Games Workshop: Talisman is Getting a New Edition

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Games Workshop just announced a new edition for their classic game Talisman, right alongside an update for the digital version…

Games Workshop is all about the board games this weekend–they just announced that they’re developing a new edition of Talisman–which I suppose makes sense when you consider Fantasy Flight (who made the most recent version of the game) no longer has the GW license. This means we’re going to be seeing new Fantasy Roleplay AND Talisman “sometime.”

via Warhammer Community

We are delighted to announce that this classic and much loved game will be getting a new edition, with an expected release later this year. At the moment, we don’t have much info on what that release will look like or an exact date for you, but we’re sure it will be a great new edition of an already excellent game.

But wait there’s more! To help celebrate this announcement (since they can’t provide exact details), there’s a new expansion out for the digital edition of Talisman–the Firelands Expansion, which has heroes questing in order to find the legendary Crown of Command. Take a look:



They really weren’t kidding around when they said ‘Firelands’


It makes sense she’s a Nomad in these parts, she’s the only one not on fire…


I lava what they’ve done with the throne room.

The Firelands expansion has arrived for Nomad games Talisman, Digital Edition. Download now to embark on your own quest for the Crown of Command.

What do you think? Will a new, Games Workshop developed Talisman make things better? Or worse?

  • DrWilhelm

    I’d be very interested to see what they do with the miniatures, assuming they’d go that route. I can’t see them going for cardboard cutouts but you never know I suppose. Hopefully they don’t just throw the game into the age of sigmar setting.

    • Hamish

      I don’t want them to, but I imagine that it will be probably ported over to the AoS setting…

      • Aezeal

        Is there much lore in the older games.. would something really disappear?

        • Hamish

          No, there is barely anything, at least in those by FFG. I still (whether misplaced or not) have a mistrust of AoS though. I liked the fact that the 4th edition was a generic fantasy world. I don’t particularly like the strict, exaggerated good vs. evil aesthetics of the AoS world. It’s not really a case that I will miss what has gone before, but that I don’t like AoS’s world. Still, if they think it makes business sense and the majority like it, then who am I to disagree?

          The Warhammer Quest releases *are* something that I preferred previously and miss. Anyways. Times change, maybe I should just get with the programme.

        • DrWilhelm

          Not really but I’d like to see GW do something that’s not Age of Sigmar or 40k related.

          • Aezeal

            Hmm I don’t think that is their business strategy. Not to mention that something tied in to some lore is usually better than random stuff.

          • Badtucker

            bloodbowl. done….

      • Dennis Finan Jr

        I would love a strategy game set in aos. Khorghos kul the crabhanded all the way

  • Sonic tooth

    better not be a stormcast in it

    • ZeeLobby

      Lol. How ridiculous would that be.

    • Zethnar

      You know there’s gonna be a Stormcast in it.

  • piglette

    Games Workshop makes the best miniatures- I LOVE TALISMAN.

  • Zethnar

    I just can’t see this being either better or different enough than the Fantasy Flight version to actually be worth it. There’s no way it can do well, not when FFG was still producing expansions for it right up until the announcement of the break in contract between them and GW. There are too many people who own it who aren’t going to be interested in a new edition that invalidates everything they’ve purchased. The only reason the Black Library/FFG edition worked was because it had been something like 15 years since the previous edition had been published and it had seen very little support in the interim.

    I guess GW does have a market of fanatics that never buy anything that doesn’t have their logo on it to market it to though.

  • JanKenPon

    It will be better if it cost not 120$ they don’t understand that players can’t buy all very expensive games

  • Dan

    I wonder if this is a sign that Games Workshop is also going to release 40k rpg’s like Dark Heresy in the future. They are the games that I want to see most.

  • Vomkrieg

    Not sure why this means fantasy roleplay is a sure fire thing. A Talisman edition requires little work from GW, some art assets and some figures, stuff they do very very well. It requires zero game design effort.

    An RPG takes an entirely different set of skills, one that GW hasn’t used in a long long time.

    Talisman is what it is, a silly but fun random fest. I wonder who owns the rules changes that appeared in Relic? And if Relic is something GW can’t do as FFG developed it?