GW: Gearing Up For Titanicus

White Dwarf has some more teasery info about the Upcoming Adeptus Titanicus game – it’s coming in April!

Games Workshop has been teasing Adeptus Titanicus ever since Forge World’s Open Day back in 2015. Then they dropped some more hints back in May of 2016. Here at BoLS we’ve been pretty pumped at the concept of playing Epic again in a slightly different scale. Then we got the news that the release is slated for this year plus we got to see some of the accessories and game play at the last Horus Heresy Weekender.

Now it looks like the time of the Titans is coming as soon as April!

via miniwars

Just to wet your whistle, Games Workshop has some more info in this month’s White Dwarf:

Titanicus – It’s going to be bigger and smaller than you think!”

Could that be a reference to the slightly different scale? Perhaps, but the real kicker is the teaser for next month:

Adeptus Titanicus in April! Will this be the next “boxed game” from GW or is this just another teaser? We know that the models have been WIP since at least 2015 – hopefully Games Workshop has worked out all the kinks and Titans will be hitting the Tabletop a lot sooner than we could have imagined!

Seriously. Give it to me now.

  • nurglitch

    I can’t help but feel that this is completely missing the appeal of the original Adeptus Titanicus. For everyone unfamiliar with that product, it came with six plastic Warlord Titans and lots of plug-and-play weapons that could be literally plugged in to the Titan models. The Titans also included a proto-clicky-base, including a wheel for tracking the Titan’s active shields. In addition, the game included a number of styrofoam LOS-blocking high-rise buildings for a wonderful sense of scale. The rules themselves were evocative (if not exactly clever or ‘stream-lined’ by today’s standards) and combined with the modular Titans/Weapons meant for a considerable replay value.

    More to the point it competed with Battletech, which in that day and age (and continues in this age and day in my opinion) was essentially recreational accounting. Being able to not only complete giant robot battles in less than an hour vs half a day, but being able to step back and re-arm between those games was awesome. The plastic miniatures were incredible compared to FASA’s lead bricks.

    The modern production value of these is nice, and I’ll be interested in seeing how the game works given my own hobby efforts in trying to make a game out of Titan vs Titan combat. But it’s that lack of Titan battle-groups fielded straight out of the box that’s a problem for me. Resin Titans sold by FW don’t even come close, mainly due to their poor quality of casting.

    • amaximus167

      I am with you on this. I would not hesitate to buy a box with plastic Titans like the old days. But I have no interest in spending too much money on larger FW Models just to play the game. Accent the game, maybe. But their prices almost always keep me away, considering that I have had to repair, rebuild or replace things on almost every larger/vehicle kit I have purchased from them. I would almost rather just buy the Knight Titan game.

      • Chet Atkinson

        With 12% added to each FW sale for p&p I find them too expensive to be worth the hassle. In addition to all the repairs on the models before you can even build them

        • Talos2

          I buy quite a lot of fw, but I can’t remember the last time I bought anything off the website because of the fee. It’s a ridiculously out of date idea

    • ZeeLobby

      Right there with you.

    • Jack Jomar

      PoI: CGL has released “AlphaStrike” as an alternative to Accountantech. I’m a fan of the core game, but I hear AlphaStrike wholesale removes a lot of the timeslagging technicalities present in the Battletech rules. And turns it from a slow based strategy game into a faster paced tactical wargame.

  • SilentPony

    What I’m interested in is maybe a crossover battle where titans are all fighting and each side can attempt to board an enemy titan, cut to like a 750-1000 zone mortalis game, winner gets control of the Titan.
    Defender obviously has an easier time of it, with turrets and door control etc…make it more balanced since they stand to loose a titan.

  • Samuraidino

    Just to point out, the page in question for that issue is an ad for GW stores, while page 20 details a Titanicus (The dan Abnett novel) re-release.

    Just so that folks dont get their hopes up too much in regards to solid details from the WD itself.

    • NNextremNN

      Yeah totally misleading and stupid Contents.

  • Mike mad cow

    If I have to buy from forge world to play, I’m out.

  • orionburn

    Wasn’t there an article like 2 weeks ago saying that this wasn’t going to be coming until the end of the year? I get so tired of all these rumors getting treated as facts. Now let’s stir the pot up again with yet another article on a boxed game with models vs no models and GW vs FW.

    • carlisimo

      More accurately, the rumor said they were having trouble finding a release slot for the game within the next two years. They may have found one.

  • Nyyppä

    There is a problem with this. It’s the cost. It’s not like this is a poor people’s hobby anyway but looking at what the 40k warlord costs and what it gives I’m not too sure I’m eager to pay 100+£ per 6mm titan just to play the game. Actually I’m 100% confident that it will not happen.

    It’s not like it’s wrong to ask such a price. It’s just not good business. If 200£ investment nets the end user the game and enough models to play it properly (the equivalent of 1000p game in 40k) then there would be more customers, larger community and more games to be played.

    Just saying.

    • Garrett Alain Colas

      Let’s keep our hopes high. GW priced Blood Bowl VERY well. 35$ teams is steal imo, and it almost makes me want to buy all of them.

      If you think about you could have all 4 teams AND the other rulebook for under $200. ($50 buy in with 3 friends and you have a league going for less than a modern console game)

      If they keep a similar scheme, with $35-$50 starter boxes that have everything you need to play, and more expensive extra models that you only need a few of, I’d be buying up all the titans.

      My worry isn’t the pricing, as much as how long it’ll take to have more than 4 armies to play with. If we have to wait a year to get the game, then another 6 months before we get chaos… I don’t know.. I’ll still play, but that lack of choices is why one of my friends hasn’t got into blood bowl yet. (He’s waiting for a chaos army, but not nurgle, so that probably won’t be out for 3+ months)

      • Nyyppä

        Hope is not something that goes well with GW doing it right.

      • Mr_Pickles

        Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment…

      • NNextremNN

        Isn’t “standard” titanicus army 1 warlord 2 reaver and 2 warhounds? And isn’t the warlord supposed to be Imperial knight size? I doubt a whole starter team will cost 50$

        • Garrett Alain Colas

          Jeeze… The pedantry. The starter kit will no doubt be under $200 and have enough for two players, so I’m sure it’ll be $100ish for a starting force.

          I was just giving an example. The “standard” 40k army is 1250+ points but the start collecting boxes have like 500 points. Like I said, the starter kit could be cheap, with a few expensive add-on models like the warlord that can be purchased later.

          • NNextremNN

            I’m not pedantic I’m trying to be realistic and to be in line with the rumors.

            They said the starter kit will just have rules and terrain and the models will come in different packs. I think a reaver and two warhounds for 100$ would be the absolute best case. But I doubt it will be this cheap.

          • Garrett Alain Colas

            Well, I’m at work trying to forget that existence is pain and it seems like a few users on here need to remember that this is a hobby and if it doesn’t make you happy, stop taking part in it.

            Sorry for my undue optimism.

          • NNextremNN

            Well saying existence is pain is pretty strange for an optimist. I’m more pessimistic or rather realistic and even my existence is not pain. And I’m rather disappointed a little instead of a lot. But sure hope what you want and good luck with it.

            Oh and this hobby does make my happy. I also find titanicus interesting because I like titans. But I’m still gone skip because I can’t collect and play anything and it will be too expensive to not fit into the scale of the rest of my collection.

            Ohh and sry I hurt your feelings that was not my intention.

          • Garrett Alain Colas

            You’re a realist and it doesn’t matter to you at all that the new start collecting boxes for 40k are $85($75 on amazon) and it doesn’t matter to you at all that bloodbowl teams are $35?

            It also doesn’t phase you that most of the Age of Sigmar start collecting boxes are sometimes priced the same as the large model it comes with.(The Lizardmen start collecting box has a miniature in it that alone would cost as much as the whole box.)

            If you were a realist, you would agree that a pattern has been building up for a while now, and GW has very reasonably priced starter sets/boxes.

            Meanwhile, I can barely even find an unopened copy of a flames of war starter set that isn’t 50% over MSRP.

          • NNextremNN

            Oh it does but Titanicus is not made by GW out of plastic but by Forge World of resin who are widely know for their cheap products.

            Let’s make a wild guess into size and comparison. A FW Leviathan (reaver) is £72 a Contemptor (warhound) £35 a Contemptor weapon is £9,50.
            So lets say 1 Leviathan and 2 Contemptors with a total of 4 arms are £180 lets cut 50% because of starter bonus that’s £90 or 110$

            What do you expect to get and for how much?

  • Adrien Fowl

    I just can’t wait to know more about this game and about Battlefleet Gothic. Those two, especially the latter, have always been the most interesting specialist games to me. I just hope it is not just a box set game, but a collectible game, so to speak, with different expansions and releases in the years to come.

  • Talos2

    It’s a dan Abnett novel called titanicus not the game

    • NNextremNN

      But the page is wrong and the description not really fitting. Looks more like a mistake to me.

      • Talos2

        It does look like there could have been other plans but they didn’t come through or fw didn’t want it being in an issue with a new plastic primarch. I don’t see titanicus the game being on page 19 though whenever it’s shown, it has to be front and centre so probably not

        • NNextremNN

          Yeah that’s what I thought too.

  • CMAngelos

    Mmm and I was starting to miss the “I won’t buy it cus GW is evil and money grubbing” complaints!

    • Christopher Witecki

      Yeah but they are. They are changing scales so they are money grubbing. Im glad people wont buy it, this new version is a slap in the face to Epic players. We got slapped, so now its our turn.

      • CMAngelos

        Sounds a wee bit entitled there to me. Epic is an out of print, how many years old game now?

        Besides this isn’t epic, its titanicus epic won’t even be considered until they can gage the success of this, or so they said during an open day Q&A. Besides if they want to make things in a new scale for detail reasons and an updated aesthetic, so what? Thus far the people who have complained about the scale change mostly had the same argument “boo I can’t use all my old stuff so now I have to buy new?! That’s BS I’m not playing waaa!”

        If no one has any incentive to spend money, the game makes no money, and if the game makes no money whether it’s popular in the community or not, it gets axed: See Fantasy.

        GW Customers need to quit acting like they’re owed something. Either support the games you like regardless of what company makes them or don’t. But people need to stop acting like everything they don’t like is a personal attack on their very existence.

        • Christopher Witecki

          Do you play 6mm or know about its current market?

          • CMAngelos

            Yes and yes, had a Salamanders and and Imperial Fists epic force and have collected a small BFG fleet for 40k campaigns.

            What’s your point?

          • Christopher Witecki

            BOLS is censoring comments again. Should tell you something.

          • CMAngelos

            Actually that tells me nothing.

          • Christopher Witecki

            So you play 40k. How would react if they cancelled 40k?Then after seeing other companies profit off the abandoned line brought it back in say 40mm and made it just big enough to make your entire old collection obsolete? Now you gotta buy all new stuff and your old stuff isn’t worth as much. You would be fine with that of course and start buying immediately because anything else would just be entitled, right?

          • CMAngelos

            I’d have to make a decision. Do I like 40k enough to Start over or, do I blow it off and move on.

            If I like 40k enough to start over then yeah I give GW my money. If not I find others that play with/allow old models, or just let it die and move on, not start demanding things be made a certain way just so I don’t have to spend any more money.

          • Christopher Witecki

            Sweet. That’s your choice to do that. It doesn’t mean any current Epic players need to follow that example. I’m quite happy voicing my anger on this obviously used car salesman like move. But then again, you said you had an Epic army, meaning you don’t play Epic scale now but feel the need to lecture those players nonetheless. You don’t have any stake in this game so you’re basically saying “It’s ok it a long standing citadel gaming community gets totally shafted by GW so long as it’s not me.”

          • CMAngelos

            I suppose I should have been more specific, I Had a Salamanders force, and gave it to a friend who was interested in it. I still have my Imperial Fists, though the group as a whole has prioritized 30k it still is played.

            And yaknow, if you still currently play Epic as my group does, this shouldn’t even effect you… as you have an active group. Unless everyone collectively in your group is gonna just go “nope need all new stuff to use new rules or get out.”

  • Andy Wise

    Donut. The Titanicus listed in this month’s White Dwarf is a novel from Black Library. The reference to the game in April’s WD is more interesting.