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New at the Black Library this week — Tyranids, Wardens, and Heresy, Oh My!

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Legends of the ‘Space Marines: Cassius’ gets its hardback edition. This is the tale of an Ultramarines strike force sent to deal with a Tyranid splinter fleet heading dangerously close to Terra. The strike force is lead by the zealot Chaplain Cassius, but against the near-limitless hordes of the xenos, will his own desire for vengeance help or hinder the noble warriors of Ultramar?



New to paperback this week, and shipping now, we have ‘Wardens of the Everqueen‘, which sees the Hallowed Knights battle to save Alarielle from the clutches of Nurgle in the Mortal Realms, and ‘War Without End‘, an anthology of stories and 33rd book in The Horus Heresy novel series.

Additionally, they’ve released some gorgeous new art prints, here’s a quick look at some of them.



Check out the new releases at the Black Library

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