FW: New Cataphractii Wargear Now Available

Forge World has some new wargear upgrades for your Cataphractii Terminators now available for Pre-Order!

via Forge World

Imperial Fists Legion Cataphractii Storm Shields £14


A larger and bulkier version of the Combat Shield, Storm Shields are powered shields providing more effective defence against attack. Wielded by those clad in Cataphractii Terminator armour, they form a near-impenetrable barrier.

This set of 5 resin Storm Shields features Imperial Fists iconography, and is designed to upgrade 5 Space Marines in Cataphractii Terminator Armour, attaching via the included arms.


Cataphractii Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon £10

The Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon is a prototype weapon system designed as a more compact and portable variant of the highly successful Kheres pattern. Unfortunately, during field testing, it was found to be prone to catastrophic failure under heavy use – but being rewarded with the sheer annihilation of the enemy is worth the risk.

This resin set allows you to upgrade 2 Space Marines in Cataphractii Terminator Armour, of the Imperial Fists or Blood Angels Legions, with one Iliastus Pattern Assault Cannon each.

Rules for using this weapon with Imperial Fists are available in The Horus Heresy – Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Legions, and rules for use with Blood Angels are available in The Horus Heresy Book Six: Retribution.


Imperial Fists Cataphractii Terminators with Storm Shields £54

This bundle allows you to upgrade a set of Cataphractii Terminators with Storm Shields, featuring Imperial Fists Iconography.

The Cataphractii Pattern Terminators are a set of 5 detailed multi-part plastic models which includes an optional sergeant shield, bare head and a grenade harness. Alongside these, you’ll receive a set of 5 resin Imperial Fists Cataphractii Storm Shields, with arms to attach them to the Terminators.


I wonder why Forge World went with Imperial Fists Stormshields first…what could they possibly be defending? Terra or something?

  • Iconoc1ast


  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Iron Warriors need something special!

  • orionburn

    Those storm shields are absolutely gorgeous.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By


  • pokemastercube .

    time for the glorious IX legion to bring down the assault cannon madness

  • Noah Jerge

    I like that FW is painting NMM now. The blue NMM looks very much like the metal in Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings.

    • Iconoc1ast

      I was just zooming in on that too. I am still too chicken to try NMM….

      • Noah Jerge

        I am a beginner at it myself. Very difficult, but interesting.

  • Shawn

    So Iron Hands terminators can’t have storm shields or cool assault cannons in 30k?

  • Foehammer7977

    I love the level of research in these articles.

    The reason they went with IF iconography is because IF are the only marines in 30k that can take them. They are legion-specific gear.

    The only others are salamanders, and they have a slightly different versions specific to their fire drakes.

    • BClement

      I think you’re taking these new release posts a bit too seriously. They are just copy and paste text and links from the Forge World website to let folks know what’s out this weekend.