Geekery: Batmans – Compared


The Economist looks at the evolution of Batman in the way they know how: a handy chart!

Yep – Frank Miller hulking Batman is huge.

Today I learned that Micheal Keaton is kinda short. Huh.

Which iteration of Batman is your favorite? (Animated counts.)

  • Lord Elpus

    Personally, I think it has to be Michael keaton, he just broughtthat bit extra to the role.. mind you when I was a kid it was either Batman cartoon or Adam West..

    • wibbling

      He was a superb batman because he’s brought a degree of ‘I’m bonkers!’ to the role as well.

  • Gustav

    There’s a scene in which Keaton (as Bruce Wayne) is talking to Kim Bassinger. They are at eye level. If you pay attention, you’ll realize he’s standing two steps up a staircase.

    Mind you, in another scene she claims to be 98 lbs., which is beyond impossible…!

  • Jesse Cavazos

    Kevin Conroy, of course!

    • TenDM

      He’s played Batman the most and has played the most variations. He’s done pretty much every style of Batman. I think we sort of take him for granted. He was really good in Batman Beyond, but it doesn’t stand out because he’s so natural in that role.

      I think Diedrich Bader deserves a bit of a nod for Brave and the Bold as well. His Batman wasn’t definitive or even that memorable, but I feel like that whole show was a bit of a hard sell and his voice work pulled it all together.

    • EnTyme

      It annoys me how so many “Best Batman” lists omit him. Same with Hamill and “Best Joker” lists.

      • Xodis

        Its kind of unfair simply because he is only a voice. Being Batman physically seems much harder and something he couldn’t do.

        Seriously though if he could be the voice while other actors play Batman I would be on board for that movie.

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Yes, so yes!

  • Justin Dicken

    The illustration is by Jim Lee, not Frank Miller. Just sayin’…

  • Lord Elpus

    Possibly with a better script George Clooney would have been a good batman, he can carry Bruce Wayne no problem.

  • Jonathan B.

    Considering the quality of the other Batmans, right now my favorite is Lego Batman.

  • Xodis

    Michael Keaton is my favorite. His inherent craziness mixed with his stone cold stare made him very scary while wearing the cowl.