and insurgency, and you have them sitting in a cloning lab for the entire novel?
            + *spoilers* the way he wrote Guilliman confronting The Lion after the destruction of Sotha made me want to cry with frustration. ‘where were you?’ ‘Away’ ‘Fair enough then.’

          • Lord Elpus

            I remember his Shadow king novel, it read like an 8 year old back at school after the holidays writing “What I did on my Holidays by Alith Anar Elf, (500 and a half)

          • ned

            It seems to me he has ideas, and shoehorns the characters in to them. Though I don’t necessarily agree with ADB vision of 40k his books are always so enjoyable to read because the characters/plot and setting all clearly develop as he’s writing and it feels organic.

          • Lord Elpus

            Aye, true! much like McNeills’ books. Or the Great William King.

          • Dennis Finan Jr

            Your money opinion has nothing to do with it. You can say the story was boring to you or dont like his style of writing personally but terrible writer is way overboard.

          • Lord Elpus

            On the contrary. My opinion is as valud as yours. I repeat I consider him a terrible writer. It’s no over board in the slightest. If I said he is the worst writer in the world, then THAT is over board. If I simply consider him terrible, then that is just my opinion.

        • Emperor’s Champion

          I really enjoyed his eldar novels, and the sundering. deliverance lost weren’t a bad read either. that’s just me personally

    • deris87

      He’s hit or miss. The Path of the Eldar books were a mixed bag, but I thought his last Asurmen one was solid.

  • Hereticus as “book two”. I chuckled.