HOBBY: The Bigboss’ Week of Blogging #117


This week I have a series of Battle reports with my Blood Pact facing off against two other warbands!

Hi! Tommy from the blog BigbossRedSkullz. I’m also on Facebook and on Instagram.

I made a campaign package for this which you can read about here. My opponents made the terrain which was simply put stunning!


So far, four of six batreps are out.


Still two more to go and the wrap up!


That’s it for this week! Make sure to check out my blog as I update several times a week.

A bit more INQ28 next week and then it’s all Blood Bowl for me! 

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    fantastic minis, painting and terrain! Great stuff!

  • euansmith

    I really enjoyed these battle reports. I like the way that the rules allow for things to just go wrong and the kind of low level grim darkness of the setting. Thanks for sharing.

  • SisyphusIsHappy

    What game is this?

    • Tommy Hovind Kristiansen

      It is a homemade mashup of Age of Sigmar and Necromunda to play INQ28 themed games.