Geekery: Super Bowl Movie Previews

guardians group art

John Wick, Guardians, and others showed off new, explosive clips during the game.

Rocket gets a rocketpack and a bunch of other awesome stuff in this GotG 2 clip.

Fate of the Furious just gets more and more ridiculous – as it should.

John Wick attempts to see itself as a great date movie – it will be.

Logan gets emotional – and it works. I want to see this one more after this clip.


A Cure for Wellness continues to be creepy.


What looks good and what looks bad?

  • Commissar Molotov

    Wasn’t there a Ghost in the Machine ad, too?

    • *Shell

      Yes, but I believe they posted about that a couple days previously since it was shown before the Super Bowl.

      • Commissar Molotov

        Whoops, yeah – I meant Ghost in the Shell. I guess I had a flashback to The Police album!

  • Shawn

    GoGvol.2 and Logan will be Awesome!