Fritz’s Tabletop: Restoring Order To Warhammer 40K

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Even the best of games can leave you a little frustrated at time; here’s how to bring order back to your 40K adventures.

Even the best of games can leave you a little frustrated at time, so in this week’s tabletop post were are going to look at bring some order back to your favorite Warhammer 40,000 grimdark adventures.

Is it the game or the players? Perhaps a balance of both? Can’t have a game without a willing opponent? Sooner or later you will find yourself playing against a beardy player- here are some points to navigate your way through that game.


As the lifeblood of any game grows with its player base and community here are a few ideas to help bring back that balance by growing your gaming club or circle of friends.




And finally being the best player that you can be- in that moment of passion for the game- it all starts with “the list”.


See you on the table!


  • LeroyJenkinss

    Remember way of saim hann?

    Oh yeah I member!

  • Nyyppä

    Ehhh….it’s obviously about codices…

  • stinkoman

    i remember in 5th edition no one wanted more than 5 pieces of terrain on the table because that was what the typical tourney provided on each table. OK, guess ill take my leaf blower.