Geekery: Stranger Things Season 2


The new season is shaping up – a new trailer, cast photo, and some hints at the story.

When the show’s renewal for  a second season was announced we got a list of episode titles…

This peek with some giant monsters was dropped earlier this week…

There are some season one spoilers coming up.


A recent interview in EW revealed the following: The new season begins on Halloween, almost a year after the first season ended. Everyone is attempting to regain some sort of normal life – Hooper deals with the cover up, Will and his family try to forget his days in the Upside Down. While the Duffers aren’t giving away details on the monsters, we know that the rift was left open so there’s bound to be a host of oddness coming out of it.

We get some new characters – a brother-sister duo, Billy played by Dacre Montgomery and Max played by Sadie Sink. Sean Astin also joins the cast as Joyce’s boyfriend, and Paul Riser‘s Dr. Owens takes over the secret lab.

Also: Eleven has hair.


~Stranger Things Season 2 premieres Halloween day on Netflix.

  • KnightShift

    I watched Stranger Things for the very first time last week.

    If there is a more perfect series being produced right now, I don’t know what it could be.

    • Sparti67

      It’s the best show out there at the moment.

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      I prefered channel zero on syfy

  • EnTyme

    Paul Riser in a sci-fi show? I must automatically assume he is the villain.

    • Zingbaby

      This is so nuts. I mean, listen – listen to what you’re saying. It’s paranoid delusion. How – It’s really sad. It’s pathetic.

      • Chardun

        All right. We take off. Nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  • dave long island

    Dunno what the big deal with season 1 was. It was okay, but nuthin’ to pass a note to Suzie about in Geometry class. On the up side, though, it keeps Winona busy and out of the department stores… lol

    • Randy Randalman

      It wasn’t worthy of passing notes because it wasn’t catered to a high school audience with ADHD and social media drama. It was catered to a “classic” audience with patience, and an appreciative interest in plot and character development.

      • dave long island

        Didn’t mean to get you so upset, Ma’am. You can unbunch your knickers now… LOL… 🙂

      • Dennis Finan Jr

        It was pretty boring.

  • Dragons Claw

    Well those ungrateful shiits best go back and get El yeah cheers for saving us all and getting our mate out of the upside down oh you vanished well that’s the end of that

  • nurglitch

    So, uh, are they going to bring back Barb?

    • Mike X (Official)

      Why does everyone ask this?! We saw her corpse in the upside down with the weird slug/maggot thing crawling out of her mouth while El yelled, “Gone! Gone! Gone!”

      • nurglitch

        No worries, the actress is in Riverdale.

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    I thought it was boring and corny. I thought channel zero was alot better.

  • John Masi

    The first season was amazing! The plot, was especially great since it had subtle references to the Montauk project conspiracy.

  • Horus84cmd

    Looking promising for a follow up season. I enjoy the first season. It was clever, well written, well casted and well acted. It kept me engaged to watch it as quickly as possible. Played like a 8 hour movie as a opposed to a serialised TV programme.

    • I really liked the way it played, like a movie. It made it really easy to watch. I really enjoyed this show.

  • generic eric

    Do you want spoilers? Search cast in IMDB and learn the name (and likely 2 word plot summary) of each episode they are in.