HeroClix: Mini Shredder


He’s small, but he packs a mean punch!

This third Gravity Feed set adds more characters from the franchise’s long history – including the comics and animated series. It’s out now – check out one of the versions of its star: Mini Shredder!


This tiny villain is ready to be a big part of your team! As a member of the Shredder Elite, his trait of the same name is shared among his Shredder Elite teammates. The trait allows Mini Shredder to use Sidestep, and after any move he deals 1 penetrating damage to each adjacent opposing character that he wasn’t adjacent to at the beginning of the move. This trait will be aided by his special speed power, Where’d He Go? which allows Mini Shredder to use Plasticity and StealthPlasticity will be especially useful in conjunction with the Shredder Elite trait, to help Mini Shredder breakaway for a Sidestep – he can choose to move adjacent to a different opposing character, or get away so he won’t be adjacent at the beginning of the next turn and can deal the 1 penetrating damage to the target he broke away from after another Sidestep.

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