Hawk Wargames: New Errata & FAQs


Both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander have updates – make sure you’re playing with the new rules!

A few questions from the Dropfleet Commander FAQ:

Q: Can I get/put spikes on a space station?
A: Space stations may not have status affects or spikes. If a space station would have spikes or status affects applied to it, they are ignored instead.

Q: If I have multiple defence batteries or void gates in/over a cluster, do I get to roll multiple dice for destroying ground assets that are trying to land?
A: No. As per the ‘Batteries’ rule on p.57, if you have one or more batteries you may roll 1D6 for each launch asset that is trying to land. This means that multiple Void Gates or Batteries do not give you multiple chances to destroy incoming ground assets – you only ever get one dice on each asset unless very specifically stated in a special rule.

Q. The Corruptor rule states that a ship that takes a critical hit suffers the corruptor continuing effect. Does this only happen on a critical hit, or does it happen regardless, as the second paragraph seems to imply?
A. The Corruptor rule only applies if a critical hit is scored, and continues to apply for the rest of the game. If the weapon does not score a critical hit the corruptor rule does not apply.


See the Full Dropfleet Commander FAQ/Errata Here


A few questions from the Dropfleet Commander FAQ:

Q. Vehicles and Infantry bases within 1″ of a destroyed structure can be destroyed, but if measured from the centre of the vehicle, certain vehicles can never be damaged in this way. Do you measure to the hull of a vehicle for this particular rule?
A. You measure from the edge of the building to the centre of the unit, if it is over 1″, then the unit can’t be destroyed by the collapsing building. This will result in some of the large units in the game being unable to be destroyed in this way.

Q. If an aerial transport that is carrying a ground transport that contains infantry is shot down and the ground transport fails to survive the crash are the infantry dead outright or do they then test to escape?
A. If the aerial transport explodes in the air, everything is destroyed. If it crash lands then you roll on the destroyed ground transport, applying the results as stated in the table.


See the Full Dropzone Commander FAQ/Errata Here

  • Shrew Perman

    These guys need to sort out their Kickstarter backers as there are still a ton of people missing lots of items they bought. Losing my patience with Hawk over my missing stuff and lack of replies to the multiple emails sent.

  • Thalandor

    Great, now where the fck is my kickstarter pledge?!

    • Davor Mackovic

      In stores sadly. I was shocked to see a copy on the shelf. I bought it. I didn’t know at the time hardly anyone got their Kickstarter at the time.

      I thought Kickstarters were suppose to get your product before they hit the stores. So glad I didn’t support the kick starter. Sadly I haven’t even touched the box because I got turned off. I thought Dave was suppose to be this great guy. I see now, now he is not.

      • Skeksis

        Got my KS way before retail. Not everyone shares your experience.

        • Donald Wendt

          Just a crapton of us. Mine showed up last month…well after retail was stocked and restocked.