HeroClix: Pulp Deadpool & Hulkpool

The Deadpool and X-Force set just keeps getting better – take a look!

Pulp Deadpool can join your team for 100 points and brings the Deadpool CorpsWeapon XAssassinPast, and Soldier keywords with him.  Whether you need a ranged or a close combat attacker Pulp Deadpool is effective at both with his special movement power Fifty Against One, Not Bad, that lets him use Charge, Plasticity, and Running Shot.  On one turn you could use Running Shot to target two characters at 7 range withPrecision Strike; on the next turn ignore pushing damage with Indomitable and stay put to make use of Ranged Combat Expertor use Charge to close the distance and prepare for his mid dial Close Combat Expert and late dial Flurry and Blades/Claws/Fangs.

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In addition to the return of the Hulked Out Heroes keyword Hulkpool also has Deadpool CorpsBrutePast and Pirate keywords.  Just as the other Hulked Out Heroes, he has a trait that gives you extra bonuses if he hits an opposing character with a devastatingly successful dice roll.  Smash Well Developed Sense of Irony lets you choose to either heal Hulkpool 3 clicks or counter all powers on the hit target if you hit them with a close combat attack and the dice roll was at least 4 greater than their defense value.

Check Out More of His Stats

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